2 1 Begin (Doors opening) Heavy: Now is coward kill *slams into fence* *PYRO SOUNDS* oh *heavy fart sound* *heavy error* what is this? *shooting sounds and scout screaming* smells good it’s not sandwich. DELICIOUS ITS SOLDIER YA BOIS *soldier grabs katanas out of nowhere* WHERE THAT CAME FROM??? *heavy screams in pain but there is no pain* *blast* OH. *soldier falls to death* MERASMUS (did i even spell that right) heavy be like what just happened *heavy thinks of master plan and evil smile* time for CART RIDING isn’t that too much- well. no comment. blank ITS HEAVY ADVENTURES 1! also where did he get that haircut form *pokemon music playing* STOP *lets have fun* o look is engineer WAIT THATS TWO ENGINEERS *sentry beep* *mosquito doing mosquito things.wav* *sentries fire very loudly* *rip scout second time in a row* *engineers laughing.mp3* Heavy: Stoopid engineers! let dis be lesson for you *blast* wut *blast* Engie1: what the *blast x2* *sentries rotation* dat look engineers be like: we are screwed Engie2: Darn *sentries fire, engineers scream in terror* *ROCKETS EXPLODE, ENGINEERS BELIEVE THEY CAN FLY* *engineers scream MORE* dat look (again) and engies fly into space *heavy can’t stop laughing* Heavy: New weapon is gud wtfmusic.mp3 *blast* *blast* Demoman: AHH (while heavy gives him free hats) ded uhh what are these shoes *sneakybeaky scout with pink shoes in background* what’s here? rip scout (3rd time) *wild west music* sniper so op Wild West Sniper: Gotcha, ya spastic little gremlin! *heavy hat attack AGAIN?* WHAT *sniper screams* *boom* why did no one notice sniper falling its gonna be boom again *explosions* ALSO IS EVERYONE AFK *someone’sbodypartfalling.video* yes pyro good oh no its spah what are you waiting FOR? *blast* spy: huh *wtf pyro.video* heavy is TERROR *blasts.wav* yes medic RAUS *blast* :O NEW TEAM COLOR! *BLAST* MEDIC IS WOOD NOW medic: men (i think?) *blast* WOAH WHAT *rip teleporter (is now burning)* *spy got rekt* Spy: I appear to have bursted into flames *demoman bomb jump* AH i believe i can fly *blast blast* AHHHHHHHHHH WHO DIS IS RED HEAVY *minigun spinning sound* oh (i didn’t know u could do that) ohhhhhhhhhhhh AH *flies off into space (will meet engineers) red heavy: stupid cow shit fucking coward sandwich red heavy (once again): i will find you, and i will kill you *red heavy laugh* *blast blast* *shotgunsound.wav* Soldier: Move up engie *robotsounds* Red Engie: Ain’t that a cute little gun (its not little) *gun spinning sounds* *gun firing* *plane sounds, also explosions* (trump wall?) is that… a pistol? OH NO! *gun shots* *rip engie and soldier* *soldier screams* *more gun shots* *blast* *blast* *blastapocalypse* *heavy laughing and more blastapocalypse* *ol ol ol ol ol ol* OH NO *dumb face* *fail.wav* *soldier screams not understandably* STILL SCREAMS ok no this is getting boring AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *black screen* YES THANKS FOR WATCHING *more pokemon music in background* *heavy flying* PLS DON’T HIDE MUSIC NAMES I WANNA SEE!!! (ain’t i hiding some music names too) rip music is gone map: pl_badwater there programs (why did heavy teleport suddenly) is garry’s mod, fraps for recording and sony vegas pro 11. and there go the programs… THE VIDEO IS OVER. GO DO MORE IMPORTANT STUFF, THANKS.

100 thoughts on “HEAVY’S TOOL GUN

  1. FNaF,Undertale,Bendy and the ink machine, is my favorit 😛 yea its Team fortress 2/1 but yea…. i know i say bull shit and really nice haevy you lucky you my fav hero

  2. The Tool gun
    +Switch enemies team buildings to team color to help team
    +Make bomb cart fly to finish
    +Enlarge enemy team heads to kill them
    +Create walls that have thousands of guns in them to kill enemy team
    +Create limitless sticky bombs and tnt
    +Create hats
    + Create balloons on people to make them fly
    +Turn enemy medics into MeeMs
    +Create a army of heavy's
    +Set teleporters on fire to kill enemy team
    – cost 4,000,000 dollars to use it for 120 seconds
    – can crash computer if not used carefully
    – you only have 50 health
    – 50% chance of getting vac banned for hacking

  3. my caption say trump wall,turn your caption and see the wall scene.Nc edit on caption is well update

    seem these video is 2013 how the caption say that!

  4. 3:01 is where i spin up my 30mm Dual Hyperlaser Flak Autocannon
    The 30mm Dual Hyperlaser Flak Cannon
    Level 99 AA And Anti Surface Flak Autocannon/Versatile Flak Cannon.
    (+) Has Alot of Ammo
    (+) Projectiles leave a Blue-like Flak Like Laser Flak Cloud
    (+) Blue-like Flak Clouds scatter Laser shrapnel destroying enemy Plane wings
    (+) Carried by the exclusive hero: Me!
    (+) Shreds Enemy Aircraft because of the 2000 Damage
    (+) Shreds Weaker Enemies and Mini Bosses also Bosses like Soldiers, Apparition Gunships/Harbinger Gunships, Zombie Yeti, etc.
    (+) More effective against Aircraft
    (+) The most accurate weapon
    (+) Versatile Weapon because it's an all purpose Flak Minigun
    (-) Needs A Legendary Ammo called Hyperlaser Flak Autocannon Batteries which has a 1.5% Chance of Enemies dropping it on death,
    (+) But has a 100% Chance of Me Dropping it on death)
    (-) Mediocre against stronger enemies and bosses and including Mini Bosses like Zombie King, Commando Gargantuar, etc.
    (-) Yes, Yes! No random Critical Hits!
    (-) Weapon needs to charge in order to fire
    There's also a Stationary Version but much powerful version of this Flak Minigun.
    The Stationary Dual Hyperlaser Flak Minigun
    Level 99 Versatile Flak Minigun
    (+) Has unlimited Ammo
    (+) Projectiles leave a Blue-like Flak Like Laser Flak Clouds
    (+) Blue-like Flak Clouds scatter Laser shrapnel destroying enemy Plane wings
    (+) Can be found in the Defense of the Fort
    (+) Versatile Stationary Gun which can Attack air and ground units
    (+) Shreds Weaker or Weak to Strong Enemies and Mini Bosses, includes Aircraft like Apparition Gunships and Harbinger Gunships, Reapers, Epic Captains, Zombie Yeti's, etc. Because of the 7000 Damage
    (+) Extremely Effective against Aircraft
    (+) Really Accurate Stationary Gun.
    (-) Can only be found when my Coronian Division defending the skies with the Dual Hyperlaser Flak Minigun and converting to a Stationary Version.
    (-) Mediocre against stronger enemies and bosses and including Mini Bosses like Giga Gargantuars, Zombie King, Commando Gargs, etc.
    (-) Still No Random Crits.

  5. Man you have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve seen this channel this video brings back so much nostalgia of the first gmod animations ever watched

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