How to Draw People : Using the Spiral Technique for Drawing

Hi, I’m David Clemen on behalf of Expert Village
and today we’re going to learn the basics of drawing. All right, the next technique
I’m going to show you in basic drawing, I call it the spiral technique. Now this technique
is basically to show you, give you a better understanding the three dimensions of the
body and when you’re looking at something like my head, you’re basically, if you’re
looking at it directly, you can only see this part, but my head goes all the way back to
here. So if you were to draw a spiral around it, you’d get a better visual of the depth
of the head and the body. So I’m going to use this wooden model to explain and show
you and demonstrate the spiral technique. So I’m going to always start at the head and
the head kind of starts basically here and so what I’m going to do is I’m not going to
stop the pencil at all until I get to this point and then I’m going to move to the chest,
but just watch as I do this spiral technique on the head of the wooden doll. I’m going
to start small and you see how it goes wider so basically I’m going to spiral just like
this to the widest point and then there’s a point where it starts to come in so I’m
going bring the spiral in even smaller until I get to the neck and then I’m going to stop.
Now the neck is here indicated by this ball so I m just going to go small spiral because
the head has to connect to something. Now the shoulders are coming across here and the
chest is here so the chest starts really broad on this handsome little wooden guy. So basically
what I’m going to do is go really wide and then, I’m slowly moving the pencil down as
I spiral, but you see this goes in and it starts to come to the midsection, that wonderful
waist we all aspire to have. So we come here and we go smaller and smaller and smaller
until we get to the midsection and then I’m just going to continue my spiral. Now remember
previously I showed you that when the model was this way the hips kind of went back here.
All I did was turn from our previous; I just turned it this way to give it a different
angle. So the hips start kind of in the middle and they go out so I’m going to indicate that
here and I’m going to go wide and then I’m going to come back in and then stop there.
Now I’m going to do this arm and see I’m trying to feel my way around, that’s why we’re doing
this is to feel how the body is three dimensional and the same with my arm. It starts small
here and goes around, but it gets bigger at the top. That’s why I’m doing the spiral technique.
So we’re going to do the same thing on this right here. I’m going to start with the shoulder,
the bicep and that’s going to start getting bigger and become smaller and that’s how you
do the spiral technique.

50 thoughts on “How to Draw People : Using the Spiral Technique for Drawing

  1. XD It looks like a mummy. But it does seem like a good way to learn the figure your drawing.

    What are you drawing with? I can't seem to find the first video of your lessons.

  2. so, its like 2 hours drawing the spiral… i wonder if you can do that in your mind, imaging the spiral, so you waste less time doing that springy thing!

  3. You'll only limit yourslef that way. When you learn how to draw, things should happen inyou head; not on the paper. People lika Durer and Da Vinci knew all about form.

  4. OH PLEASE, that's the last thing you can tell me. Where can I read about da vinci and michelangelo using a camera obscura for all their work? -.-'

  5. sorry, missed this reply. i can't find anything on the net about it. i never said they used it for ALL there work, without sources in front of me i can recall some things about the 'left and right' sides being switched [based on the view of the norms of the time periods, and it's not actually left and right, it's front and back but mirror images are strange that way].

    i won't be hitting the library till next week. i think that's where i'd first read about it. help me search!

  6. Sorry, are you stupid? Everything produced on the paper is made by the hand, that are being controlled by the brain. If you just draw what's looks good, you only get a surface, and will never be able to understand the subject – and therefore you will hardly develope at all. You will only be able to make a guess in all the strokes you make.

  7. That's why you should train your head to fully understanding so you have the controll of what you want to put down on the paper;)

  8. wow this is really interesting technique. Thx for the vid!

    only artists looking for ways to improve would understand this technique

  9. you're wierd and you're a left hander! im RIGHT HANDER!!!!! AND THEY ROCK!!!! it doesn't really matter. :S

  10. every time I see one of these "Expert Village" videos I just have to laugh because they always SUCK! Experts my ass. This guy stinks.

  11. Like DarkerCry wrote, this is a way to get pose ideas that give you a visual of the mass of the body, helping visualize the concept better. Its not really used to draw most finished pieces unless you really like using the technique for that.

  12. dude i thought this was a waste of time so i turn to other tutorials. then i figure this was the only technique that i havent tried yet. so i give it a try and found out that it works perfect for me. yea it looks stupid but it man i love it, thank you so much this really helped

  13. I use the "Spiral macaroni" method for gesturing in the form, but it looks nothing like this, is not arbitrary, is broader playing into the thirds proportional divisions of the form and takes into play bump versus fold. This method looks too much like the Michelen Tire man.

  14. I'm sorry and I'm not the greatest artist ever but. if you can see the 3d shape on the page (which it seem like you would need to be able to do to use this technique) then why not just lightly pencil in the edges of the shape. I mean there's no right or wrong way but it seems like this is just making a mess!

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