How to Play Bass Guitar: Beginner Lessons : Bass Technique : Popping and Slapping

Hi, my name is Dalton, and today we’re going
to learn how to pop and slap and get that funky sound we like to get out of our bass.
The first thing is you got to get your thumb loose, and then you just slap it, slap it
like you’re mad at it. That gives you a slapping sound, and you can do that to any
string. To get it’s counterpart, the plucking sound which people call the pop, you take
your finger just like you’re playing regular, but you kind of pull it up hard. It kind of
gives you a fierce popping sound. So when you mix the two, you get kind of a popping
slapping noise. When you mix this with other chords, and other notes, you can do something
cool like this.

100 thoughts on “How to Play Bass Guitar: Beginner Lessons : Bass Technique : Popping and Slapping

  1. he has a wierd style of playing. no feeling. no groove. where's the marcus miller, The WOOTEN!!! worst teacher ever. didnt show thumb technique, Popping tech, slap excersise. nothing

  2. I don't call that tune 'higher ground'. I call it the 'guitar center' tune. It seems like everytime I go in a guitar center there is some bassist playing this damn song.

  3. @stonedparyah
    best statement ever out of an instruction video… sums up perfectly what the slapping technique means to the world of bass players… NOT! 😀

  4. I was like:oh god this guy sucks…and then I heard 1:03 😐 sick….but I can't realize how hard it is because I play normal guitar

  5. @McOrca09 well, he may be able to play this "flea – lick" but 1. it doens't sound good, 2. the timing is awful and 3. he'll never be able to play it better than this.
    i am sorry, but shalommeodedff7 is right, this guy here is not only having a bad technique but he is "teaching" it to young beginners who learn it right from the start the WRONG way.

  6. I swear if I hear another bassist try to play this tune one more time…

    Talk about overkill. I'm not saying it's a bad song but damn people, there are other songs out there with slap bass.

  7. I'll be honest i've already seen this movie but i came back to ask everyone a question and its a stupid one at that. I've now had a bass guitar for about a year, and am just realizing now that the standard EADG tuning isn't working on my bass. It's an ibanez, I haven't replaced the strings but am suspecting they are the culprit, i have a digital tuner and it is telling me the string that should be an E is a G i tried tuning it down to an E but it sounds dull. Can anyone give me some pointers?ty

  8. @TheEpicThree NO you can slap pop or pull any string….its easier to slap the heavier strings….just take a look as MARK KING::::he could teach you a few things

  9. @TheEpicThree You can thumb slap any of the strings, in fact, this gives you a lot of tonal flexibility when trying to play different types of music. As for pops, I prefer to use these more tastefully. I think the higher register (fret 5 off the D, the G2 position) is more suited for this. If you play 6 string bass, you have to be even more selective about slaps and pops.

  10. I still can't tell where to strum(slap, pop etc.) without looking down at my right hand but then I don't know where my left hand is playing so I get confused easily…any advice?

  11. Lol he played higher ground from rhcp 😀 Its sounds impressive but it is only fast witch is not so hard (: anyways it's a cool song to build up speed and stuff

  12. Worst explanation ever. -_-

    "Ya jus' gotta take your thumb and just kinda slap it"

    Wow. Thank fucking GOD you cracked THAT mystery there Scooby Doo *end sarcasm*

  13. @partyhardybill Bah, he`s just playing in octaves… Not that hard. E, G, A a couple of times, then modulating to F# minor, with F#, A, B. It sounds funky and complicated, but it`s quite easy. Sit down with a bass and practis for 4 minutes and 37 seconds, and you`ll get it right.

  14. @samumaster Haha, almost as good as an iPad 2 review that stated that an iPad did not have a 6.5 mm audio-jack, but an 65 mm mortar attack…

  15. i tried slapping one time, but I ended up getting only the sound of the string hitting the frets. HELP ME!

  16. @partyhardybill i know how you feel, just picked up a bass the other day, its all new to me, played guitar for a while, but this is a whole new ball game haha

  17. im new to the bass im just learning i have a yamaha rbx170 i wanna chang the strings ( im larning and wanting to play mostly rock ) any idea what string are good for learners

  18. Any random bassist could teach this way. You seriously need to think about how to teach. I mean, teaching is an occupation. Being a good teacher is as difficult as being a good bassist.

  19. Why is this fucking channel called expert village? I've been trying to nail down Higher Ground for a long time…THAT DIDN'T HELP

  20. @hellzsanctomony not really. thats one of the easiest slapping songs. are u a bassist?? cuz if you are and you can slap then youll understand. it may look hard but most slapping is easy, although there are some hard songs out there. this guy doesnt know anything. HE IS NOT GOOD. just go look at higher ground tabs and see hoe SIMPLE it is

  21. Let me get this straight… To slap the strings, I have to slap them and to pop the strings I have to pop them???!? Omg TY

  22. how fuck does one develop accuracy t whack the A or D string withc such a loose movement, I can NOT get a hold of that.

  23. @NnysVelvetRevolver you're only hitting the string with the knuckle of your thumb (relatively small surface) and you shouldn't be taking your thumb far away from the string at any time; just get yourself lined up correctly and don't lose the position. Eventually, muscle memory will take care of the rest. You won't be slapping the D string too often, probably; you're almost always better playing those lines up the neck on the A string.

  24. That was the weirdest slap technique I have ever seen o-o Is wrist was way too lose, and you don't pull straight up on the string when you pop, unless you really looking to hurt your bass -.-

  25. So when mixing popping and slapping together, you get a kind of a poppy sloppy noise?… Well fuck me sideways!

    (Original comment by Stonedparyah) 

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