I Gave New Phones to Strangers… But Made Them Choose! – iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy

– I could give you this phone right now. – It’s a brand new phone. – Really? – Really. Yeah. A brand new phone. – You did it. – Actually? – If you can answer the questions right, you can get it. (upbeat intro music) – Alright, we went out and
picked up the brand new Samsung S10e and the iPhone XR. Both equally … valued pretty much and yeah we’re gonna see
which one people pick. What would you pick David? – It’s not as good looking.
Like I wouldn’t pick this This is shiny, it’s flashing.
I can see the phone. This could be anything, dude. Like you have to know the 10e
in order to pick this one. We will test their knowledge and … I’m also so hyped to give away a brand new phone. It’s gonna make someone’s day. Android vs iOS. The real test here. We get to see to how
the word on the street. Like what do people know
about these two phones. Let’s get these things open
and get out there dude. (uplifting music) – [David] Alright boys, ready? Ready to do this? Looks like he was born
ready. Now look at that. The headphones on. (Upbeat music) – This is the iPhone XR.
– Okay. – And this is the Samsung S10e.
– Yeah – If you had the money for it, whatever, which would you pick?
– The iPhone. – Which one of these would you want if you are to get it for free? – The S10e. – You would take the S10e, okay. Why would you pick this one? – Better resolution,
– Yeah. – better processor. – Oh this guy knows his stuff. – Which one of these would you choose if you had to choose one? The iPhone. You guys have any iPhones already? Or do you have Apple stuff? What makes you pick the iPhone? – Um… – You just like iPhones or? – Hmm mm – So we wanna see if you were
to get one of these phones which one would you pick? If you had the money to buy it you know, if you wanted.
Which one would you choose? – Ah, … absolutely. – The iPhone? – Yeah, definitely.
– Okay. So here’s the thing. We can give you this phone, right now if you answer all our questions correctly. We have some questions I’m gonna ask you,
– Yeah, why not. – without looking it up, if you can answer all the questions right, you can get the phone for free. – Yeah.
– I can give you this phone right now,
– Really? – if you get the questions
right, I’ll give you this phone. It’s a brand new phone.
– Really? – Really, yeah, it’s a brand new phone. – Are you kidding?
– You can get it. If you can answer the questions
right. You can get it. – I want one of these phones so bad. Imagine how nice it would be
looking at Instagram on this. – I kid you not, the first thing I did
with all these phones was compare Instagram,
which feed looks better? – I was like damn! It’s
all so much better dude. – First question is which
one has a headphone jack? Only one of them has a headphone jack. – This one.
– This one. Yep. Correct! Which one has a headphone jack? – Of course this one.
– Yes. – Hmm. – This one?
– Yes! That’s correct. – Ah this one. – This one. Yeah, that’s correct. – Hold still I’m gonna
try do a whole panorama. Oh yeah. Boom! Let’s check it out. It’s warped. Size 38 feet dude. What is that? Oh my goodness. Dude, lets’ try the iPhone.
We gotta try the iPhone. – Start over here I think. Your feet are perfect dude. – Ah, yes. – Ah, yes. Look at that though! But look at that comparison. – Dude. That is… – That’s comparison. Yeah – Look at those feet! I’ve got some hops with those things. – Question number two. Alright. Which one has the bigger screen? – This one.
– That’s correct. – Which one has a bigger screen? Out of these two? – Oh shit. I think this one? – No, that wasn’t it. – Really? – This has the bigger screen. – Oh boy! – Yeah, that’s right! So far so good. – Which one has a bigger screen? – This is the S10e. This is the… – The S10e. – You guess this has a bigger screen? – Yeah.
– It doesn’t! It doesn’t! It has a 5.8 inch screen. The iPhone has a 6.1 inch screen. – 5.7 inch – Yeah. – I feel bad. You knew so
much. You knew so much. You probably could have breezed through the rest of the questions. Do you want to see what they are? They’re pretty simple. Which one have the
higher resolution screen? – This one. – Yup. Oh my God. Alright, here we go. Higher res. – Ah … this one? – No, it was the Samsung. You were getting there though. You were doing good. Question four, okay. Which one comes in more colors? So if you were to buy it
from the store which one has more color option?
– iPhone. (gasps) – We’re doing good. Boom, boom, boom. Alright so next one. – [David] You’re half way through. – Which one has better face recognition? So they both can recognize your face. Which has better face recognition? – [All] No! – I don’t know how much people
know about these two phones. You like the black one? – It’s kind of sleek. – You actually like the
look of the black one? – S10e. I don’t know,, it’s like … – But would you know with what
– This is like – color it is? – This is like something fancy and this is like a piece of
equipment you know, it’s like. – That’s true, that’s fair. If I actually legitimately
went up to you and gave you these two. – I’d be like, hell no I don’t
know what the hell they are. – Right, right. At
least you’re getting the iPhone if you don’t know what this is, you wouldn’t know.
