Home HVAC Install – Amana Variable Speed Inverter Air Conditioner – 20 SEER (2019)

Hey Guy Robert here with EcoZapp Air Conditioning
and Efficiency We’re out here in Kingwood today where we
just installed these two inverter systems the difference between these and traditional
systems is these systems are going to provide a constant air flow while the unit outside
has a variable speed to provide just enough power to power the unit. A fun thing about these inverter systems is
that i’m standing right over this system the fan is running with a mic on and you can nearly
hear it. theres a lot bigger than traditional units
you’ve seen outside your house . the reason is the coils are taller and thicker to maximum
the amount of air flow that can come through to run your home more efficiently
another thing that sets these inverters apart is the automated computerized controls to
help maximum the efficiency level that going to be going through your house
what we have is a 20 SEER system your SEER Rating is your Seasonal Energy Efficiency
Ratio which you can directly relate to gas milage on a vehicle the Higher the SEER Rating,
the Less Money your going to have to spend on to power the system as well as maintain

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