How to Build a Doghouse

How to Build a Doghouse. If your best friend
likes being outdoors, they need their own spot to keep warm and dry. You will need A
tape measure A circular saw A work bench A 10-ft. spruce 2-by-4 Safety glasses A hammer
A bag of 16d nails (3 1/4-in.) A bag of 8d nails (2 1/2-in.) A 4-by-8-ft. sheet of untreated
spruce plywood siding (5/8-in. thick) An 8-ft. spruce 2-by-4 A bag of cedar shavings A hand
file 1 gal. of exterior wood primer 1 gal. of exterior enamel paint A box of roofing
shingles A bag of roofing nails and two sawhorses (optional) (optional) (optional). Step 1.
Measure your pet’s height, width, and length with the tape measure. Add approximately 12
inches to the height, 18 inches to the length, and 9 inches to the width to determine the
dimensions of your doghouse. This one will fit a medium-sized dog. Because a dog’s body
heat warms a doghouse, it should be just large enough for your pet to stand in and turn around
easily. Step 2. Lay the 10-foot 2-by-4 on a workbench. With the circular saw, cut it
into eight pieces: two pieces that are 22 7/8 inches long, two pieces, 20 ¾ inches
long, and four 6-inch pieces. To keep your eyes safe from flying debris, make sure to
wear safety glasses. Step 3. Using the circular saw, round one end of each of the 6-inch pieces
(these will become the legs of the doghouse). Take two of the legs and one of the 22 7/8-inch
pieces. Line up the flat edges of the legs with the edge of the platform side, and, using
the longer 16d nails, nail the feet to the piece. Repeat this step for the other side.
These pieces will be the two sides of the platform. Step 4. The 20 ¾-inch pieces will
become the front and back of the frame. Hold the side pieces so that the legs are on the
inside and nail the front piece to the sides. Repeat this step for the back side of the
frame. Step 5. Lay the plywood on the workbench or on two sawhorses and cut it into the following
pieces: two bottom pieces (20 ¾ inches by 25 7/8 inches), two roof pieces (31 7/8 inches
by 21 7/8 inches), two side pieces (16 inches by 25 7/8 inches), one back piece (22 inches
wide and 27 inches high), and one front piece (22 inches wide and 27 inches high). Step
6. Cut the front and back pieces so they have a triangle shape at one end: 16 inches high
on each side and 27 inches high in the middle. One end of each board will be flat while the
other end will come to a point, like an arrow. Step 7. About 3 inches above the bottom edge
of the front piece, start cutting a door hole. The doorway should be wide enough to accommodate
your dog, flat at the bottom, and rounded at the top. Step 8. Lay one floor piece on
your frame and line up the edges. If the floor piece hangs over the edge, trim off any excess
wood. Nail the first floor piece to the frame using the 16d nails, and repeat the process
for the second piece, giving your dog a two-layer floor. Step 9. Cut the 8-foot 2-by-4 in half,
creating a pair of 2-by-2 boards. Cut each of these boards into four 12½-inch pieces
and one 22-inch piece. You should now have nine frame elements, which will reinforce
the doghouse. Step 10. Using the 8d nails, nail two 12½-inch frame elements to one side
panel. The elements should be placed vertically at each end and 3½ inches from the bottom
edge. Repeat the process for the second side panel. Nail one side panel to each side of
the frame. Step 11. Place two 12½-inch frame elements on the back piece so that they meet
at the point and nail them with the 8d nails into place. Attach the back piece to the back
of the frame. Repeat this process for the front piece. Place the cedar shavings on the
floor to create bedding for your best friend. Check for any exposed nails and file down
any pointy tips with the hand file. Step 12. On one of the roof pieces, attach the 22-inch
frame element with the 8d nails, centering the piece so there is the same amount of free
space at either end. Put the roof piece into position on top of the house and nail it to
the frames at the front and back of the doghouse. Then nail the second roof panel to the first
frame element of the first roof panel. Step 13. Paint the exterior with primer and let
dry. Then, add a coat of exterior latex paint to protect the wood and allow to dry. Step
14. Using the roofing nails, nail down one row of upside-down roof shingles at the bottom
edge of each roof panel. Lay down additional rows on top of the first row, using short
roofing nails. Did you know Two great Danes in Gloucestershire, England live in a doghouse
that has a spa and a plasma television set.

