How to clean your heat pump

Hi I’m Christian from EECA energywise and I want to show you how to clean the filter of your heat pump. Like all heaters, heat pumps can go through a lot of energy so it’s a good idea to maintain it so it runs as efficiently as possible. While some maintenance task might require professional cleaning, the filter of your heat pump is something you can easily do yourself. I’ll show you how. First you want to find your heat pump manual, now if your household is anything like mine that could be the challenge. To help with that, most manufacturers let you download the manuals off their website. Before you start turn the heat pump off, first hit the remote and then the main switch which is either at the wall or at the outdoor unit. Open the front panel of your heat pump and take the filters out. your manual is going to show you how to do this with your heat pump. Ok this looks really dirty let’s go and clean it. You can either do this using your vacuum cleaner or you can wash it in some lukewarm water with some dishwashing liquid. If you do wash it put it somewhere to dry away from the heat or direct sunlight. Once it’s dry put the filter back in and close the front panel. See, easy as. Durng a heat pump season you want to clean your heat pump about every couple of weeks. For more tips go to our website

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