How to STOP Your Negative Thinking – 2 SIMPLE Tools to RID Yourself of Negative Thoughts!

how to stop your negative thinking 2 simple tools to rid yourself of negative thoughts law of attraction our thoughts are electrical patterns
that move through our neural pathways in the most efficient way possible due to
habit and establish patterns the brain will think the same thought again and
again in an effortless way creating new thought patterns takes a little effort
and must be implemented in a very deliberate manner to change the patterns
that are already recognized and accepted the brain is an autopilot mechanism and
we have thoughts all day long usually without consciously thinking about the
nature of them these thoughts create visualizations that keep us rooted in a
world of our own creation sometimes they include our fears and regrets which keep
us stuck in a pattern of stress or depressed States the stronger the
emotions that coincide with specific thoughts the more established beliefs
become regarding the subject of them everything encountered is then filtered
through those beliefs and creates what we perceive as our reality however there
is a place within each person where thoughts hold no dominion think of your
mind like the ocean on the surface there are waves that move consistently and
these are representative of the thoughts how to stop your negative thinking 2 simple tools to rid yourself of negative thoughts law of attraction you hold but miles below these waves
there is calm and stillness beneath the movement of the thoughts
there’s perfect quietude and tranquility a place that is free of disturbances
this place is just as much a part of our nature as the thoughts and beliefs
behold we all experience this inner peace occasionally usually while doing
our favourite things such as eating food we enjoy listening to the rhythm of a
favorite song treating ourselves to a massage our gathering with our friends
and family this inner part of us is what relieves our stress centers us in the
now moment and makes us feel alive we only perceive it as coming from outside
experiences but this calmness is always within us and experienced in a very
internal manner negative thinking is simply a pattern that is developed it is
not the real self however through enough of any type of thinking those thoughts
turn into beliefs and become the lens through which we interpret the world
around us additionally the mind searches for ways
to validate our beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in even if those
beliefs aren’t aligned with who we really are if you believe you will never
have the body you want or become rich or find the right relationship then you
will find support for such beliefs all beliefs are self reinforcing we
frequently notice and remember the details that confirm our beliefs and
reject anything that doesn’t match them this is known as confirmation bias
fallacy which is the tendency to search for interpret favor and recall
information in a way that confirms one’s pre-existing beliefs
most all beliefs operate within this how to stop your negative thinking 2 simple tools to rid yourself of negative thoughts law of attraction tony robbins very structure and create the default
way of perceiving the world whether it be in a favorable way or not to avoid
the trap of reinforcing negative thoughts that become beliefs it’s
important to get back to that still calm part of you that isn’t attached to them
the first step to changing your thinking is to become the observer when changing
your thought patterns and therefore your beliefs begin by accepting that your
mind may experience thoughts that correspond to negative realities rather
than resisting these thoughts don’t pass judgments on them or react to them don’t
approve or disapprove of them simply watch them into your mind from the
standpoint of the inner self that is not connected and then watch them leave on
their own without resisting them one simple way to do this is by thinking of
each negative thought as an arrow on release an arrow accelerates at maximum
speed which can be compared to a rush of
negative thoughts in the mind however the acceleration eventually
decreases and generally quite quickly causing the arrow to fall to the ground
with no further energy or momentum this is how our thoughts work – when a
negative thought enters your mind envision that it is one of these arrows
and simply observe it losing its momentum within a few moments and
disappearing these thoughts can be stripped of their strength without any
more energy added to their movement within the mind if the thought persists
in its momentum imagine yourself pulling the thought
arrow back on a bow and releasing it into the universe for it to live out
what life it still has in it on another how to stop your negative thinking 2 simple tools to rid yourself of negative thoughts law of attraction Sandeep maheshwari plane of existence
another way to simply observe thoughts that you no longer wish to entertain is
by dissolving your attachment to them begin to see your negative thoughts as
separate from you and articulate them as such for example if you’re feeling
overwhelmed and anxious simply say to yourself I am having the thought that I
am overwhelmed and anxious or my mind is telling me that I am overwhelmed and
anxious this type of statement shifts the mind in such a way that it dissident
af– eyes the self from the thoughts and gives you back the power they once
appeared to have it allows you to choose how to experience the negative thought
and influence how proactive you want to be and most often once this takes place
the feeling states that are attached to those thoughts will diminish – you are
not the voice of your mind you are the one who hears it whatever thoughts our
feelings show up for you in any given moment they cannot define or control you
unless you allow them to by simply noticing the thoughts that enter your
mind you become the observer of them rather than a product of them if we are
self aware and mindful of our thoughts we can then exercise the power we choose
to give them they are like clouds in the sky they show up float around for a
while and then dissipate it’s up to you to choose if you want to
get entangled in them or let them go how to stop your negative thinking 2 simple tools to rid yourself of negative thoughts law of attraction

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