Hey what’s up guys! Welcome to Pan The Organizer! In today’s show, I’m going to give you tips
and tricks so you can save on your utility bills! So hey guys! I’m Pan! And as a homeowner, I’m always looking for
tips and tricks to lower my monthly electrical bill. So if we look at an annual energy bill for
a typical single family home, you can see that most of it is spent on heating, cooling,
water heating, your appliances, lighting and electronics! So I’ll give you guys 10 easy ways to lower
those utility bills! So first of all, maybe you’ve heard of phantom
power. Phantom power is basically your electronics
using energy even when they’re not in use. To remedy this, you can unplug the unused
electronic devices, or better yet, connect them to a power strip and when not in use,
just turn off the power switch. Next, if you have an HVAC system, you have
to make sure to change your air filter regularly. This will improve the efficiency of your machine
and lower your running costs as well. Check your user’s manual to know at which
frequency you’re supposed to change the filter. Next, you can adjust your water heater temperature
to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It shouldn’t be hotter than that. Because one, it can cause scalding, and second
of all you’re just wasting energy. Doing this is pretty simple, you just cut
off the power to the water heater, you pop open the panels with a screwdriver, and you
adjust the needle to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Put the panel back on, turn the power on,
and you’re good to go! Next, make sure to caulk and weather strip
your window and door frames to plug any air leaks. This will improve your house’s energy efficiency
up to 20%. Update your appliances to newer energy efficient
models that have the Energy Star logo. You’ll save a bunch on your monthly bills! A typical example of this is to buy a front
loading washing machine. Not only does it use less water, but it’s
more efficient in its energy use. Speaking about washing machines, make sure
you do your laundry using cold water. That will save a bunch of money because you’re
not wasting hot water. Also, make sure you run full loads. So instead of doing multiple small loads,
do one big load. So another awesome way to save is to lower
your temperature when you’re going to sleep at night. During the winter months, you want that temperature
to be roughly 63 degrees Fahrenheit or 17 degrees Celsius. Many scientific reports have proven that keeping
your body cool at night is conducive to good sleep! So that’s an added bonus. During those hot summer days, you can increase
the ambient temperature to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 degrees Celsius, so you’re not wasting
your air conditioning’s energy cooling the house too much. Now another great way to cut costs is to buy
programmable thermostats. So that way, during winter, you can set it
to lower the house’s temperature when you’re not at home. So those 8 to 10 hours that you’re not actually
in your house you’ll be saving money because you’re not overly heating the house and wasting
energy! So the next cool tip is to change all your
regular light bulbs which are incandescent to some compact fluorescent models or even
better, LED. Now that will save you a bunch of money because
for example, a standard 60 Watt bulb can be replaced by the equivalent 13 Watt compact
fluorescent or greater yet, 9 Watt LED equivalent. So you’re saving 4 to 6 times the energy! That will have a direct impact on your monthly
bills. Now the last and final tip is to put a timer
on interior or exterior lights that you have the tendency to leave open for longer periods
of time for security purposes. That way, when you go to sleep, BOOM, they
simply turn off and you don’t even have to think about it! So that’s it for my tips and tricks on how
to save on your monthly utility bills! Now in the comments section down below, let
me know what kind of tips YOU guys have. If you liked this video, give it a big thumbs
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my videos so let me know what you think of those! And in the meantime, don’t forget, keep it
tight, keep it clean, and I’ll see you guys on the next one!!!


  1. I never understood the – put your lights on a timer thing – because you are now using a timer in addition to the light bulb when the light is on. This uses more electricity and the reason I never do it.

  2. Our water heatering is the biggest part of our bill. I don't get it. We wash in cold water and take quick showers. The regular water bill is pretty low. Its crazy how big our electric bill is. We rent, the electric company came in and changed all our bulbs and they all went out in 2 months. This place is horrible on the wallet

  3. People over wash clothes. Wear items several times if possible before washing, dry outside if possible and fluff in the dryer to soften if necessary. People in my life wear clothes for a couple hours then pop in the wash! Yikes! This wears out the clothes faster too. Save money, wash and dry less. Heating water takes a lot of energy. Wash in cold.

  4. I would add , dry you clothes on a metal clothe support instead of dryer . You will add moisture in the air , especially on winter where air become dry here in canada

  5. My trick for cutting electric use is grilling up meats for a couple days at a time. Because an electric stove uses 220 watts every hour it's on. So every day you don't use your stove cuts your electric bill, reduces water use (less dishes to wash) and gives you more free time!

  6. I really enjoyed your amazing "Saving Money" I need to get my Son to get some of those lights you are talking about. We are seniors and living on fixed income and that would really help. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU !

  7. I have all my lights LED – now I only need 2 per ceiling fan instead of 4 because the soft light is bright.Β  Also, unplug all of your kitchen appliances: microwave, toaster, coffee pot, can opener etc.Β  You'd be surprised how much electricity they use when they are just plugged in!!Β  In the summer – keep your blinds and curtains closed.Β  Get rid of your smart thermostat – electric companies manipulate your temp for apxly 3 hours and then your a/c runs and runs.

