How to Bounce Individual Tracks As .WAV Stems And Prepare For Transfer: Pro Tools and Logic Pro

hey everyone this is Mark from the wave
shop today I’m gonna show you how to bounce your individual tracks as wav files and then prepare them for
transferring this is useful when you’re working with someone who doesn’t use the
same DAW as you do so from working in Pro Tools
and another producers working in logic I need to be able to send the files in
the usable format so that he or she can work with them now in order to do that they all need to
be the exact same length we need to have an agreed-upon length
before the start the song in case it needs to line up to a grid so
let me show you how to do that the first thing and this is very
important is to add cross fades if you haven’t already if we don’t do
this the files that we export will probably contain pops and clicks so
let me show you how to do that let’s go over here to our group menu
click on the all group now with the all group selected I’m just scroll across here and select all of the audio files in
this song says you see they’re all selected right
now that i’m gonna hit command F this brings up a batch fayed’s menu now
we’re gonna check the box that says create new fades and create new fate ins and outs to
leave the adjusting existing fayed’s unchecked in case I have created some
unique fayed’s before this will use five milliseconds then click OK that creates any new fades so now we’re
sure that everything is cross faded we won’t have any unnecessary clicks and
pops so as you can see some of these tracks
have an audio file that spans the length of the song but others have multiple audio files within the track this is a composite
track so what we need to do is make it so that
every single track has one audio file that is the same link
and starts at the same time so here’s how we’ll do that when
assuming here using T I’m gonna go to the beginning of the
song now what I like to do you is turning on mode over here click one measure before the start of
the song middle zoom out with are hold SHIFT
click at the end of the session zoom in Center the end with the rare
okie and make sure that the end of this
selection matches near the end of the song so we can see that I’ve selected all the
audio on both ends and when is your back out now here’s the
trick this is called consolidate now one way
to do it is to go up to edits consolidate clip but I like to do it
with the pro to a shortcut so many hit shift
option 3 now it’s Missy rendering what it’s doing right now is it’s making
audio files are the exact same length that selection that I just made so once that’s done rendering it’ll look
like this in all your audio files will be the same link on each track
that’s exactly what we wanted here’s how to do it if you’re working in
Logic Pro first make sure you have all the cross fades applied to
your audio files then got to file export all tracks as audio files gonna create a new folder titled way is with the tempo create and I’m gonna say format as wave and 24-bit because that’s what I
work in so it’s sporting the tracks now so all of them
are the same length that’s what we need the rest of the process is the same for
both Pro Tools in logic sessions let’s take a look at
it so the next step in the process is to locate these files in your hard
drive put them in a new folder and then
compress the folder minute command tab to open finder I’ve got the session right here call
Devin band makes and if I open up this folder we can see
within here the audio files folder when open that up
as well this is actually really helpful that we
have the date modified right here because we can see when we created these
audio files so I know that I just consolidated these
regions at 9:46 p.m. so I know that from here to hear are all the audio files that I just
created what I’m gonna do is right click copy 18 items known going to create a
new folder and call this waves for Devin band mix within this folder or paste the audio
files that we just created now that all the audio files are within
that folder when you go back one and one thing that’s always good to do
is to put the temple in the session file I’m gonna go to get
info and put dot 120 bpm this helps whoever’s receiving the file
to know what to set their session so now I’m going right click on this
folder we just created go down to compress this will create a dot zip file this
file is the one that you would send over the
Internet to whoever is receiving your session so if you’re sending it to the wave shop
to get your free mix that’s the file you choose thanks for watching give any questions
you can get at me at wave shop audio at gmail dot com be
sure to visit our web site to redeem your free mix thats wave shop audio dot com

90 thoughts on “How to Bounce Individual Tracks As .WAV Stems And Prepare For Transfer: Pro Tools and Logic Pro

  1. Yes, Jay. Check out our website for more info. We offer one free mix (for a song under 5 minutes in length) so that you can hear what we can do for your music.

  2. hey question. is it the same process with a track that has vocals recorded all thru out the track? im a bit confused as to how to save it on the grid at just about the same length if whats recorded is not the same like in your example. you have everything recorded right under eachother so it fits evenly.

