How to Wire a Dual Battery and Power Inverter Setup

Welcome to mikegolden Games, today I’m going
to be installing a dual battery setup I got the box right over here’s the box
here the previous video you guys saw this just an extra basically light bar
cable we got this right here the stinger isolator relay they try and get that in
focus and I’m using my GoPro but so this is what we’re going to be using this
isolator again I’ll have everything in the description of the video which I
forgot to do for the LED light bar video which has not gone up yet so I’m going
to have to do that get the links to everything and then I got a Cobra power
inverter cable kit basically you could just go and get a instead of using this
you could just get some jumper cables and cut them up but because the
connectors I need and it’s got a few the shrink-wrap tubing which you’ll need one
for in this box which I’m not sure I’ll probably do this at the end of the video
bubble rock badass smittybilt seed cover it should be in black at least when I
ordered hopefully it’s in black the cover shows its tan but so you got like
all these pouches in the back and this is the seat cover right there this is
the back of the seat really cool looking hopefully it actually has all the stuff
I didn’t think it had to buy eight bought separately but there’s a picture
like inside a jeep I think it looks pretty cool then here’s the back of the
box let me know what you guys think and if you’ve used this seat cover before
let me know as well and if you guys are using the dual battery setup let me know
in the comments how you did it let me know if you think I did a good job of it
maybe just go to my facebook page send me some pictures of it so I can see how
you guys set it up but alright let’s get into it ok so now we’ve got a full view of the
engine so we’re going to start with is the isolator I suppose and that you want
to actually closest to your starting battery which is all the way over there
I’m thinking I’ll put my auxiliary battery right down in here I’ll have to
make sure it’ll fit first just want to get these wires and hoses out of the way
for the battery to fit in there’s my I actually just bought this
battery so I got the battery in there now but it took a little finesse to get
in there because you got these wires down there you got to make sure you
don’t you know pull them with the battery then you got this big thick wire
which you saw from the LED light bar install which comes out of the firewall
right down there so you don’t have a much room to work with but I got it to
fit a little little spider right on there you see that little orange thing
alright so what we’re going to be doing now is taking off the isolator like over
the Box up and we got our wiring diagram in here which kind of helps us out a
little bit and there’s actually a wiring diagram in the back too
so I’m not a hundred percent sure if this is the correct isolator that I want
it to be because there’s a few different kind the one I’m thinking of and what I
want is just basically if the main battery stops charging or you know goes
dead whatever the second one kicks in and starts trying to charge it anyway so
here’s the isolator and what we’re going to do is Mount it somewhere around here
by the battery another thing I just bought from Harbor Freight is this power
inverter which basically it’s got two 12-volt ports and a USB port so I can
charge my phone my GoPro might you know Canon whatever I need to charge I can do
this while driving so right now she’s got the battery terminal hook up what
I’m going to try and do is actually wire this
great to the exhilarate airy and just have waters go through the firewall and
have this like maybe under the steering wheel somewhere maybe the passenger seat
compartment so yeah it’s another thing we’re going to try and do in this video
all right so I got the inverter hooked up I want to test it to make sure it
works before I cut all the wires up let’s remove that cap and we’ll focus
and that right there and we’ve got power not sure how this fan works right now
it’s not going but we got power I’m going to go get my phone charger and
plug it in see if it works made a beep noise so one more thing I
got from Harbor Freight is the set of jumper cables there’s actually seven
bucks so what I’m going to do is actually cut these off use this to power
the power inverter through the firewall and if I need any more I can go back to
Harbor Freight for seven bucks so this is heavy-duty wire we do want both of
these one for the positive one for the negative on the power inverter going to
basically do this and it’s only seven bucks
there and I’ll just toss that in the box for later case we ever need it and there we go all right might be a
little hard to see got my full light on now and I just got to push through a
tiny bit so now I’m going to actually move the battery again and pull those
through all the way but through the firewall alright so I got the wires
through the firewall and they’re ready to go just going to put the terminals on
first basically here wait no this is negative this is positive and I just got
to put the terminals on and then I’ll snip these a little more and then apply
them to the terminals which I’ll show you in a bit all right so I got these
venturi terminals from Walmart actually we got them a while ago having used them
