How To Port Windows Applications Using CrossOver

So, let’s pretend for a moment the you’re
the owner of Bob’s Software, and you make a product with the rather prosaic name of “BobWare” (represented figuratively here by this delectable looking orange) Now, if you’re like many windows software developers you’d like to get your product into the Mac marketplace (denoted here by the burgeoning basket of delicious green apples you see on your screen) It’s a rapidly growing market. Not only that,
but there are fewer software titles and less competition. So it’s a good place to make money. Sadly, however, in order to get your product into the metaphorical apple basket, you need something a little
more convincing than a metaphorical orange. Because, let’s face it, Mac customers are picky. Now, you could do
a ground-up rewrite of your product but that takes time, and money, and it leaves you with two code bases to
maintain forever which also produces headaches.
But now there’s a second option… Crossover. Here’s how it works.
You give us your Windows executable. We don’t even need your source code. You
give us a relatively small stack of cash, and then we go off and do things so wondrous and magical that our very limited special special effects budget simply cannot do them justice in this video. Basically, what we do is wrap your Windows program in CrossOver goodness, and also build you a custom installer. And in very short order we give you back a program that looks and smells just like it Apple application, which you can then put into your lovely basket and thereby derive the bounteous monetary rewards that are your just and rightful due. So, so if you need to
get into the Mac marketplace quickly and affordably, give us a call. We can turn your orange into
an apple for less cash and fewer headaches and you might have believed possible

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  1. Best commercial ever XD
    But seriously..
    i don't think apple or Linux is waiting on Microsoft Bob ;´D

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