Hair Tools Tried and Tested | How much time can these save you?

Is this thing even on!? I just have to get….ahh! Hey guys! welcome back to “Beauty Within” I was just thinking in the morning like what a struggle it is to do my hair and then I was thinking about like all the tools that are out there that claim will make my life easier a part of me just always questioned whether it actually worked or not so I’ve actually gathered five hair styling tools that we’re going to pit against each other today to actually test whether they do the things that they claim to or not so you can see which one actually works and which one is worth your pretty penny make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already all right so we’re gonna start off with curly hair so what we have is the “Beach Waver” the one that kind of automatically spins and then we have the “Amika” heated curling bristle brush it’s pretty interesting I’ve never seen anything like it so let’s pop these babies open it just looks like a normal curling iron oh it’s got like a really dwarf looking clip oh I guess I just gets the end of it there’s also a fast and a slow button I can see my hair getting stuck in this little area here the buttons are at the bottom so you turn it on and it’s 350 heats up pretty quick it’s already at 200 and then over here let’s open this so it just looks like a blow dry brush And it’s got two heat settings let’s just put it on high heat because I ain’t about waiting okay I don’t even blow-dry my hair so this is going to be quite a task so Felicia asked me to try some hair tools here I am I don’t know how to use this but I’m just gonna go maybe like wrap it up like this I just keep turning it, what do I do? yes I just keep turning it, like this it kind of acts as a curling wand but also a brush it’s like a huge maybe I just brush it is that that how it goes if I just brush my hair this also doesn’t have like temperature display so I don’t know how hot it actually is I could be burning the crap out of my hair right now okay so how do I take this off I see them do this like wrapping things okay wait there is some definition there I see some curls happening now I’m starting to sweat you know when you do your hair and you start sweating this can so get easily just like tangled in your hair I feel my arms are tired it’s just taking so long is this thing even on!? I just have to get okay if I just like cup it in my hand while it cools off maybe the curl would be a little more like prominent yes yes Ta-da! a big lump of knot, yeah! there you have it this is the “Amika” blow-up babe thermal brush guys this is too hard this is definitely a no for me I’m too dumb for it I’m sorry so let’s go on to the “Beach Waver” it’s great for lazy people all you have to do simple just grab a strand of hair clip it here at the end and then you just like turn it let’s change it to fast, so fast the scary thing is what if you like get your hair caught you’re like ah…ah….and then it burns off I’m really scared of these automated things so I guess I put it at the end and ugh….other way other way how there’s like scary Facebook videos oh my God that’s like my worst nightmare if you’re not used to this you will just burn your face off you could even wind it back up wind it back out ah…is it going up or down? okay down so then you just unwrap and then voilà! Ta-da! Curly hair! oh the smell of burning hair okay so this clearly makes a very curly curl in a matter of seconds okay so here’s the verdict they give two completely different looks if you guys aren’t used to actually wrapping your hair around the barrel the fact that it kind of twirls it for you in a really creepy way it does the job for you so you kind of don’t have run the risk of burning your fingers and it works relatively quickly and I guess it’s just more versatile what you’re able to do with it because you can do like beach waves you can do Hollywood glam this one it gives you a much softer look it’s just kind of more natural more wearable like everyday gives you that if you were to blow dry your hair with a round brush kind of look but in terms of like the payoff I don’t really see much difference other than the fact that my ends are a little bit curled so I’m gonna let you decide on this one which one works for you alright moving on to the straightener brushes so first is this “InStyler” Glossie ceramic styling brush with precision press so it just pops out of the box like this you know when you like unlock it it comes out and then you like scoop your salad what it’s going to be versing is the “Jose Eber” so similar it has the rubber brush bristle things all right heats up pretty quickly so it’s at 180 okay this is the normal temperature I’m just like holding the ends straight while I like brush down okay it’s pretty hot like as you can see my hair is really knotty because I don’t brush my hair you can’t actually clamp it all the way down so you’ll never be able to really get like Ariana Grande it just kind of straightens it and makes it look like you have naturally straight hair from curly to semi-straight so let’s give this one a go see this one kind of makes more sense to me because it’s got this to kind of hold the hair in place where the other one was just kind of like flailing in the wind go in clip it and pull it down Ah! With the clip I don’t have to use my hand oh my God my hair is legit steaming that actually did a pretty bang on job Wow that is definitely more straighter than this side so I wouldn’t go too slowly because this thing is pretty hot when you like clamp it down it does feel really tight my hair is being fully pushed through the brush so this one you can pretty much replace as your straightener because it has a clip you hold on to it you pull it if your hair is not knotty like this they will come out and I also feel you can put much more hair through this brush but actually when you look at the front the amount of bristles is kind of the same alright so those are the two sides look at the difference this is like what the “Jose Eber” did which is more like a natural sort of comb and then you got this straightener comb so my verdict is this one seems a little bit lacking like it’s just missing something only because I feel like I’m just brushing my hair then this one I feel like is just a little more intuitive it feels nicer when you’re like running the hair through it like it’s actually straightening and definitely an upgraded version and it did a pretty darn good job in straightening out all those curls I like the fact that this you can see the digital temperature but this one has four heat settings so it’s also pretty awesome if I really really had to choose between the two I’ll probably go with this upgraded so this one’s a clear winner for me I would go with the “InStyler” The fifth and final contestant is the “Dyson Supersonic” this is the most expensive one out of all the styling tools we have tried “Dyson” claims that it will dry the hair in a quicker amount of time so your hair is less affected by the heat and so it won’t be as dry I haven’t never used it and we’re going to see how it performs against this humble hairdryer that everyone probably has at home so first of all it comes in a case of its own that’s not extra at all this is actually really pretty! Okay see open and it looks like this Oh magnetic! let’s see if it sounds different Normal hairdryer Wow and look at the size this is so travel friendly compared to this thing Feels like this is some alien invention we’re going to try it wet the hair a little the poor man’s way of washing your hair just a fine mist okay so I need to call my friend to help me blow one side and I’ll do the other side just so it’s fair at the same time we’re going to both do medium so it’s going to be level two on this one level two on that one and it’s very hot and go! and stop! oh my God, that was like 40,54 seconds I actually stopped too late I give up there’s no comparison Wow! What is this sorcery? okay so this is the normal hair dryer and then this is the “Dyson” and it definitely feels wetter on this side but that’s quite amazing it really does dry it in a like quicker amount of time Wow “Dyson”! you stole that…. okay I guess for those of you who blow dry their hair a lot if you have really frizzy hair if you have curly hair and you always blow dry it then maybe this is actually the best investment purchase you will ever get so those are the five hair styling tools that we tested first two curling I feel like it was a little bit too different of a curling tool to kind of compare against each other because they did different things and gave different looks but if I was going to have to choose one I’d probably go with that automated swirling curling iron so I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know in the comments below if there are any other products that you want me to try and verse against each other if you’re curious or interested about in buying leave it below it can be anything it can be beauty, tools, food whatever it is leave it below make sure you subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next video Bye!

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  9. That automated curler remains of the braiding thing everyone had when I was a kid and your hair nearly always got caught in it

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