How to Build Electronic Circuits : How to Strip Wires Using Wire Strippers

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How do you strip wires? These work great. There are different types of devices to strip
wires. Here this one is a setting dial here for the gauge of wire you are working with.
So for instance, if I was going to go ahead and strip this wire wrap wire. I would go
ahead and dial in 26, which happens to be the smaller size than it does and I might
want to clip off the end like for instance here this is bent and that is not going to
work well to strip off because as you turn to strip off it, it is going to hit, so I’m
just going to cut it off, get a nice clean and finished end. This protective coding,
it stops the wires from shorting out to something else in the circuit to itself, but if you
are running by another component you do not want to short out that is when you start destroying
circuits. So I set the correct setting here, squeeze and I would like to wiggle it just
a little bit and then pull it. Yes its frisky. Excellent example right there. I had it set
to 22 gauge. It put a bite into the wire. So mechanically it weakened the spot and it
was very hard for me to pull off so that part is no good. That is not 22 gauge, it is 20
gauge wire. So now, we may go back to the same thing, squeeze it down, turn just a little
bit and pull off. Hence you can see, I pulled the wire off here like I just pulled the rest
off half. So you are not… you are trying to make sure you do not dig it up. Now here
is this 26 gauge wire and I have set the strippers to the smallest size, which sets 26 on the
dial and I am going to cut the end off that is already stripped just to start fresh, simply
go down and squeeze, pull it off and as you can see I have better wire that I can work
with now I can solder to it, connect it to some type of screw terminal whatever. There
is another type of strippers that is more like a gun, what you do is you have to feed
the wire in to it and squeeze and pull the outside coating off giving you a bare wire.

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  1. I have times when I have to strip wires and this video helps those who don't know how to do it. The main thing is the tool which you are using and I would love to have one of those for the thin wires.

  2. JESUS CHRIST REALLY. From all the "Expert Village" videos I've seen it seems like they should call it "Common Fucking Sense Village"

  3. This is an internet based learning platform.

    They can't assume that people know something, to do so would be a mistake…

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