– Yeah. – All of our suffixes are gone
though. There’s nobody here. – Gosh, look at the time. See you guys. I gotta go get… Ah … – We have to give that phone. Come back here with my iPhone. If you were to get one of
these phones without having to pay for it, which would you pick? – This one. – You’d pick this phone? The iPhone? If you were to get one
of these phones for free, which one would you pick? – Not the iPhone ’cause it’s always mean to me – Oh. There you go, okay. – I would probably pick the iPhone. – You’d pick the iPhone. – The Samsung. – This iPhone.
– The Samsung. – Samsung.
– I’d go the iPhone. – You’d go for the iPhone as well? – The iPhone?
– I’d pick the iPhone. – Okay.
– Which one would you pick of these two phones?
– The iPhone – You’d pick the iPhone?
– Yeah – You’d pick the iPhone?
– Yeah – I don’t want to be basic but the iPhone. – The iPhone, of course. I will actually give you this phone if you answer the questions properly. Which would you pick
if you were to get one? You want the iPhone?
– Yeah. – Okay. – Probably this one. – Yeah? – Because … yeah, I’m actually like hating iPhones right now. – There you go. There you go.
– [David] Really? Why? – What do I hate about them? – [David] Yeah.
– [Fin] Yeah. – Okay, there’s a lot. (everybody laughs) – The iPhone.
– The iPhone? You pick the iPhone? – What if I told you I give
you this phone right now? If you answer our questions properly? – I’d be pretty excited.
– You’re pretty excited? – Yeah. – What if I told you that I’m
gonna give you this phone? If you answer our questions properly? They’re brand new phone.
I’ll give it to you. – Heck, yeah. – I’ll give it to you if you
answer our questions correctly. Just 10 questions. – Okay.
– Okay? You can get this phone right now. – So if you answer the questions right, we’ll give you this iPhone. Okay? – [David] Not a prank. Real. – Not a prank. No one believes
us that’s why I’m being so. – Yeah, I definitely don’t believe you. – Which one of these do you
think has a headphone jack? – Headphone jack? – Headphone port, yeah.
Plug your headphones in. – Oh. iPhone. – No. The iPhones don’t
have headphones port anymore. Alright. Question number two. Which one has a bigger screen? No, you can’t get to help. Can’t help. – [Girl With Glasses] Too late. – You guys could be googling the answers. Not gonna happen. – [Guy] You got it Becca. – Argh. … This box is slightly bigger. – That’s fair. – I’ll go with that one. – No. You’re on the right track with the iPhone.
– Okay. – The iPhone has the bigger screen. – XR.
– Okay. – This is the Samsung Galaxy S10e. – That one. – No. The iPhone XR has the
bigger screen than the S10e. – Oh okay. Interesting.
– Yeah. – Um. … – [David] Take your time.
– I’m gonna have to guess. Alright, can I use the life line? (chuckles) – No.
– Is it this one? – No. It was my iPhone. It’s
got slightly bigger screen. – It’s so depressing. So depressing. – Yeah. Which one has a bigger
screen of these two? – That one? – You think? – I think.
– No. – No? – It was the iPhone.
– Is it? – Which one has a bigger screen? – [David] You can take your time to think about the question. – You’re getting a 1000
dollars here to take this. Which one do you want? Yeah. – I think this one. – No. It was the iPhone.
It was the iPhone. – Are there trick questions here? – Nope.
– [David] Nope. – Are you gonna ask if
there’s a headphone jack and neither of them have them? – No.
– Okay. – They’re all simple questions. Question number two. Which one’s screen is bigger? – [David] Take a close look. – No trick question. – [David] Yes! You got it. You got it.
– Yeah, there you go. Question number three. Which one’s screen is higher resolution? No. It was the Samsung.
– Oh yeah. – Which one has a high resolution screen? – Oh … Apple again.
– Apple again? It’s not. It’s the Samsung. – Oh. So close. – This is a bigger screen which is actually lower resolution. Which one has a high resolution screen? – The iPhone? Oh.
