How to Replace an Electric Light Switch

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares, in this video
I’ll be showing you how to change a household electrical light switch. Before we begin make sure that the switch is working. And safety first: All electrical circuit work
should be carried out by competent persons and in accordance with any regulations. If you are in any doubt do contact
a qualified electrician before doing this fix. The very next thing you need to do
before working on the light switch is to isolate the circuit by tripping
the relevant fuse at your fuse board. And do make sure that while
you are working on the light switch that no one comes and reset
that fuse whilst you are working. The very next thing I need to do is to
remove the front of the switch plate by undoing these two screws. With the screws removed from the lights switch
I am just going to ease out the cabling from the wall by pulling on the fascia ever so slightly. One to show you exactly what’s inside the light switch, but also I want to double check
there’s no electrical current in the switch at all And to check that I’m going to be using
a multimeter to measure across the wires here so I’m gonna put one probe on the earth wire
you see there’s a little bit of insulation which should hold the probe nicely in place like so. Then use the other probe to check the live wires. The reading on the meter should not change
and should have this on the highest AC setting available on the multimeter. Once the connections are checked and you have made
sure there’s no electrical power on the lights switch you can then undo the wires
and replace the light fascia. Before I removed the wires it’s just worth pointing out that these are marked as L, L1 and L2. So when you are replacing the front part of
the light switch make sure these wires go in exactly the same place on your new fascia for your light switch let’s start by undoing ‘L’ first. Once disconnected make sure enough copper exposed
I’m then going to put ‘L’ into the same position on our brand new chrome light switch fascia. You might have to undo the screws
on your new light switch first. Once ‘L’ is in place I can then do the
same with ‘L1’ and ‘L2’. With all the live wires connected it’s essential you give
them a little tug to ensure that they are fitted correctly. Once you’re happy what your next need to do
is to connect the earth wire. Because we had a plastic switch before it was not necessary that the earth wire
was connected to a terminal where as here we have a chrome front for
the light switch it means that gonna have to connect the wire to this
terminal here. So we have a very long piece of insulation covering
the copper wire keeping it safe. I’m just going to swap that with a shorter pieces of
insulation so there’s just enough copper exposed to connect to the terminal. With the earth wire now in place it’s just a case of
feeding the wires back into the switch making sure you don’t pinch any. You can then screw the front of the switch into place. With the screws firmly in place make sure
that you reset the fuse at your fuse board to ensure that the switch is working correctly. And there we have it
one new light switch fitted. Remember spares and accessories
for all the appliances around your home can be found on the eSpares website . Thanks for watching.

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