How to Solve a 3×3 Rubik’s Cube In No Time | The Easiest Tutorial

If you look up the word “frustration”
in the dictionary, you’ll probably see a picture of a Rubik’s Cube. It takes some
bright minds only 5 seconds to solve, yet others spend years trying to put it together,
eventually giving up. But what if I told you anyone can solve the Rubik’s Cube with one
single algorithm? I tested it myself, and it’s really simple! Check it out… Okay, for starters, let’s see what a 3×3
Cube consists of. It has 3 main parts: center, edge, and corner. To understand how these algorithms work, you
have to learn the Rubik’s Cube lingo: All moves are written down in letters that
stand for one 90-degree cube rotation. U (up), D (down), L (left), R (right), F (front),
and B (back) An apostrophe means that the layer should
move counter-clockwise by 90 degrees. No apostrophe means it goes 90 degrees clockwise. When there’s
a number next to the letter, it stands for the number of turns you should make. You can now pause the video and practice the
rotations. In the algorithm I’ll be showing you today, you’ll only work with the ones
in this yellow zone. So, here’s the main algorithm.
For your right hand, it’ll be R, U, R’, U’ and once again R, U, R’, U’
It’s the exact opposite for your left hand: L’, U’, L, U and again L’, U’, L,
U Let’s see what that looks like in real life.
Right hand: R, U, R’, U’ and once again R, U, R’, U’
Now left hand: L’, U’, L, U and again L’, U’, L, U Before you continue, it’s a good idea to
pause the video and practice until you can do all these moves pretty much automatically.
It’ll help you later on! By the way, if you repeat this algorithm 6
times, the cube will look exactly like it did in the very beginning! Cool, huh? Ok, so you’ll go through 7 stages in today’s
algorithm: #1. White Cross on the Bottom
#2. The Bottom corners #3. The Middle layer
#4. The Yellow cross #5. The Top layer
#6. The Top corners #7. The Final goal! #1. Solve the white cross on the bottom The task here is to put together a white cross,
and align its edges with the right colored center on each side.
Here, I’ll mix it all up first. Now, let’s get started! To begin with, you have to put together this
sequence that looks kinda like a daisy. It’s really easy and doesn’t require any special
algorithms – try it yourself! Then, rotate the top layer with the daisy
on it, align the right colors of the layers with the color of the center, and rotate this
layer 180 degrees. Do the same thing with the remaining whites. And this is how you
get a white cross at the bottom! #2. Solve the four corner pieces on the bottom At this stage, you’ll have to put the lower
corners of the cube in the right places, and the white side of the cube will be solved. Here’s where you’ll use that R U R’
U’ algorithm for your right hand. Rotate only the top layer of the cube to find a corner
that’s the same color as the centers of the other sides, and use the algorithm until
the corner is in the right place. Do the same with the rest of the corners.
At the end of this stage, you should have little upside Ts on all sides, ending at the
center piece. #3. Solve the four edge pieces in the middle
layer At this stage, you’ll need to solve the
rest of the middle layer so that the outer blocks are the same color as the center. In the first case, the layer you’ll be working
with is to the LEFT on the top of the target position. You must match it with the right
color. Here’s how you can do it: Turn the Upper part to the LEFT
Use the algorithm for the right hand Rotate the CUBE LEFT
Use the algorithm for the left hand In the second case, the layer you’ll be
working with is to the RIGHT on top of the target position.
You must match it with the corresponding color. Here’s how to do it:
Turn the Upper part to the RIGHT Use the algorithm for the left hand
Rotate the CUBE RIGHT Use the algorithm for the right hand Repeat that with all the sides, and you’re
done! #4. Solve the yellow edges on the top layer First, you put together a yellow cross on
the yellow side of the cube. If you don’t see the yellow line but only
a random set of yellow edges, start doing the algorithm.
As soon as you see the yellow line, start doing the same algorithm!
And this is how you get a cross. #5. Solve the four edge pieces on the top
layer Now we need to arrange the edges of the yellow
cross so that the second color coincides with the color of that side. Let’s get started! Find one edge that’s already in place. Rotate
the top layer of the cube to align the edge with the corresponding color. It’s important
that only one edge is matching. If two of them match, you should use a slightly modified
algorithm to mix the edges. Again, only one edge should coincide in color.
Keep that one in front of you and use the same algorithm until the remaining edges get
in the right positions. Voila! #6. Orient the yellow corners on the top layer At this stage, the task is to put the corners
in place with the appropriate colors of neighboring centers. You only need to move them into place
– you’re not solving them just yet. Find the corner that’s already in place
(in this case, it’s even rotated correctly, but that’s not important), and use a slightly
modified algorithm until the corners are in their places. Done! #7. Solve the yellow corners on the top layer You’re almost done! All you have to do is
solve the corners! Rotate the cube so that the yellow side is
facing you. You’ll work with the upper right corner. Let’s solve it corner by corner.
Don’t rotate the cube and do everything step by step.
A lot of people make mistakes at this stage and have to start all over, so be careful!
Use the algorithm you already know in a slightly modified order until the corner is solved.
Once you’re done with one, move to the next by rotating the side that’s facing you and
using the same algorithm. Rotate the front layer so that all colors
of the cube match, and you’re done! Congrats, you now know how to solve a classic
3×3 Rubik’s Cube! This method will work on other types of 3×3 cubes too. But the real
kicker is that it also helps solve even more complex ones, like this futuristic-looking
cube! So, just keep practicing, and you’ll have it down in no time! Did you manage to solve the Cube using this
algorithm? Or maybe you have your own way of doing it? Let me know down in the comments!
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100 thoughts on “How to Solve a 3×3 Rubik’s Cube In No Time | The Easiest Tutorial

  1. My friend didn't quite understand this it's really difficult to solve it (obviously for my friend I can do it in a flash).

  2. How to Solve A Rubiks Cube In No Time (easy):
    Step 1: Memorize The Apostrophe Moves
    Step 2: Right Hand, R U R' U'
    Left Hand, L' U' L U
    Step 3: Solve The Math Equation: 72949×64927400+929472÷829492648=?

  3. This video may be less than 12 minutes long but doesn’t explain the process in solving very well. The cubicle video maybe be longer but is very thorough in its explanation and I was able to solve the cube watching that video. Save yourself some time trying to figure out what this video is trying to say and watch the cubicle video instead.

  4. Bright side, I just bought a new one without knowing anything and on the third day I solve it and now I know it on memory, thx!

    All thanks to the video

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    Pls someone point out what i doing wrong!

  6. thanks for this video now i can solve the cube! u do have one mistake in stage 6# : on the video its written – URU'L'UR'U'L but you what you actually doing tith your hands is – URU'LUR'U'L [THE MIDDLE L IS without the ' mark ] still i enjoyed the video thank you!

  7. How to solve ANY RUBIK’S CUBE
    1-Remove all the cube blocks
    2-rebuild it
    Thats it
    1-break cube
    2-go to walmart
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