HTW Chur Bachelorstudium Information Science Major Web- und Usability Engineering

My name is Mara Hellstern and I work as scientific assistant at HTW Chur. In the field of web and usability engineering. Information management is about knowledge, data and information. It was very interesting for me because it is a good basis for so many professions. HTW Chur is unique. It is the only place in the German part of Switzerland, Where you can study information science! Information is everywhere. Data is everywhere. And it needs someone to organize it! I had the chance to build up a medicine library in Tanzania. At the beginning of the courses you learn all the basics. Basics of Informatic. Basics of programming, etc. I chose web an usability engineering because I was interested in the technical part of it. I am not only interested in whether things are beautiful, But also whether they are functional. The study begins with this kind of functionality. Today I lead the usability lab of the HTW Chur I introduce new students into usability and to the equipment. We take care that things you design can be used afterwards! In the way it was intended. How can we present infromation? That others can get it quick and easily? For example a system of a bank. Or on a web site. Later the designers join us and our work gets a shape. That is a highlight for our students. And that`s why it makes so fun! People from all over Switzerland come together. And a network is formed, where you easily find new friends!

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