for anything it’s going to put a little CLP on here to help with preventing rust
and whatnot oxidation and all that good stuff all right I got these wires all
connected now so basically I just you know cut the wires and then put these
clips on and then crimped it down with a pair of pliers I didn’t show that in
video because I don’t think it’s really necessary
all you got to do is just crimp it down and you’re good but if you have any
questions you know let me know in the comments but alright so right now we got
the battery all set up these are ready to go on I want to hook up the battery
to that battery first eartha to the inverter first so anyways we’re going to
go to that side now we’re going to go over over to the other side night okay
so now it gets a little more complicated so basically according to this diagram
we got one of these smaller ones that is a ground and then the other one is to
the true ignition so that would be you to this terminal right here now what it
also says is okay so either one can be for either and then either these can go
for either one so one of these goes to the positive terminal on the main
battery then the other one goes to the positive terminal on the other battery
and then one of these will be like I said the ground so before we do anything
we do want to disconnect the negative terminal on the battery that way we
don’t you know have any current going through it and then we don’t
accidentally you know shock ourselves or you know pull up anything alright so I
got the terminal disconnected put a piece of cardboard in between the
terminal and the connector that way it doesn’t touch
and you know give us any sparking so now I just gotta get this to the ground
which I’m actually going to probably mount it like this and then put some
screws through the handle for the battery right there and then this will
just go straight to the ground which there’s a bolt right here for this
structural support whatever you want to call it not sure the technical name for
these okay so now I got the negative terminal for the auxiliary battery I’ll
basically hooked up and now it’s to finish it off and use some shrink tubing
okay looks like it’s a little too windy out come on there we go a little hot
there’s that side and then if I can get this other side all right so that’s kind of shitty job
but you know it’s good enough don’t really need it I put quick and CLP in
there so it’s got a really good rust preventative all right so I got the
negative terminal on the battery wired up to right there as a ground
I haven’t hooked up the positive yet what we’re going to do actually is come
over here and we’re going to drill the holes for this somewhere right in there
so I’ll get that set up in a second alright so I’m going to do is just start
a small little poll right here just so I know where to mark it and then on the
other side so now as you can see I got a little hole there and a little hole
there now I’m just going to drill through it so I can actually get the
screws in there all right now so before I forget I just want to say with these
bolts these are the bolts that came from right here with the engine support our
engineer enforcement whatever you want to call it what I did with these is I
took that dremel tool I got and just ground down the paint because there is
some paint on here a little rough to look like there’s some kind of silicone
or something whatever so just ground it down make sure it’s
good contacts or the ground wires all right it’s now time for the moment of
truth is the car gonna blow up so far so good so far so good okay so far so good alright so I just
used a voltmeter to make sure the new battery is charging it’s charging so
we’re good it was up to 13 volts instead of 12
what is charging just so you guys know what to look for so now I got the wires
again from the engine concurrently through the firewall and I’m going to
slice done into the inverter so we can have it hooked up through the car and
charge our phone camera or whatever we want anytime we want I sent out for the
inverter what I did with those power cables is I just cut them here and
attach this connector and I’m just going to actually go straight to here and then
put a washer on like that and then it’s a little hard to do with only two pins
and then just screw it on there we go one of them be a little careful just
because it is a lot of wire and just be careful you know where you have it
placed but that should be good and I’m going to do the same with the other all
right so now how the inverter wires hooked up to the battery here so I have
not PI strapped it to the engine compartment yet so I’m going to need to
do that after this it’s getting dark though so I got to wrap it up so let’s
set it to here I guess alright so now let’s plug in the phone and let’s turn
it on there we go it’s charging it works amazing alright looks like it started to
rain cuz it’s been closed now I’m going to tie strap the main wire and a fist
right now it’s starting to rain so and it looks like we’re good so hopefully I
did like this episode it’s just a lube I thought I cut myself okay I hope you
guys do like sub stuff let me know what you guys thought of the video if there’s
anything I left out let me know in the comments make sure I hope you guys did
like it either right also have a great day and see you next time maybe consider

