How to Play the Piano : Practicing Piano Finger Technique

Okay if we take we go to the next finger now you can practice without moving your wrist.
I prefer to move the wrist which we where thought more about ya that is how you get
that if we use them both together.
Okay now this one now that is what we call a finger position now if we that is for a scale that is a 1,2,3,1,2,3,4,5.
Now of course there is much more scales and we would get into that but this is the first
thing for building your fingers fret which is absolutely necessary. Remember when you
practice do not practice really light like this make your fingers work. Push very hard
and solid for each key and what that does is develop your own unique tone that you would
eventually develop so when you touch your keys your individual expression will come
to those notes.

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    Actually he seems really skilled and took the time and risk to put up instructional videos with quality information. Try to keep the obnoxiousness to yourself and be a little more respectful.

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