  8. Easy way, is have the electric company cut rates for consumers…ever seen an energy company reduce their rates? You do to cut use, but they don't….so the less you use, the more the company will hike to make up their projected profits. It's a lose lose for you and win win for them.

  9. I so much, phoned met – ed, out here in pa., over the phone, went down to the basement, turned everything off in fuse box, waited 45 seconds, this is a reset…went outside, with customer service on the phone, and read my meter numbers…still, seems unusually high, trying to figure out, what is pulling the usage…still c ant, even after, replacing the bulbs, cutting any extra electricity, as well as unplugging appliances…

  10. best tip rarely mentioned. use electricity off peak hours. electricity is not the same price all hours of the day! do all your washing early in the a.m. when electric cost are lower and hang clothes out to dry. saves real πŸ’°

  11. We like to be comfortable at night. We like the temperature at 21C during the night. We turn down to 19C during the day. All lighting is LED. Our stove is electromagnetic induction type. This type of stove is about 80% efficient. A burner type stove is not much better than 40% efficient. We reheat or steam food in the microwave oven. Much more efficient and faster than using the stove. During the summer months we use the BBQ for a lot of our cooking. Our heating is electric water heat. Much cheaper than when with oil heating.

  12. I wish solar was more affordorable!!! But GRID alternatives is in some if the sunny states line Colorado, it's a some garden so the panels are not on your house and it's free for income qualified houses!

  13. I'm thinking about installing a power saver unit that my washer /dryer plug into so that my adult kids have to plan ahead and pay to run the washer & dryer. Saves unnecessary energy AND helps pay my utility bill. 😁 πŸ˜†

  14. Top load high efficiency washing machines are just as good or better than front loaders. Without the weird mildew smells. They barely use any water.

  15. You have to be cognizant of what kind of heating system you have (and your thermostat's behaviors) before you drop it down to 63 at night. if you turn down that low with a heatpump with resistance-strip supplements…the strips will be activated every morning when you try to turn the heat back up. Each BTU coming from these strips can cost 3-4x times as much as a BTU from the heatpump. Turning down you temp that far can actually be counterproductive (cost-wise) in that case.

  16. If your water heater is electric. Install a timer in between the power and water heater. Set the on/off power to water heater. Mine is set to turn off electricity to heater at 9:00 PM and turn the electricity back on at 7:00 AM. When you leave for the day, set timer to turn off heater, set time when you want it turned back on. This way your water heater is off for 14 – 16 hours in a 24 hr period. I have used this method for about 45 yrs now. One other important point, get a water heater blanket, whether gas or electric to save money, especially if water heater is in the garage. Unless you heat up your garage during the winter. If you are doing that, you may as well ignore everything I have said. You are what I consider to be on the wealthy side and do not care about you energy bills.

  17. Hi Pan the Organizer! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I started a YT channel recently which is all about clean energy, eco friendly living and organic solutions. Would love to see what you think since you have been an inspiration for me! Love your videos.

  18. When I was a kid (I won't tell you how long ago that was!!) if we had a seven, or eight, dollar electric bill that was a big one! And that would be at a major holiday like Thanksgiving, or Christmas.
    Now, if I turn as much electric stuff off as I can, my electric bill is still 80-90 dollars a month. WTF?!

  19. I've added a timer to my hot water heater seems to do well. since I'm the only one in the house there's no reason for it to be on 24/7 only the small amount of time I'm home and awake.

  20. Yes LED's bigtime! Plus extra insulation in attic. Many ways to save energy. Unfortunately, it cost money to save money, But if you can do it, do it!

  21. Pan just listened to your save on lites…my lite bill no matter what i do is 95$ a month..i sit in dark apartment only tv on…fan above my head sreen door has air comming cool….power company told me i pay 39.99 cents a month for a ones ever ever. Heard of this ..and the other amount is for power..i live in Mississippi

  22. Note: No Nobel Prices accepted at this time. Face house South if you are in cold climate or at least block/seal windows on one side of house away from sun. Shut off water heater or remove. Remove Frig and oven from house. Go vegan. Put reflective material in attic. Get a 2 story house. If we get Liberty get a tiny home. If you live in warn climate set up shower outside(or just for summer).
    Now you get a 4cu ft frig, toaster oven, get a fry daddy and other elec fry pans/crock pots, tea kettle elc boiler etc. Need 12volt water pump some hose/shower head/5 gal pail.
    You will quietly shower with 3 to 5 gal of water(you are cleaner from veganism anyway).

