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  1. There's no substitute to a real house. Typhoons, earthquakes and predators are some of risks on mobile homes. Maybe, it's fun for a few days for a change… thanks.

  2. I’m really looking into this lifestyle, my only question is about bike security on the rack. Id have a similar small car setup, with a bike as well. Have you ever had any issues/do you have any tips for bike security?

  3. You could be involved in some real-life creepypasta type stuff out there. How many watts is the solar panel? Is this a long term Airbnb that you rent out. Another idea is to have a metal building somewhere you can pull your car in and work on it. Maybe a hangar on some lonely airfield where taxes are super cheap and cheap to buy in in the middle of nowhere (but central USA) so you have a base of operations to go back to and hang out.

    The key to this type of lifestyle is finding remote work that is STABLE. Finding genuine remote work opportunities is super hard so I am just trying to build up an investment portfolio such that I can just work super part time. The issue in the USA is that opportunities are really really slim pickings

  4. How do you manage to charge your camera, phone, computer and other equipment? Or do you do it in a house/apartment?

  5. …I know this video is old but still a lot of good info.
    I think I'd get close to see if the dog was real tho lol #FreeJack 🐕😂

  6. Came to Hawaii last month for my Internship. Things didn't work out with my landlord and now I'm going to be living in a car. Luckily I've met some great people who are going to help me along the way! Thanks for the video man.

  7. This video is why I’m considering Prius or RAV4. Both are the same, as in a generator on wheels, but the RAV4 can go off-road, and more space

  8. I hate where i work.
    And after 13 years of growing up with it, i hate still being stuck under my mom and scumbag of a stepdad. Im about to live in my car. I've fucking had enough.

  9. Your nutrition is awful. You'd rather look like a sunken eyed skeleton than gain much needed weight that would help you in times of need (illness, etc.). Hardly anything you eat is a natural food. Almonds don't make milk do they? So what is Almond milk? Something unnatural that you shouldn't be putting into your body.

  10. Just curious… when living in a car, how do you deal with mailing address and legal matters? Like some places have laws and restrictions on tiny houses – do you face the same thing for living in a car?

  11. How do you receive mail while living in car? Don't say PO Box bc a lot of forms require a physical address these days. Can you just meet with a lawyer or accountant and ask if they receive mail for any of their clients? Would that work?

  12. I would highly advise you darken your windows. I've been living like this half my adult life and I'm 41 now.

  13. The problem with Prius is not the battery but the generator.. If that burns out it will cost you as much as car.. Also Prius does't have an engine alternator so if the generator burns out the car will stop running.. This was a bad design trying to save energy not using an alternator(12%)..
    As far as room and aerodynamics its a great car..

  14. I've seen a lot GOOD looking priuses even with 200k miles. I think these cars are pretty reliable. Debating doing this.

    I've been looking into every alternative living situation possible at this point…. My living situation sucks, and I just hate the idea that I should work my whole life to make other people money, paying rent or huge overpriced mortgage….

    I've looked into living on a sailboat, living in a prius, rv, tiny house, yurt, building a small house, on and on….

    All have pros and cons, the main cons I see is that cheap land is usually far away from work, also living in a tiny house or rv even on your own land is illegal….

    If you build a small house then there is a lot of manual labor, tools, and dealing with permits and knowing codes and zoning…. Also you never truly own the land so you spend all this money investing into the property when the government can just come and take it from you.

    A yurt is cheaper, and quick, and portable, but again you have code and zoning issues.

    A sail boat is pretty cool because it's basically an rv in water, and it can be pretty cheap depending how you look at it. Problem there is that things break and need maintenance and you would want to be able to store your boat to do maintenance, etc…. Also finding work could be interesting.

    In reality having some land would be ideal because then you have space to store more things, and being able to store things like tools and food is a real plus, gives you way more options.

    It would be super fucking awesome if it was just legal to live in a car, or rv, or tiny house on land you own…. That way you at least have a safe place to park every night and not be a burden or eyesore on the streets, and you could build a shed for storage…

    Alas life can't be that easy can it?

  15. I think the hardest part of living in a car is finding a safe place to park overnight and not being bother by the cop's.

  16. Headed out for a couple nights of car camping. I will have a bike on a hitch rack. do you leave bikes in the rack while sleeping and if so, what precautions do you take?

  17. I’ve gotta make a decision to renew my lease or live in my car……I’m think about trying the car camping I’ve got a couple days to make up my mind.

  18. I really appreciate the detail and resources you've provided in your video. I'm in the planning stages and your assistance has and will save me lots of time. Thanks very much! Hope you're still having fun on the road.