53 thoughts on “How to Build a Doghouse

  1. Fuck all that, nail some wood together. And why would a dog want to sleep on wood shavings?? Put a blanket in there!

  2. You will need; Money, a shop.
    Step one: Find a kennel that fits your dog
    Step two: Buy it
    Step three: put some blankets in it
    Annnnnddddd You're done XD xx

  3. I hope you don't put blankets in an outdoor kennel. Blankets will get wet and mildew and do not efficiently keep a dog warm like cedar shavings and straw.

  4. At the end of this vid, it said two Great Danes in England lives in a dog house has a spa and a plasma tv set. I wonder if it's the same house that cost £250,000 (400,000~ usd) to build.

  5. Honestly, this is my fourth hour searching the web on how to build a dog house and this video has been the only one will clear cut instructions. I might just try this.

  6. what if I want to make a dog house suitable for two dogs? Do I follow measurements and add both of them to get the right size? What if I want to build a house that will be suitable for a female and her puppies? hmmm?

  7. Hi one the video you have the frame at the bottom in the beginning, but it looks like at the end you have "siding" there when it is painted. Is that correct or is the 2×4 just painted?

  8. This could be a bit overwhelming for some who don't have any experience in woodwork. I think that it would have been much better if they had an example of an actual person building a dog house for a much clearer and easier-to-follow picture of how to build a dog house. This almost makes one want to go and buy an overpriced doghouse from the store, which don't seem to provide very good protection for whether such as rain in my experience (when it rains, water seems to always get in because the opening of the dog house is no accurately protected from rain water so rain can fall into the opening from the sides quite easily). To help in courage people who want to build their own dog house for their dog but got a bit put off by watching this and are looking for an easier way, allow me to suggest a simpler way that does not require measuring or as many steps as here.  
    1. Get five pieces of flat boards (that obviously sturdy and reliable that are not breaking or falling apart) that seem like they will be tall and wide enough for your dog to be able to stand and lay down in if you were to make a dog house with those boards.
    2. Stand the boards up in the shape of a dog house before you start nailing the ends together so you can see if the doghouse is going to be tall and wide enough for your dog to stand and lay in.
    3. Saw a hole tall and wide enough for your dog to fit through into the board that will be in the front where the dog goes into. Make sure you saw a couple of inches from the edges so that you can put bedding such as hay or straw in the house, the dog can make a nest better while in the house, and without having to worry about your dog knocking the bedding out when it goes back and forth from the house.
    4. Nail all the sides together to make a square or a rectangle (depending on the sizes of the boards you are using).
    5. For the roof, you can add tin instead of title. Tin is a more convenient and sturdier roofing than shingles because it is easier to install, comes in less pieces, and is metal and doesn't break off or tear like shingles can. Simply nail the tin on the top of the dog house. Even though the dog house already has a roof because of the wood, it is still a good idea to make a roof out of some other material to go over the wood at the top to prevent water damage since the roof of the house is where the water will be hitting the most when it rains.
    6. You are almost done. Speaking of water damage, you will want to set the house on either bricks or a wooden pallet to keep it off the ground to prevent water damage from water on the ground when it rains.

    A tip for anyone who doesn't want to make their own dog house, nor do they want to buy an overpriced doghouse. You can use a hard plastic or wooden barrel as a dog house. Just make sure it is the right size for your dog to be able to stand and lay in. Make sure it is set off the ground to prevent water damage and flooding from any water on the ground when it rains.

  9. Hey, talk with Woody Hyezmar, or you can at least download his free plans. If you're starting out that's a way to go about it.

  10. Excellent Video!! STRAIGHT to the point and clearly showed list of materials and breakdown of materials to exact measurements. Especially for the individual who may not have much experience building. Thank You

  11. I bought excellent handbook from woodprix website. Just google woodprix and start your journey to the better life

  12. Well this is confusing. The beginning of the video says the dog house will be 41 x 30 x 37… but the dog house is only 26 x 22 x 27?? I was going to follow these instructions and measurements, but after writing everything out, this is going to be way too small for my dog…

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