Hangouts Meet Hardware (Chromebox for Meetings) – Business Videoconferencing Room Kit by Google

– Hey there, Pete Moriarty here. I am recording at Google today and they have just launched
the amazing Hangouts Meet, this is called Hangouts Meet Hardware and this is a new touchscreen device which integrates with
their Hangouts Meeting Kit. Now this is a brand new
model being added to the Hangouts for Meetings
Chrome Hardware family and I’m very excited to be sharing all the nitty-gritty details
on this awesome new device. (pulsating music) Okay so Google have now released their brand new Hangouts for
Meet and this is the kit. This is integrated with
your G Suite account or if you’re not on G Suite,
dunno why you wouldn’t be, but you can actually run this as a separate video conferencing unit. Now what this means is all of these components
come together beautifully, you bring your own screen, TV, projector, whatever you like in your
boardroom or your meeting room, and this creates an instant professional, high quality Google Meetings Kit. It means that you can
do video conferencing, either from your meeting
room to someone’s computer, to someone’s mobile device, or even if you’re lucky enough
to have multiple offices, you can run two of these
in different offices and connect everyone together. Now it’s powered by Google
Hangouts in the background, which is now Google Meet, which is the new faster
version of Google Hangouts, and what that means is that all of these components come together no matter what device you’re on and connect your meeting room
to the rest of your team, to your clients, or to whoever! We’re gonna go through each one of these individual components and show you how they will work, what they do and why
this is the absolute best Hangouts Meeting Kit for your business. (upbeat music) So four main components in this kit, this is kind of the standard, this is the same as the
old Hangouts Meeting Kit, this is the kind of brains. It’s an Asus Chromebox with an I7 Processor and
a bunch of RAM in there. This doesn’t really do much
apart from hide behind the TV and control everything
and this, of course, plugs into the internet connection or Wifi and actually beams up and
connects up to Google Hangouts. Next up, we have the
camera and this is probably the most special part of this Meeting Kit. This is a camera by a
company called cuddly, Huddly, sorry not cuddly,
and what this does is it’s a 4K sensor, so
super high quality camera and it’s got a massive field of view, so it’s a wide-angle lens. The beauty about that is that means that this kit works really well
in smaller meeting rooms, if you’ve ever joined a meeting and, you know, three people
are crowding around a laptop and two people have their faces cut off because they’re not quite within the field of view of the camera, this solves that problem, it’s
got a super wide-angle lens. But the other great and really interesting thing
about this is it’s a 4K sensor, but it actually includes
special Google software inside, not only the camera, but
also the Chromebox as well. So this takes the image from
this high-powered camera and it uses machine learning to look at the size of your room and adequately crop and adjust the picture so it fits all the people in
the room and nothing else. So if you’ve got a massive room, it’s gonna automatically adjust
to the size of your room. The other thing that it does automatically is it’s going to identify
faces of people in the room and actually see who’s talking and automatically adjust
the vision and the pitch of that individual Google Hangout and effectively zoom in
or crop in to the person who’s speaking and moving around. So very, very cool technology, this is the kind of video
conferencing technology which is usually reserved for
five, 10, $15,000 rollouts with Cisco gear or Lifesize or massive sophisticated
video conferencing setups. This is simple, easy and
accessible and all integrated with your existing G Suite
account using Google Hangouts, which is what I absolutely love about it. So what are these two bits? Well this one is the
microphone and speaker, so this sits plonk in
the middle of a table and this has actually been developed in collaboration with Google, this is a internal testing unit. You currently can’t order
them in white in Australia, they’re only in black. These white ones will be released
in the first part of 2018. But this has been
developed in collaboration between Asus and Google and it’s both a speaker and a microphone. Now it has echo reduction
built-in and noise, not quite noise-canceling,
but noise reduction as well, so it helps to filter out
some of the background noise or if someone’s in the
next room being too loud, it will actually help you do that. And what I like about it is it’s actually got nice tactile
buttons that are on here, well they’re actually touchscreen
but they’re touch buttons, but they feel tactile
in that these buttons will allow you to
automatically control the call, so you can jump into a call,
you can jump out of there and, you know, mute, put
the volume up and down and those kind of things. And it’s got little indicator
lights on here as well. Now what’s cool about these is if you’ve got a larger meeting room, you can daisy chain these together. So I think the limit is five
or six, but that means that if you wanna spread
these out along the room, they’ll automatically talk
to each other intelligently and that means that you can
have different people talking in different parts of the room and not have echoes or double-ups. And the beautiful thing about these is they only require one power cord, they actually daisy chain
so for installation, it makes it super simple
and, for the most part, when you’re setting up one
of these meeting room kits, you’re gonna be installing it yourself so you don’t have to worry about electricians or professional
installation fees or anything of that nature. Now this is the last bit
and this is the new piece that’s been introduced
into the Google family as part of the Google Kit. Now I’ve seen these internally at Google for the past three or four years and I’ve always wondered, well, you know, why doesn’t the rest of the
world have access to these? This is a touchscreen meeting manager, or meeting room manager let’s say, and this little device here actually sits in the meeting room. It connects up to the Google Hangouts Kit and it displays a list of
all the current meetings that are scheduled for that meeting room. So if you’ve ever wanted to
just run into a meeting room and, you know, start running a meeting with some teammates straight
away but you’re not sure whether or not somebody’s booked it, or if you want to book it out right from the device
and right from the room, then you can do that right from this little touchscreen here. The other cool thing
is all of the controls to do with the Hangouts meeting, you can do from this touchscreen. So if you need to mute someone
who’s on the Hangouts call, if you need to kick somebody out, if you need to switch
on or off your video, you can do that all from
the touchscreen here and it’s yeah, beautifully integrated, sits on the table in your
meeting room or your boardroom and that means that you can
get all the controls done right from here without
having to dig around with a remote control
which needs batteries and sometimes they go missing
and sometimes they break, this is an all-in-one and guess what, it’s even powered by the
microphone and speaker here, so again, you’re not
stuck with extra cables. So this is the new Google
Meets Hardware Kit, this is all you need to set up
a professional meeting room. There is still of course the
standard meetings hardware kit, which is a little bit lower in price, but misses out on the touchscreen and the awesome 4K camera here, so you won’t have all the
exactly the same features, but it will give you still a great experience with Google Hangouts. So check these out with our store, we’ll put a link right down below and if you’ve got any questions, let us know below the video! See ya next time, cheers. (pulsating music)

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