  19. sleeping on spongy mattress or uneven surface would risk spinal injury in the long term. when you're young, you don't feel it. 10 or 20 years later, you will pay for its cost. One of my friend now has chronic back pain, thanks to sleeping rough, just to save accommodation cost. now the treatment for his back has cost more than the amount he has saved after those years. you gotta be young and stupid before wise and old, they say..

  20. Great video. The only thing I would suggest is getting a BLACK Comforter or Blanket for your car. When you are sleeping it makes you less noticeable and during the day you can cover items in your car and make them less noticeable.

  21. I’m thinking about doing this myself. I would have to sell my house first and a car ……. and a few motorcycles. I’m going to need to downsize a lot, but I don’t mind at all

  22. I will be doing that my very soon, not because the money i will be traveling nurse. But i want the freedom and i want have story to tell.

  23. It’s really you? My favourite Electric Bike educator, who is smart enough to let us look through the window into a life well traveled and economical too! You’re the man.. great work. 👍

  24. Wow, you are so stuck up, you can't even bother to have a conversation with people who offer you free board. You are a real asshole.

  25. I'm a retired female, with a longing to travel cheeply!!! Loving this video!! Thank you, God Bless in Jesus' name; ) ☆☆☆☆☆

  26. I get that the 4Runner is less fuel efficient than the Prius but since you are saving so much money by not paying a mortgage or bills you could always compensate with a truck or a suv for more comfy living. But way to make such a neat ‘home’ out of what you do have. Cheers mate, I’m impressed

  27. That might be the future for lots of people with driverless e-cars coming mainstream. Most of us rent anyway, not owning anything, so why not to have that ultimate freedom.

  28. This is what I’ve been thinking of. I've always wanted a more stealthy style other than getting a huge van or trailer, but haven't really given it any thoughts yet. This is the perfect heads up!Thank you for your video!

  29. Planning to do the same thing. Great vid with lots of useful tips on accessories. O did a test run last month in a friends Prius on a 10 day trip. Brought way too much food stuff.

  30. I'm really disturbed at how many people peer into cars in your area lmao. I sure wish more people mind their own damn business and stop being so nosey. I swear homeless people even the ones whos trying to live decently without being ass raped by the system have the hardest time with others acting like they don't belong just because they aren't in an apartment or house.

  31. It's funny in America the "land of the free" people have to make videos on how to live free lmao. Thanks a lot for your informative videos. because ive been searching for years on ways to be free without breaking laws and getting in trouble. I was looking into tiny homes but quickly found out a normal house cost less. so now I'm in a very small normal house. but still, don't feel free. so now I'm looking for other ways. I also drive a Prius. But I never considered how good it would be for camping to use like a generator. I really wanted to buy one of those small travel trailers because I have to have a tub shower and toilet. I can even do without a bed. but I can't do without a full bath.

  32. Very cool minimalist sustainable living solution. ✌🏼💚🌎♻️ I plan to do something similar after i sell my house. I am 6’4” tall tho, so i need a little more room. Researching possibilities. Was gonna do the #vanlife thing, but really don’t want to buy a gas vehicle. VW is coming out with an electric cargo van with a 350 mile range & quick charge, but not until 2022. So i may travel the world by bicycle & backpack for awhile until they are available. We shall see. Still researching. Ultimately i’d like to build a tiny home off grid somewhere. But until then, the mobile lifestyle really appeals to me for the freedom, and from a financial, sustainable perspective. Glad i found your channel. 👍🏼 ⚡️ 🚌 ⚡️ 🚴‍♂️

  33. you have a point privacy is important,,,,like my self I don’t like living with other people except family of course,,,even with others in one hotel room,,,I want my peace…..

  34. Oh NOW I know who you are. I watched this video 2 years ago and didn’t make the connection to your bike channel that I recently subscribed to. Cool 😃

  35. Thank you 🙏 although I seem to be coming to your party one year late. Your lifestyle is SO REFRESHING!!! I’m backing into this lifestyle from the other direction. Geothermal in home 12 yrs ago, then 2013 Prius, recently Tesla M3 (which is a Prius on steroids!!). In fact, if your business blooms we’ll both be keeping an eye on Tesla pickup (w lots of solar to lay out and recharge on the road). I just started exploring E-bikes recently and found your channel last week. I am truly impressed with you and your philosophy.

  36. Hello my friend, I and my wife have lived in a car for 1 month. It was good for us because at that time we had no home because we have changed a country. But my car was renault scenic 2000. We got more space in my car. If you want space the I suggest renault scenic is the best

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