  3. To export wavs with FX in ProTools, you either need to bounce each track individually (solo). OR you can create a new audio track for each existing track and put a pre-fader send (<– this bypasses your volume automation) at unity (0.0dB) on each original audio track that feeds into the new tracks you just created. Then hit record and you will end up with multiple mono (not interleaved) WAVs on your new tracks. Locate those in your hard drive.

  4. Just make sure you highlight the same amount of measures total and with the same amount of measures before the start of the song and consolidate.

  5. Hey, everything works until I get to when I have to consolidate clip. That option is not available. I can't click on it. Do you have any idea why?

  6. I have a question that HAS BEEN BUGGING ME BIG TIME!!!! I need to put a "TAG" onto all of my instrumentals. A "TAG" is audio that says my brand's name every 7 seconds or so.

    I was wondering if there is a way that I can place my 7-second looped TAG over all of my instrumentals? I know that I can open each instrumental individually, then add the "TAG" audio, then bounce the track. But, with 500+ beats this would take me months to complete. Is there a faster, more efficient way of doing this?

  7. hello,
    thank you for the useful tutorial.i have a problem with consolidate function and i cannot export correct the tracks.when i consolidate some of the regions get deleted and i dont know why.i have post in protools forum but nothin

    thank you very much

  8. Excellent tutorial. Some people prefer to bounce the tracks one at a time from pro tools by solo and then bounce to disc. That takes for ever since you have to wait in real time. This video explains the proper way to convert for transport. Thanks!!!

  9. i tried doing this got it consolidated in PT but cannot seem to find the original folder, is there a way to just straight export from the daw?

  10. I have alternate takes in my audio files so this method means I am going to have to search through the audio foldersfor the takes I kept by their file names which is a bitch. Is there a way I can delete all the alternate takes I know I am not using so only the audio files I want to use are there? Or is there a way to just export these files as wavs without having to look through a folder; straight from protools to another folder?

  11. when I do this the lyrics are are never the same length as the beat.. Im having a pain trying to line it all up

  12.  Best way is to consolidate then select all regions in your audio bin right click and export regions as files. 

  13. How do I do this without losing all my plugins?
    I need to export all my tracks individually as wav files so they can be sent off and mixed but when I do they're just the raw recordings, no panning or plugins?

  14. A friend of mine wants me to remix one of his songs, he's sent me the stem files but i cant seem to get them to work/play in logic. Im a total noob at this, can anyone help me?

  15. when i create the fades, one of my guitars get fadded all the way out until no imput is coming from it? is that supposed to happen?

  16. Hello, thanks for the video. Can I do this with my hiphop tracks in garage band? I need to track the tracks out at 0 and send wavs out for mixing and mastering. I'm'a try it here in a minute. Thanks.

  17. Hello everyone, and especially Hello Mark.  Outstanding video.  First time sending my files to a studio the video was a life saver.   I will sign in at your site, and continue to follow you.  Your explanations were clear, down to earth, I am not a nerd or electronic person by no means, yet, this was easy to follow and it worked.  Again, thanks.

    Julio Matta – Song Writer  – Producer – Newly formed Oshun1Productions…and sending out my first piece of music.  Again, thanks.

  18. when doing this does it effect Pan, plug-ins, volume or is it just the original input level only ?  Thanks.

  19. This is exporting, not bouncing. What if I need all the tracks bounced separately with all the inserts/plugins and automations?

  20. Just a small tip, always do a safety save before consolidating multiple tracks like that.  I've had a few PT crashes by trying multiple track consolidations.  CMD+S(wag) ;]

  21. WTF? THATS FUCKING RETARDED! You didnt bounce shit and now your audio tracks have no processing on them! Bad, bad video.

  22. Thank you. Very helpful for exporting raw tracks with no effects on em. much obliged for the lesson.

  23. This is a good tutorial but there is also a better way to export the clipse faster and easier open up the clipse window select all the clips after doing the steps you showed to make all the wave files the same length. select all the clips that you want selected and it will be highlighted in the clipse window and you can export them from there by right clicking on the high lighted clip bringing up the options without having to look on your hard drive

  24. So if I do this and send them the person who I send them to will receive them separately so they can record vocals and mix and master them?

  25. I am just trying to be able to access my audio file as one to upload somewhere else, but the sounds are on multiple audio files. I hit "group" and still can't access just the one complete file, even thought it's all one in protools.

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