How to Use an Electronic Balance

This is a demonstration of the function of an electronic balance. To turn the balance on, push the “On/Zero” button, until you see lights. The display will go through a couple of its functions, and when you see zeroes followed by the gram symbol, that will mean that you are ready to go. There are two ways that we’ll mass things out on this balance. One, we’ll be using a piece of paper, or we’ll be using a weighing boat. We’ll be using the weighing boat. If we were to mass out, say, .75 grams of Sodium Acetate, we would first want to place the boat on the scale, hit the Zero, which is a tare feature, and that way we won’t have to remember how much the boat weighs. Fluctuations in the third decimal place are typical; just us moving around in the room will cause that to fluctuate. Hmm. So we’ve accurately measured out .804 g of Sodium Acetate. This is measured to the third decimal place, which is important to remember. To turn the scale off, just hold down the “On/Zero Off” button until all the lights go off and it reads “Off.”

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