How We Use Electronic Lab Notebooks

(light upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Hannah Clark. I’m an Electronic Lab Notebook assistant for the Biotechnology Program. I support the electronic lab notebooks, which were funded through a grant through Sustainability Fund. Electronic lab notebooks
work as their textbook and as their lab notebook
that they can access anywhere. – I like having electronic
laboratory notebooks because it really helps me
troubleshoot with my students, because I always have
access to their data. Whereas when we have normal notebooks, I have to ask them to bring in their data and we can’t troubleshoot from afar. But because everything’s
connected through the internet, I have instant access. – It provides students access to the lab notebook anywhere. This goes for researchers too. If you do an experiment in the lab and you’re at a conference in Beijing, you may not have access to
your laboratory notebook. But with a virtual online notebook, you can access your
data and your protocols anywhere, at any time. – I’m a lab tech with the BIT program. In my experience taking
classes that use ELNs, they’re actually very helpful for students to keep track of their information
in an organized manner. – As an instructor, I
find ELNs very useful. We can easily update information, Post resources for students, such as manuals, safety information, and quickly update
protocols and share data with the entire class. – I’m excited about this project because it gives students
hands-on experience using ELNs in the laboratory setting, which is the direction many
biotech companies are moving. (light upbeat music)

2 thoughts on “How We Use Electronic Lab Notebooks

  1. Some detailed information about how to use the ELNs instead of the reason why ELNs are important may be more useful to the students. For example, how to insert a picture or a link.

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