How to Solve Percentage Questions: Speed Technique [CC] – Part 1 Civil Service Exam Review

Alright, so hi there. Thank you for checking out my channel Thank you for clicking on this video this video is part of a series of videos I’m posting to try to help people out when it comes to aptitude tests like the Civil Service Exam, UPCAT, and all of those other tests if you’re not a part of Team Lyqa You can go to That is where you can reach me find out what review materials are available find out when the review events that we’re holding and also if you have requests or comments or anything like that, you can reach me through that page Now, today We are going to talk about another topic about Math that is always requested by my students So this is part 1 of my series on percentages so we’re going to talk about percentages because people are not too comfortable with percentages mainly because they are also not Comfortable with decimals because the concepts of percentage and decimals are the same because percentage basically means that you are going to move the decimal point no percentage they on twice to the left to the right? To the left it will turn into a decimal. For example if we’re talking about 15% you don’t know if you multiply a number with 15% you’re not going to multiply it by 15 instead You’re going to multiply it by .15 because 15.0, you will move the decimal place one to two decimal places to the left it will become a decimal Today, we’re going to talk about the basics of percentages I’m going to teach you how I calculate for percentages kind of estimate to speed things up instead of multiplying it by the long cut method But again, this is just the first part so I’m going to explain that to you through my PC right here So I’m going [to] switch over there so I can explain it to you better Okay, so this is part one on percentages and today We’re going to talk about this kind of problems 55% of 80 is or actually even if it’s not exactly like this when it comes to any percentage question including those questions related to interest problems, which is going to come up in a video really soon So don’t forget to click subscribe so you would know when it’s posted [we’re] going to talk about percentage how can we solve it really quickly, okay? now one thing that you have to understand when it comes to percentages is that it is really easy do not be scared just because it’s a percentage problem you can actually compute for the answer for this problem through a number of ways the first way would be the traditional method the traditional method is first of all figuring out what 55% means when we talk about percentages, basically, what it means is that you will move the decimal place twice one, two okay, so 55% is equivalent to 0.55 0.55 is its decimal version and then what you do is you change “of” to times So it’s going to be 0.55 times 80 is equals because this means equals and then we are looking for this one so again You can multiply it like this, so 80 times 0.55 however in my experience, people have a hard time solving this because there’s a decimal in the problem so in order for me to move this I have to move this back move it and people can get a little bit confused there so I will offer another suggestion This is the faster way I think this is how I do it so our second option you would be doing this So it says 80 which we are looking for is its 55% okay, and In order for me to know what 55% is, I’m going to split 55 into numbers that are easy to compute so 55 can be 50 plus 5, right? so you have 50% plus 5% Why is this easy? Because the 50% is one-half right it’s the half so I can compute this mentally 80 Times 50% or half of 80 so the half of 80 is just 40 right so 40 is the 50% okay, so we’re going to get 40 Now the next question would be “What number is the 5% If you look at this you can think of it this way 50 and 5 look alike? but you will have to add a zero? So we know, 5% is smaller 10 times than 50% So what you could do would be to find what 5% is you’ll just have to remove the 0 or move the decimal place once so 5% is 4 so the answer to 55 percent of 80 is just 44 instead of going through this entire thing that you will multiply these because you will still come up with the same answer, okay so again what you would do would be breaking down the percentage into chunks number that would be easy for you to answer mentally and then add them and then add the outcome numbers and you’ll get the final answer okay? So let’s try another example right here So it says it is looking for the 35 percent of 350 so again if you want to solve it Traditionally it would be .35 times 350 okay But again if you use the method you can say that you are looking for the 35% of 350 right and for us to breakdown, you can do a number of things you can do either 25 and 10 right we say 25 plus 10 is equal to 35 or it can also be 35 percent 10 10 10 and 5 so either way what you want to use you can do whatever fits your your Your technique so whatever is easier so let’s look at the easier one 25 and 10 Okay, so 25% is 1/4 okay this means I can just find what 1/4 of 350 is You can also think of it this way on the other side, cabin outside, 350 is made up of three 100s and one 50 right, and if you know your math the 25% of 100 is 25 so you can say 3 25s and 1 50 50 is the half of 100. 25 is half of is 50. and 12.5 is the half of 25 So here, you have 75 plus 12.5 which is going to be 87.5 That is the 25% of 350 so you now have 87.5 and you have the remaining 10% so again 10% you move one decimal place if you go to church, and you give your tithe You’d master this, tithe is the 10% of whatever you you earn, so if let’s move the decimal place once to the left and you’ll get the 10% so 10% is 35 So the 35% would be 87.5 plus 35 which is going to be again .5 you can use the long cut. 9 12 122 .5 okay So it’s I think it’s still a lot faster than solving the 0.35 times 350 because it has lot of carry carry and go back’s and how many layers would that be Now, if you want to choose this route which is 10 plus 10 plus 10 plus 5 you still can, okay? because 350 is what we’re talking about again, the 10% of that would be move the 0 once so that is 35 35 35 and 5 okay you still have 5% remaining You can divide it into 2 and move one decimal place or better yet 5 times 2 will become 10 so it means, for you to get 5, your 35% is 10 you’ll get half of it because five percent is 10 percent divided by 2 which will give you 17.5 and then you can add it, so this is 90 plus 15 105 plus 17.5 the answer would still be 122.5 so again it doesn’t matter what technique you’ll be using use what you could compute mentally that is where you go, okay? another example so, here’s what you can do. You can hit pause And try it out for yourself and then unpause it later so you can check on if your answer is correct so you can hit pause now Alright! so let’s if you got it right alright so you have 16.4 and we are looking for its sixty-six percent So again you can do this a number of ways. I chose to get the biggest chunk which has 50 you have 10, you have six okay the 6 is complicated so you can make it 5 and 1 okay, and Then this way you can solve it right away because 50% of 16.4 is its half Which is going to 8.2 That’s the 1/2 and then the 10% is just to move the decimal place again one step to the left so you have 1.64 but the 5% is half of 10 so you’ll divide it by 2 so it will become 0.82 okay, or because you have 50% you can move the decimal place of 50 one more time to the left also it will become .82 the answer is still the same and then you have 1 your 1% again times 10 will become 10 you can move the decimal place to the left once So you would have 0.164 and then you can just add all of these for you to get the answer So we have 4 and then chunking 10 12 and Then chunking again you have 10 there 18 and then 10 so the answer is 10.824 so 10.824 is the answer that is if you choose this okay again you can also choose to make 4 or 6 10s and then 1 5 and 1 1, or whatever you want to do but the answer should still be the same, okay Alright! So I hope you learned something new today if you did please click thumbs up and I’m going to talk to you about percentages a little bit more on my next video On my next video, we’re going to talk about 25% is blank of 100 that kind of questions And how you can calculate the answer So if you want to watch that video don’t forget to subscribe to this channel For you to know as soon as that new video posts. You can click right here to see the entire playlist of videos I already posted and I hope that you develop this attitude of learning Percentages may not be easy but you will find it easier as you keep practicing. So, thanks guys and God bless! Happy learning! Aja aja! You can do it! And see you on my next video 🙂