  23. 63… his place would be freezing in a state that have real winter's nights !πŸŒ¬οΈβ„οΈβ˜ƒοΈβ›„

  24. Really good tips Pan, but one thing I don’t recommend is the temperature for the water heater tank where water mostly standing still. The recommendation is to not go below 140 because of risk of Legionella bacteria. Or at least regularly increase the temperature to kill the bacteria. But thanks for all great advices πŸ‘

  25. Thank you for the information, but turning the furnace off after heating up your home is the best way to cut down. Closing down or off the summer part of your home is another.
    I use zone heating and most people without this use low watts heaters ( the really small ones work really great and they at $10.00- worth a try at this price).
    Putting on more clothe in the winter is a "no brainer." Everyone in cold weather needs to sleep in old fashion long johns. Using low spinning fans spanning in the non cool direction works for keeping heat in and moving around room. You don't want the heat to escape.
    Boiling a pot of water or steam from the shower; placing moisture in the air will also keep it warmer long in rooms like the kitchen bath, this is quite easily done.
    The plastic roles for protecting against messes cost $1.29 ( cheap drop clothes) and can be affixed with Velcro to the tops and sides of the door. This can be draped to completely, covering doors no longer in use reminds you that this part of your home cost money and forces you to think about how much.
    Thermal drapes are easily made and hot water bottles bring comfort to those that really like to turn off the heat.
    There are so many ways. I know tons more. It really depends on people's personalities and physical needs. Wood stoves and stationary bikes are my cure for being cold. I also like to smuggle up, dogs, kids and, even men are good for keeping you warm in a pinch.
    Hope this helps.

  26. I live in the steaming south Florida.My home is facing the afternoon sun and eventhough I keep the blinds closed my AC is running most of the time.If I walk by the front windows and the blinds are closed I can still feel the hot air just steaming in the house.
    I went to Home Depot and purchased a styrefoam panel for construction placed it in the window and my electric bill came down $50 bucks but mostly the house felt much cooler.If you place the foam in between the window and the blind and leave the writing on the panel facing the blinds,it looks like you have your blinds closed.

  27. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    P.S….Do You know..
    CABLE TV BOXES….ate the reason why people's
    ELECTRIC Bills…are SKY HIGH!😑😩….

    TIP CUT OFF…WHEN NOT IN USE….Unplugging from wall socket…is BEST!….but cutting OFF is Good as well.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  28. In the winter months when I use my dryer, I put in a dry towel before I turn it on! On the average you will dry your clothes a lot faster and save energy!

  29. Great video… this is exactly what I was looking for.. these little tips and tricks, short sweet and to the point

  30. I gave your video a big thumps up! I am going to caulk around all the backdoor and windows. I may use weatherstrip as well. but caulking is inexpensive, so I would first do that. my last month bill came $360 and I am still in shock!

  31. I. Try to. Keep. My. Lights. Turn off & unplug all. Of. The. Things. That. I'm not using & keep them. Off……and I. Have. A friend That. Dont. Mind. Me washing my things. At. There house they. Always tell. Me. To. Come. & do. My laundry at. There house. So that. Saves me money

  32. My house thermostat stays on 80 degrees all year. But in winter, I turn it down to 65 degrees when I go to bed and 64 when I leave the house to go to work. In the summer, I turn my air conditioner all the way up to 80 as well and it will still keep the house comfortable even when it is 100 degrees outside. I leave it on AC in the spring and fall transition seasons and it doesn't hardly even run at all.


  34. What about places where the nights on average only go down to 80 degrees F. Wouldn't it use more energy to turn down the thermostat at night?

  35. Get mattress heating pads. Then you can leave your heating system OFF ALL night long. Saves HUGE bucks.

  36. I would love shut everything down completely but It’s impossible to shut down my modem/ router because I have security cameras, if something bad were to happen I would regret it.

  37. You don’t need 72 I’m in summer in Miami brother, keep it at 77 and at bight we bring it down to 75 because it’s hitting 89/90 πŸ₯΅ degrees therefore, the house has absorbed the days heat so the 75 will balance the temperature of the house and you will have a cool 😎 night πŸ’€ sleep. And when you leave for multiple hours just shut off the AC completely! And turn it on when you return.

  38. I unplug my dryer after I use it… saved about 30.00 a month on my bill I believe…I also put power strips around the house to disconnect stereos, Game consoles and TV's not used daily….another 10.00 bux…

  39. My bill went from $178 to 31.86 ($24.50 is administrative fee). I turned off the porch light, garage light. All electronics are on a surge protector and are turned off when I am away from the house and when I am sleeping. I turned off my range and dishwasher. I don't have a microwave and uses a 2 plate burner. I just flick the switch on the electric box when I want to use the stove and dishwasher. In the winter I use a heated mattress pad and only run the heat when I am getting dressed in the AM. It's amazing how much money I have save. I still have to change out the light bulbs. It will be interesting to see how much difference the bulbs will make.

  40. I live in the North West. Our winters are very cold and dry. I purchased a small inexpensive humidistat at WalMart, to keep on the counter in the center of our home.
    By increasing the humidity of your home in the winter to the comfort zone ( typically 35-55% humidity ) the heat will hold on to the moisture in the air and result in your furnace turning on less. For me, it turned on every half hour instead of every 10 minutes.
    Also, reverse your ceiling fan and push the warm air down from the ceiling.

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