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Welcome to BBQ food for you the backyard
barbecue show I’m Jason King today i’m going to be
showing everyone a great way to stay cool in the hot summer heat this is the honeywell portable
evaporative air cooler before getting started let’s answer a
few questions on what an evaporative air cooler is and how they work first question has to be how do they
work honeywell’s outdoor air coolers use cold water and/or ice to blow cool air
into the space water is drawn from the tank through the
filter and out the fan to cool the air cooling the temperature of the space
approximately 10 to 15 degrees cooler this model has a continuous water supply
all you need is to hook up a garden hose there’s a top-loading ice compartment
that’s optional if you want to use the ice it’s also great for keeping the bugs
away just with the fan energy use is very low almost equivalent 250 watt
light bulb so barely takes any power yes they are made to resist the outdoor
conditions with proper wiring switches and all the parts made to stay outside
case it rains an air cooler can be used for all
different types of applications around your house or business the main goal is to stay comfortable and
spend more time outside for me it’s cooking barbecue having family and
friends over this would be perfect anyone that has a pool gotta sit outside
watch the kids in those hot summer days turn this on also great for seniors and kids got to
watch the temperatures stay cool as well inside the box to find the user manual
along with a safety and maintenance guide the only piece to hook up is this little adapter if you want to
run a garden hose to it nice heavy-duty breaker built right into
the plug at the top of the unit you have three switches your swing on and off
that will control the left and right you have three different speeds and you’re
cool this can also be used as a great fan
when you turn this on it kicks the water on but if you want to
just use it as a fan you can leave that off here’s the water-filled or really not
going to be using this maybe put some ice in here but I’m going to have the
direct hookup for it on the front of the unit you have a water gauge minimum
maximum these two switches control the air movement up and down on the left
side this is your garden hose attachment that i’ll put the adapter on and here’s a quick peek at the bag here’s a quick peek at the bottom you
got nice heavy duty casters the two at the back have locks on them so once you get in a place you can lock
it down the wind won’t blow to anywhere and this is your water drain plug when
you put the water hose adapter on take your time make sure you got the
threads right hand tighten it and then just half a turn with a wrench they’re plastic threads in here you
don’t want to put it on too tight and strip them just turned on the water not sure if you can hear it but the
gauge is slowly going up if you do have high water pressure where
you live just gently barely turn the tap on and there’s a valve in here that will
open and close as water is needed so you won’t have to worry about any
type of overflowing or it running dry once the water fills up i’m going to
plug the shotgun mic into the camera this picks up a lot of ambient noises
we’ll see how loud the fan is and how everything runs to go going to switch
the speed on 21 and then turn the cool on hopefully we can see the water going
over the median filter there’s number one I gotta say already
this is nice just the same i’m going to switch it on the cool you have so Tom silent perfect you’re not going to the water coming
down so i guess just give this government is
still totally saturated to get even cooler air add ice to the
ice holder when the ice melts it’s going to go down
the fill tube and into the water reservoir making it even cooler I must say standing in front of this it
feels good nice cool air haha now it’s time for the
real test got the outdoor air cooler set up on the
deck BBQ smoking away on a gorgeous day it’s nice and cool about 10 feet away
it’s cool down this whole area great addition to any deck you’re
looking to purchase one of these units check out home depot lowes amazon or
canadian tire and for more information go to outdoor air cooler . CA thanks for checking this out stay cool
in the hot summer heat

14 thoughts on “Honeywell Outdoor Air Cooler – Unbox & Demo – BBQFOOD4U

  1. It is a little bit of a stretch on the claim.   They work really well on the deck or patio areas or even a garage.  But…..   If there is a breeze outside it will just blow away the cool air unless you are sitting about a foot in front of it.  These work the absolute best on a day with zero wind.  I ended up just using mine in the garage with the window cracked open and it works great!

  2. Just bought one for the garage, will see how it works thanks for the review really helped me choose what will work best for me.

  3. This machines works better in conditions of low levels of relative humidity on air, if you live in the desert, you will to love this cooler, but if you live on a tropical zone with so much vegetation or high​ levels of relative humidity, you will to feel that thing don't works​. greetings!

  4. Don't even try them unless living in low humidity, I have the CL60PM Honeywell and love it , the ice cubes defeat the evaporation cycle , just makes it work harder and less efficiently , connecting a hose is great idea as mine will go thru 60Litres running on high in a day, like right now 102F at 11% humidity I'm pulling air from one end of house and cooling the other. Have cut a hole in an old bi fold door to make it more efficient , keep cool at low cost . Last yr my refrigerated unit cost$100 to run for a well , this does it for about $10 , have power meter onit , 5 days for$8.30. Cheers.

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