52 thoughts on “How to Wire a Dual Battery and Power Inverter Setup

  1. instead of a lighter just order one of these:

  2. I used the pac 500 And connected one side to isolator to main battery and the other side of the isolator to my inverter in back . One small screw to ground and the other side to ignition fuse. So one side connect s to main battery and the other side of the isolator to all my accessories.

  3. Hey man like the video but I noticed you ain't use a grommet at the firewall them wires going to strip and cause a short just a hint

  4. The wire is not heavy duty. You need to go to an electrical supplier and match the DC amps to the gauge of the wire. DC amps are not calculated like AC amps.

  5. Why does your inverter have 2 12 volt ports that is useless they should be 110v what would be the purpose your jeep is already 12vdc.

  6. Nice that you replied to my USB comment but you did not read the comment. You said "twbrosius yep. To charge a phone, GoPro, anything that uses a USB to charge." I was asking why you used your phone charger to charge your phone instead of the internal USB on the inverter. Your setup is good I am not trying to bust your chops, just pointing out some of the mis-information and details you should be focusing on to make it on the surface sound cool. Installing inverters is not new, they have been around for decades now and a lot of new vehicles actually come with them and USB.

    I think it is good you are taking advantage of the extra isolated power you have for other things as you will rarely use it for the wench unless you suck at off road or just go around pulling other people out. You should move any CB equipment, Light Bar or similar to the aux batt to free up your main for just vehicle duty. I.e starting. Nice Job Keep up the videos I wish I could put a second battery where you did but my cruise and power breaks block all that real-estate in my 2002 Sahara. Again nicely done.

  7. Sorry to jump in .You might watch How to install a continuous solenoid . {Cheap RV living} . Also I would not use a HF inverter . Use a pure sine inverter . Enjoyed your video .Very well done

  8. Great video. I have a o3 Rubicon and always wondered if that area you put your extra battery into if that's what it was for . What size battery fits in it ?

  9. Using cheap HF jumper cables for your wiring is foolish. Those cables have lots of insulation on them making you think that the wiring is heavy. It isn't.

  10. When the car is off and a device is using the inverter, does the isolator protect the main battery from drawing electricity? In other words, does the inverter draw power from both the secondary and primary battery when the car is off, or only the secondary?

  11. I would add some circuit breakers for the batteries, and a fuse for the inverter. Also, noticed that the auxiliary battery is sitting on bolt heads, you can place it on a piece of plywood to prevent the bolt heads from wearing through the bottom of the battery casing.

  12. do it matter if you hook up two totally different batteries like if the cca and battery size is different.I'm asking because i have a mini fridge powered by a 860 cold cranking amp battery.So I'm thinking if two batteries is hooked up at the same time maybe the mini fridge will stay on longer ? Running a mini fridge should i hook the batteries in series or parallel for it to stay on longer ?And i do have a 1,000 inverter

  13. Harbor Freight has a solar battery charger.Can i use it to keep the batter charged and use the battery at the same time with the 1,000 watt inverter cause i'm trying to keep the mini fridge on longer ?

  14. You need to connect the isolator to a 12 volt relay connection in your fuse box to work when you turn on your key. You also need a circuit breaker between you engine battery and your isolator, another circuit breaker between your isolator and your second or slave battery and one more circuit breaker between your second/slave battery and your inverter all on the pos cables. Good luck on your set up.

  15. That inverter might damage your sensitive electronics if it’s not a pure sine wave inverter. If it’s a modified wave inverter u might have problems.

  16. I like it. Going to put one in my jeep…
    Also, had to comment because I laughed……. Damn child proof lighters… and was the a shirtless man in the background?

  17. Junk wire, it's probably cca, not even copper.. you need to use welding cable or a good ofc car audio wire.. I used tinned ofc 100% copper, and adhesive lined heat shrink with tinned copper lugs, I also use 1/0 gauge and 2/0 welding wire.. starting a project with the good enough attitude it's what's wrong with this world.. lazy people are just ignorant, do shit rite you lazy ass.. the ignition wire is saposta be hook to keyed power, so u only use 1 battery when the key is off and both charge when key is on. So you don't end up with 2 dead batteries otherwise the isolator is doing nothing

  18. You need to fasten the battery down get rid of that rats nest by your starter battery that's a fire waiting to happen

  19. There's a reason why those jumper cables only cost $7.00 their junk. They should be fine for that little inverter though.

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