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  1. Ms. Lyqa, thank you po sa videos nkapa useful po nya.. I'll will keep on watching po para sa Aug 2017 csc exam. bka po merun kayo mabibigay na online test sample reviewer for csc. Thanks po ulit 🙂

  2. your videos are so helpful and thanks for that spcialy im going to take civil exam this august.miss lyqa im just curious .may i ask if what religion are you in?are you a seventh day adventist?coz u looks familiar to me.

  3. Hi Lyqa , what are doing and sharing is BIG help to our fellow countrymen .,,, thank you ….. salute .

  4. medyo complicated po yang pag-solve mo. you could just do 0.55 x 80 po. tapos kung ilan ang decimal place ganon din po dapat sa answer. so 0.55 x 80 = 44.00 . 2 decimal places lahat. so, 2 decimal places din sa answer po. next, 16.4 x .66. three decimal places kasama yong isang decimal place sa 16.4. so 10.824 ang answer, it has 3 decimal places as well po.

  5. mas naging complicated po yung technique mo, mas prefer ko pa rin yung traditional method, siguro yun na kasi nakasanayan natin, but all in all, it is excellent.

  6. hahaha sumakit ang ulo ko mas gusto ang luma… sa normal brain ehehheheh brain tlga hndi ma gets yan … ang gulo ang ssbihin …hehe

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