How to Prep Nails for Acrylic or Gel Application – Salon Style

Hi everybody I’m Kristy Meakin from Naio
Nails. In this video I am going to show you what it’s like
in real life when a client comes into you with their nails. We are going to start from scratch. I am going to show you how I prep their nails. Are you ready? [background music] So, here we have, I am not going to say her name. I don’t want to embarrass her But I love her very dearly And this is how many, many come into the salon. They come to you because they want their nails
to look beautiful and clearly their nails don’t look beautiful or else they wouldn’t
be coming to you would they. So they come in So, here we have some nails a little bit higglydy piggldy and a little bit messy, and then we’ve got a little bit of cuticle damage going on. Because this client likes to eat her skin I thing that’s called, erm, Cannibalism I am prone to it as well, myself. Adam: Is it cannibalism when you eat your self? Kirsty: Oh I don’t know, Adam: It’s cannibalism when you eat other humans, but is it cannibalism when you eat yourself? Kirsty: Self-harming Adam: Definitely that Kirsty: So, what I am going to do is clean these up a
bit. And I am going to clean up with some Meltblown Wipes,
and then I’ve got some Gel Residue Wipe Off Solution So, before I do anything I am going to wipe
over the nails because they might have a bit of grubbiness on them we just need to get off and I want to have a good look at them. Now, what I am going to do is some cuticle
work before I do anything. I am going to push back the cuticles. We are going to dry push them because if we
use any solutions, like if we use cuticle oil, then we are going to put cuticle oil
into the nail and that will stop the nails from staying on, the nail extensions that
is not the real nail. So, I am going to ease back those cuticles. We can see some of the non-living tissue still
stays attached to the nail. But we will deal with that in a minute Adam: Do you say non living because it sounds less threatening than DEAD TISSUE Kirsty: Because you should never take away the living
tissue. Adam: Yeah, but dead and non-living are the same things right? Kristy: Maybe, I don’t know. I just say it, I haven’t got a clue Adam: What would you do if a zombie came in? Kirsty: I’d run really fast. Obviously, I need to be a little bit careful
here where she has had a bit of a nibble we can use the other end of the cuticle pusher which will
scrape off any non-living tissue. Now, in the salon what I would do is just give
that a little scrape around and I would remove most of that with a hand file or a cuticle
bit on my e-file. So, I’ll show you the difference. I can’t really go on that with my hand file
because that would hurt her and I don’t want to do that. because i love you so dearly So, I’ll show you how we can do it quickly salon style, but
we will have to take extra care with this finger. So, you are going to take your file and you’re
going to go right into those folds here. And as you file and prepping, you are only
skipping across it, we are not being quite abrasive. We are just taking off that shine and we are
removing that non-living tissue at the same time. Now I can we still have a little bit of acrylic
still on this nail. So, we are going to get rid of that. Just softly buffing that off. Because there is only a little smidge of it
there. While I am there I am going to do
the free edge. That one is all prepared, same with the one. See that non-living tissue. Get rid of that, that is the first thing I
want to do then I am going to pull the file down the length of the nail. There really isn’t much of a free edge on
that one, so I’m not going to really do anything to that I am going to come back to this one. Same with this one. Get right into those grooves and then skip
over the nail. And tidy the free edge. Same with this one. Just get right into those folds, skip over
the nail. Tidy the free edge. Now with this one what I can do I can do the
free edge already. It is not going to cause any harm. What I will do I will use a cuticle bit which is usually a round one or I have this one as well which is like a flattened off cone. I think I am going to use the flattened off cone. I feel like I will get a little bit close but
I won’t cause any pain. I am going to put that on no higher than 10
and just going to move it around very gently. Removing that non-living tissue away from
that natural nail. Because if we leave that non-living tissue
on the nail, when we put the acrylic on it will just want to pop off. [e-file in background] All done. So, we don’t need to go around that cuticle
with our file now, all we need to do is skip across that natural nail to take of the shine
to make sure there is no acrylic left on there from a set that she has had on there before. And we are done. I am going to dust over. And then I going to wipe over with Gel Residue
Wipe Off Solution to clean that nail plate And they are now ready for acrylic application. I hope you have enjoyed this video. I hope it has helped improve you to how you
prep a nail. It’s really important. I do get a lot of messages saying, “why
does my nail fall off, and why I have done this set of nails They are so fantastic but they fell off.” Most of it is down to your prep. So, I hope that this helps you improve your
prep. In another video we will show you how I sculpt
out a salon style and length nail. Don’t forget to check that out. Also, don’t for get to check us out on Facebook
and Instagram and all of that. And I will see you guys in the next video. Bye, bye. [music]

100 thoughts on “How to Prep Nails for Acrylic or Gel Application – Salon Style

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