How to Screen Print Using the Stencil Technique

Today we’re going to
do screen printing using the Stencil Technique. We’re going to use products
you find in the Speedball
Stencil Printing Kit for our project today. First we begin by
selecting an image. Pick an image that’s very
basic and simple to cut out. Tape that image down
onto a cutting surface, and then overlay
the clear film on top, and then tape that
down into place. Then simply cut the image
out with a knife. I’ve already cut one out here
that I’m going to mount to the back of the screen frame. The film has been cut to fit
the entire edge of the frame, and I’m going to use masking tape
to mount it around all four edges. You want to be sure to
mount it in reverse so that when you flip it over
it prints right reading. Now we’re ready to print. We’re going to be
printing on a t-shirt, but you can screen print
onto a variety of surfaces including paper, or you can stencil
onto a wall. You just want to make sure
that you select the right ink for the project. We’re using Speedball
Fabric Ink for this project that comes with
the Stencil Printing Kit. We’ve taken a t-shirt and
stretched it over a board, so with the board in between so that the ink doesn’t pass
through onto the other side. Take the screen
and centre the image onto the area
that you’d like to print. Then, with your fabric ink, you want to apply a bead of ink
across one side. Use plenty of ink so we’re
sure to fill the entire area. Now, with the squeegee, you want to drag that ink
over your stencil. Make sure that you pass over
that stencil area 3-4 times, pushing the ink
through the screen and the stencil
onto the t-shirt. Then just set
your t-shirt aside to dry. Using the Stencil Technique
is a fun and easy way to do screen printing. Captioned by GigEcast

48 thoughts on “How to Screen Print Using the Stencil Technique

  1. @VonCarnstein No – masking tape is used because it works well as a barrier without damaging the screenprint screen.

  2. @xxdjcharlierockxx This is a question best suited for our Product Information team. They are experts on materials and may have further questions about the stain you are using, etc. Please contact them at: info @ dickblick . com.

  3. @xxdjcharlierockxx You're welcome! You can also call toll free 1-800-933-2542 if you want to discuss the project directly. Thanks!

  4. If i'm printing with yellow ink and want to make it pop by first adding white, would you be able to let the white dry while the screen is still in place; then add the yellow? Or do you need to wash the ink of the screen before adding another layer? The screen placement would need to be exact to the first one in order to do this it seems. Do you think this is possible?

  5. My prints come out less dark than this. I use enough ink, but the Speedball black comes out looking grey. Any idea why?

  6. Yes – the term fabric or textile is often used interchangeably. The paint referred to is the same. Thanks

  7. hello..I've been trying to screen print my black shirt using a rubberized textile paint but it turned out not that good. However, with white shirt it's just okay..I just want to ask what paint suits dark colored shirts? Is it textile paint? the way I'm from the Philippines, so maybe the product you mentioned in the video may not be available here…thanks!

  8. It is best to contact the Blick Art Materials product information team with questions about the various materials available and techniques. You may email them at: info @ dickblick. com.

  9. Would i be able to use photo emulsion on these stencil screen printing kits, or would i need to buy a different screen?

  10. For information on the screen and emulsion, please contact the Blick Art Materials product information team by email at: info @ dickblick . com or call toll free 1-800-933-2546. They can answer any questions about product and technique. Thank you!

  11. All the materials used in this video are at Blick Art Materials. You can follow the link in the video description to go to our website.

  12. WOW!!!EXACTLY what the hell I needed to see!! omg all these OTHER videos DO NOT explain this VERY EASY method!! THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  13. nice… but i have one query… that how to print the Capital Letter " B " or alike something… which are having hollowness in its shape … can you please explain…

    thanks for sharing

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