How to use Electronics in India purchased from US | 220 volt to 110 volt converters explained

Hello Guys, Atul here. Welcome to Techobia. In today Video I will explain you the technology
type use for 220v to 110v converters and which type can be used for which type of appliance. If you are watching this video means sometime
in past, now or future you are looking to use such device in India which you imported
from US and It has working input voltage of 110V. So question is what will happen If I will
inject in 220V supply or some of you already tried this. If you are the one who tried it share your
experience in comments what happened. First there are many companies which are building
devices with a supporting adapters to manage 110v to 240v like I am using one with my surface
pro 4. But there are many appliances which are not
available with adapters like this like I have one trimming machine which only support 110v
and class 2 is also written on its adapter so then I started search for some converter
which will help then It would become mess to me. NOw I am using appropriate adapter and i am
making this video might be this information helps someone like me who is looking for such
converters. So in short and simple words, there are mainly
two type of converters one is SMPS based and another is transformer based. SMPS based are for those devices which need
direct current and has no battery connected to it in mid of it like blenders, mixers and
dryers. Transformer based are for the devices which
has chargeable battery inside the devices like trimmers, some electronic brushes and
music players. Now come to the type of converters available
in market, SMPS based are available with load management upto 1600 watt whereas transformer
based are available up to 100 watt where most of our battery based devices need very less
like 5 watt 20 watt. Transformer based are very heavy in weight
compare to SMPS based. Some people think that if they have one SMPS
converter that can also be used for these devices like trimmers. No, they are wrong at this point. They need different converters depend on their
device types. Hope this video is helpful to you. Give it a thumbs up if you like it Subscribe
if you love. Signing off for today. Bye Bye

28 thoughts on “How to use Electronics in India purchased from US | 220 volt to 110 volt converters explained

  1. i have brought GPX music system when i plugged in 220v after few sconds a type of burning smell comes out what can i do

  2. I have ordered newer microphone and phantom power supply 48V from Amazon in India and they said I need to buy step down converter but the hardware shopkeeper says I don't need to buy anything only a adapter will do. So what should I exactly buy or not buy? I am really confused and new to all this can anyone please help me out with this

  3. I used step down for the Waterpik. It worked, but then when I increased the wattage of the converter, fuse tripped. I tried again, there was a sharp loud "tup" sound and now the waterpik doesn't work. Please suggest a good converter for the waterpik

  4. Hi , i bought samsung smart hub from amazon usa, the plug adapter input is 100-240V and the output is 5V at 2A., but technical sheet says 100v , should i need to use step down transformer, if needed wattage of transformer. Thanks.

  5. dear sir, actually i have a jvc sound system, and i using it with the help of a converting adapter ( 220 to 110 v ) but sir the issue is the woofer shuts down when ever i increase the volume… but it works fine with lesser volume .. and also the adapter becomes so hot after just 15 min of usage.. please gimme a solution

  6. Got a straightener from US: 120V 60Hz 77W. I got a converter which steps down to Indian voltage to 110VAC 50-60Hz and has 1000W limit. Somehow when I plug the appliance into the socket and turn on the switch it starts buzzing (when the appliance hasn’t been turned on at all). Haven’t used since it’s scary. Could you help where it’s going wrong

  7. What if the input supply has only 110V? In India it is 220v. I have purchased laptop from USA having only input of 110V?
    So how to do charging ?

  8. Hey…please help me…can I use Acer predator Helios 500 bought from USA in India??…and if to use it??..please help

  9. Hey..i am also in search for converter as i have purchased remington trimmer from US its not charging in india. I want to make it work.. if you have any link where i can find these converter it would be helpful

  10. Hi I have a ubiolabs power bank although I started to use a maxcon converter it is heating like before and getting a firing smell

  11. I have purchased Wahl home cut in Flipkart I want to purchase 120v-60hz this type voltage adapter I can't find this adapter can u help me sir what or where to purchase?

  12. This video is more confusing and also not sure everything is true. "SMPS based are for those devices which need direct current" is this true? then why this converter can be used for both electric shaver (Which as battery) as well as TV (No battery)?

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