How to Size Battery with Inverter: Freedom to Choose Battery size

Falcon+ Home UPS can be used with any battery.
This option is only available in Su-Kam Falcon+ so that you can choose battery size according
to your backup need. Usually different inverters have different charging current fixed like
10amp or 12amp and we cannot fix a battery of small AH in these inverters but it is very
important to know what is AH. Ah means ampere hour which is the measurement of the battery
capacity. In easy language, AH is the indication of how much energy can be stored in this battery.
In order to store energy in the battery, we need to charge the battery at a fixed ampere
which is called charging current. For example if your inverter needs to charge a 150 AH
battery, then it will need 15 amp charging current. To find out how much ampere is required
to charge the battery, there is a simple formula – C/10 where C is capacity of battery and
10 is the charging time. If we divide the battery capacity by 10, then we will get the
charging current of the battery which is 15 amp. In simple words, the maximum charging
ampere of a battery is 10% of its AH value. If the battery is charged more than this,
then the battery will keep getting overcharged and in few months, it will get spoiled. As
we can see here, to charge a 150 AH battery, we require a 15 amp charging current. It will
take 10 hours to charge a 150AH battery at 15 amp and if we charge it at 10 amp, then
the battery charging will become slow and the battery will get fully charged in 15 hours.
If the 150AH battery will discharge at 10 amp, then it will run the load for 15 hours
and if it is discharging at 15amp, then it will run the load for 10 hours. The customers
who need 10 to 15 mins backup time, if they take a big battery, then it will just cost
them money which will be a waste. For a backup time of 10 to 15 mins, usually 30AH battery
is required but in normal inverters due to the fixed charging current of 10 amp, the
customer ends up buying a 100 AH battery. At the back panel of Falcon+, there is a dip-switch
provided. There are four different setting of ampere in this dip-switch like 2.5 A, 5A,
10A and 15 A. If you want a backup time of only 10 to 15 mins, then you can easily connect
a 30AH battery with Falcon+. For this, you will need maximum 2.5A current. We can set
the switch to 2.5A with which a 30AH battery can be easily charged. 2.5 A setting can be
done by moving the dip-switch on the left but if you want more backup time, then you
can get a 50 AH battery. 5 amp charging current is required to charge a 50 AH battery. Its
setting can be done by moving switch 2 on the left. If someone wants more backup time
for their house, they can use 120 AH battery and to install this, 10 amp charging current
is required. This can be done by changing the position of Falcon+ dip-switch 3 to left.
For more backup time, you can install a 200AH battery with Falcon+ which will require 15amp
charging current. The setting for this can be done by moving the dip-switch 1,2 and 3
towards right. The default charging current setting is set to 15 amp in Falcon+. There
are many such features in Falcon+ that can help you to save money and one such feature
is Variable current charging.

38 thoughts on “How to Size Battery with Inverter: Freedom to Choose Battery size

  1. i have 180 ah battery , i am planning to buy sukam inverter because i have been using sukam chic 800 va model from 2003, but now i want to increase capacity, so i want to switch to 1600va inverter, but dealer said i have to connect 2 batteries for that.. they should be new as well , i don't understand on the one side you are saying it can use any battery , on the other side installer your dealers denying it.. what should i do.. ?

  2. Hi team
    I have 500 va inverter I want increase the backup can I connect 12 v 150 ah battery plz suggest me.

  3. I have been using the 900VA version with a 150Ahr battery. I am very satisfied with the performance. Could you please give me some idea regarding the temperature sensor probe and how boost works.

  4. sukam falcon and falcon plus float charge voltage too high 13.85 volt my new exide battery 150 ah tubular boiling sound and bubble out. how to lower float charge voltage

  5. agr ek battery 90 amp ki ha or 7 amp sy discharge ho rhe ha to yo ktny time tk load ko chlay gi,, plz formula b btaya ga or value put kr k b btaya ga plz,,

  6. पैसा खर्च भी बताती तो अच्छा था,देख के वीडियो फौरन आदमी लेने के बारे में सोचता,फिर बाद में भूल जाता ये सोच कर की ना जाने क्या खर्च आएगा

  7. Hello, I am interested to buy su-kam brainy eco 1100VA UPS. But I have some queries.
    1. I already have 100+50+40=190W solar panel.
    2. Battery: 100+55+30=185A Battery.

    If I connect those 3 panel in parallel and those 3 battery in parallel to use in su-kam brainy eco 1100va, is it work properly. or I have to change something. Plz Advise me.

  8. Muje abhi kuch time ke liye panal nahi lene but soler inverter or soler bettery use karna he… To kya ye normal inverter se ye best rahega grid ke liye

  9. How we will find current of a load of off grid solar system..will it
    P/220 or P/12 ??? 12 is battery voltage and 220 is inverter output voltage ..

  10. 120 ah battery ko 5amp se change kare to kya hoga ya kitana bhi…. Ampar ka battery ko 5ampar secharj kare ta kya hoga

  11. मेरे पास 800 va का इनवर्टर है 200ahकी बैटरी लगा सकते हैं

  12. Will the backup time be same for Su-kam 650VA and 1000VA using 100Ah with same load?

    I have bought 3 Nos of Su-kam Shiny 650VA sinewave inverters and has been using it for years been using 100VA batteries.

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