HydroKleen Air Conditioner Clean Demonstration

Hi I’m John, I’m your HydroKleen
technician today I’m going to walk you through a clean that we carried out in a
resort on the Gold Coast and the clean will be carried out using our unique
HydroKleen machine and our HydroKleen catchment bags and you can see us erecting the catchment bag there as we speak you can see here I’m just pointing out where
somebody’s tried to clean the muck and the the mold away from
underneath the barrel fan and you can see now I’ve just started to clean the
barrel fan and clean the plastic and in fact I’m spinning the barrel fan quite
quickly and by spinning at it takes the hot water and the cleaning agent up
the back of the up the back of the chassis and cleans the back of the
chassis at the same time you can see there it’s coming off quite easily
now it’s probably taking me 60 seconds to do this perhaps not that long and if
you had employed an air conditioning technician to do this it probably would
have taken him up to an hour to achieve the same result as we’ve just achieved
there in 60 seconds so you can see it’s still spinning quite quickly there and
it’s got no gunk on it at all the stuff that you’re seeing in this air
conditioner is in fact a lot of dust quite a bit of mould, fungi a lot of DNA
and it just gets lodged it comes through the filters the filters will only filter
down to about 40 or 50 microns and it comes through the filters and
lodges itself in the coil and the barrel fan now you can see here we’re cleaning
the coil we’ve already put a cleaning agent through this coil and the what’s
coming out of that gun is pure water and air mixture as you can see it doesn’t
matter how we hit the fins and it cleans them all the way through that coil is
about an inch thick so you need to be able to push water all the way through
that coil to clean it properly it’s no good just brushing it off with a brush
because you’re not cleaning the coil all the way through and if you don’t it
still means that the air that gets drawn over all of those little fins are still
got to fight its way through the dirt to get cooled hence the reason why you must
clean them so next time you get your Air Conditioning serviced make sure that
you are going to get it properly cleaned that should be a prerequisite of a
service if your air conditioner is dirty so we’re just going to finish off this
coil now and you can see that it’s coming back to almost new again and this
is this coil here is what we normally see in most air conditioners that we
clean this is just a normal amount of dirt that gets in an Air Conditioner
over a period of time a lot of people ask how often should you clean your air
conditioner we suggest that you should have them looked at at least every 12
months and it’s like your car the more you use it and the more you should get
it serviced now here I’m cleaning the muck out of the drain pan that’s what
causes your leaks if you don’t cool get all the dirt out of the drain pan and
all that it’s like a jelly and blow that out of the drain pan it eventually
will block your air conditioner and it’ll leak and you can see me putting
the gun into the drain then I’m just giving it a real blast to knock anything
out of the drain now here’s what’s come out of that air conditioner you can see
it looks a bit like soup not pretty and quite smelly now we’ve taken the covers
off this before we cleaned it we actually tested the head unit make sure it
was cold before we cleaned it and you can see we’ve now sprayed a cleaning
agent on the the covers, the louvre and we’re just washing all that off now so
that comes back to brand-new as well important because lodged in behind that
cover is a lot of mold and you can see on the filter that’s just a normal
filter but you’ll see when we start cleaning it just how clean it comes most
of them look like that until we clean and you can see that they come back to
brand-new again those filters well we’ll take a lot of the microns dust and stuff
out of the air but it certainly doesn’t get at all as you’ve seen by the
dirty that head unit was so there you go so they all look like new again so
they’ll go back on nice and clean and last thing we do is as you’re condensing
out as long as your condenser is reachable we clean it if it’s on the
ground like this you see there then it’ll need cleaned if it’s in the air
up on the roof itself cleans so there you go how to clean a head unit using
our unique HydroKleen system

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  1. Hi,

    I'm from thailand.

    Can I buy your product?
    I will appreciate the answer !.


  2. Please i need this Hydroclean process to service A.C. 's can you help me out I am from India. West Bengal, Kolkata

  3. I've found having no carpets is a great boon too. With carpets every time you, anyone else or your pets walk on them you create a micro dust storm. You go from dusting your furniture once a week to once a month. Yes there are still airborne particles of dirt floating around in our rooms but a lot less without carpet.

  4. I came on here to talk shit, but the fact that you can clean the blower wheel without disassembling half the unit to take it out is priceless. This looks so much easier than what I'm doing. I clean it good, but it takes a lot of time, and time is money. Very cool idea.

  5. I have been doing Services for 10 years and we do something similar and it doesn’t always come out that easy and you still need to disassemble the unit and reassemble so it takes about 30 minuets

  6. Great upload! One question tho. How do you spin the barrel fan? I'm assuming its with the jet of water. Or is there another way?


  7. I would like to assemble such cleaning kit. Because I have an allergy to mold and dust mites.

  8. I love this idea, my only concern is at the back of the evap you have small water runways the lead to the drip tray, I don’t see that getting cleaned, especially since you have to unclip the evap from the wall plate to get to them.

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