How To Burp A Baby Fast | 4 Best Burping Techniques

Has your baby been spitting her food up and crying non-stop? And you aren’t sure what you can do to help her then keep watching the video to learn how to burp your baby the right way way Gas Every baby has it but not every parent knows how to deal with it now in this video I’m going to talk to you about all the how’s why’s and when’s of gas in your baby How it is related to burping your baby and a few awesome tips on how to do it like a pro first things first Why does your baby get irritable? major cause of gas is indigestion certain foods caused the production of gas and this can occur with the food that you feed your baby and The food that you eat as it eventually gets passed on in breast milk I have always trusted in some traditional recipes passed on from generations for baby digestion and fennel And hing are my go-to solutions I use mama Earth’s easy tummy roll-on with hing and fennel which is a Convenient way to cure digestive issues naturally things to remember before you burp your baby Soft baby wipes to clean up after your baby Wash cloth to cover your clothes as insurance against spit up and a bib to protect your baby’s clothes So here’s our four simple yet highly effective ways on how to burp your baby on your shoulder This position is ideal for newborns and infants up to the age of six months Hold your baby against your chest such that her chin rests on your shoulder Place a burping cloth over your shoulder in case your baby spits up Supporting her weight with your non-dominant hand you can pat her back gently Between the shoulders make sure you move your arm up and down you can also Rub her back after you pat it to release any trapped air sitting up This is another ideal position for newborn infants and babies suffering from GERD Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease Place a burp cloth on your leg Sit with your baby on your lap such that she faces away lean your baby slightly forward as one hand supports your babies jaw Your thumb and forefinger supports your baby’s head and use your palm to support your baby’s chest Use your dominant hand to Pat or rub her back gently on her tummy once your baby has grown up a bit You could try laying her face down on your lap as you burp her Take care to not let your baby’s head dip lower than the rest of her body as it might cause a head rush Provide support to her chin and jaw with one hand as you burp her with the other Walking if your baby has adequate head and neck control You could try burping her as you walk to do this hold your baby upright in front of you facing out while walking Now support her bottom with your hand even as you apply light pressure on her tummy to burp her I have personally tried each of these four hacks and found them to be useful at one time or the other I hope you loved them, too Here are some of the most common questions that we at MomJunction have received regarding how to burp a baby What happens if you don’t burp your baby? If you don’t relieve your baby of her gas it can lead to issues like excessive crying otherwise known as colic crankiness Spitting up and the inability to feed for long researchers have found a direct correlation between gassiness and colic Colic can be caused by abdominal pain that your baby suffers due to gas or intestinal blockage Burping is also useful for children with GERD Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease as it reduces the amount of spit up How do I know that my baby needs to be burped? general crankiness Irritability and wailing during or after feed are good indicators that your baby is distressed and might need to be burped How often should I burp my baby? If you’re breastfeeding then burp her after each breast if you’re using a bottle burp her twice Once halfway stage and once at the end if she is acting fussy while feeding she might need a burp Adapt it to suit your baby’s requirements My baby Isn’t burping should I be worried? Not at all some babies just don’t burp while the other learn to feed as they grow older. Just try patting a baby for five minutes, and if she doesn’t burp she probably doesn’t need to Does feeding with bottle lead to gas? Babies whether bottle fed, or nursed swallow considerable amounts of air each time they feed This is a bigger problem with bottle fed babies when parents use bottle nipples that are too big make sure to use an age-appropriate nipple size When using formulas it’s a good idea to make sure you wait for all the bubbles to pop out Before you give it to your child What about food allergies? In some cases You’re Breastfeeding baby might not be able to adjust or is allergic to certain elements in your diet that are making her gassy You must try avoiding rice or other carbohydrate dense foods according to a research when mothers cut out on foods like eggs Soy, wheat, dairy Peanuts and fish their babies cried on average 19 minutes less each day and with that we come to an end of today’s episode Thank you so much for watching. We hope you liked our go to hacks on how to burp your baby Do let us know which one you like the best, and if you like this video There’s a lot more content coming your way Make sure you subscribe to our Channel and click on the bell icon to stay updated with all our latest videos

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  1. My baby is 10 days old…Sometimes she burps by her own n sometimes after pating for long time also she doesn't….what to do mam

  2. Di my baby cries alot… V mistakenly dint crib him earlier n now when v try… He dsnt feel cmfrt….
    Moreovr when i masaage him or chng his diapr… He cries to suchn xtent dat he turns red smtyms…. I reLlly dunno… Evryvn suggests it to b norml… Bt still. Being a mom… I worrry a lot… It is js 1 of my query

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