– No. It’s the Samsung. It was the Samsung. – Trying to get some to get it. No one’s gotten it so far. – ’cause the girl outside, she
got one question left right? – Yeah yeah. – [Girl In Blue Sweater]
Are we allowed to help her? – Uh … Not really. You could be googling
the answers, you know? No. It’s the Samsung. It was the Samsung. – Well, damn. I was biased because the new
iPhone, like it’s super new. – This is actually newer. – See? I don’t keep up when anything about iPhone – That was it. That was the last question. Which one’s newer. So.
– Stop. – Yeah. – Can we know the
answers to the questions? We don’t talk to anyone. (all chuckles) – If you wanna go tell
everyone at the school. So someone gets it. At this point, we’ve asked so many people. – Which one has more colors? – Just give me the phone. – Yeah. Which one of these two
phones comes in more colors? You’re gonna buy it from stores,
which one has more colors? – I’m gonna go with … – [David] Which one has the more options? – Yeah, we’re looking for more. – I would go with Samsung. – No. It’s the iPhone. It’s the iPhone. – [David] You were doing so well. – [Fin] You were doing so
well. You were getting there. Next question, alright. Which one has better facial recognition? More secure face recognition. – This one? – No. It was the iPhone. – Okay, question number five. Which one has better facial recognition? – Ah. The iPhones. – The iPhone. It got
face ID. Yeah exactly. Which one has better facial recognition? Which one is more secure? For facial recognition? Yes. Oh my God. – [David] Oh my God. Finally, we might give away this phone. – [Fin] Which one has
better facial recognition? Like they both unlock with face. – I know. I know. This
one unlocks with the phone with your facial.
– Yeah, yeah. – But like I don’t know
anything about this. – Right. – Hoo … iPhone? – Yup.
– [David] Yes! – Oh yeah.
– Half way there. You’re getting there, okay? Alright, question number six. Okay. We’re trying to remember this. No one gets this far so (all laughs) Which one has faster
charging out of the box? Which one charges faster? – I’m gonna go with the Samsung. – Samsung? That’s correct. – [David] Yes, you got it. – You’re not giving any
hints back there, are you? (indistinct conversation) Which charges faster? – [David] Yes.
– You are getting there. – [David] Wow, no one has gone this far.
– No one’s gone this far. Which one has faster
charging out of the box? – Faster charging? – Yeah.
– Yes. – Samsung.
– Yup. That’s right. Oh, you’re getting there. – [David] You’re super close. So close. Take your time with the questions. – Which one has better water resistance? – Um … – This is question number
seven. You’re getting there. No pressure. – [David] You’re almost there.
– I mean, I threw my MacBook in the water and it just totally got ruined.
And that’s an Apple product. – That’s fair. – But there’s a lot of water. – Yeah. – I’m gonna say the iPhones
are water resistant. – No. It was the Samsung. You were getting there man.
You were getting there. Which one has better water resistance? – Um … I’m gonna say this. – [David] Yes.
– Yes. Oh my God. – [David] Yes. You’re so close now. – Which one is more water resistant? You’re getting so close to a free phone.
– Water resistant? – Yes. – [David] Oh my God. – I saw an ad like a long
time ago that Samsung you can like put it under the tap. But iPhone is very … oh. Samsung? – Yes.
– That’s correct. – You’re getting there. – [David] Oh my God, this could be it. It might happen.
– Which one has the highest megapixel camera? – You’re so close to getting a phone. – [David] Yes. – [Tobin] Yes. You’ve got two left. – You have two questions left.
You get a brand new phone. Which one has the
highest megapixel camera? – Oh. Honestly, … Oh my God. Okay … iPhones has been like, no. Samsung has been known
for their cameras ’cause they’re so clear. – Okay? – But like, it’s a new iPhone. My God. – No. – Samsung. – [David] Yes. Oh my God.
– Your friend is like helping you there.
Like she’s saving you. – Which one is heavier? – Take your time. As much time
you want to think about it. – I don’t know what that phone looks like. – I can show you if you
want. If you want to see it. – Yeah, please. – How this one’s like? – Um … One’s heavier? – Which one’s heavier? – Yes. Last two questions okay? – I’m gonna … (laughs) – Question number nine.
It’s a little bit hard. Which one you think is heavier? – The iPhone. – Yes. The iPhone’s heavier. Last question.
– [David] Final question. – You can get this brand
new phone right now, okay? (phone drops) – [Tobin] Got that in camer, right?. (all laughs) – That could lose … okay. – So I get thrown that at me? – Okay, I think it’s safe. God damn it. Okay, last question. – Which one’s newer? – Newer. Which one’s newer? – What is that? – This is the iPhone XR. This
is the Samsung Galaxy S10e. No. – [David] Oh. My God.
– You’re so close. This one just came out last month. This one came out on October.
– Ugh. – Ugh. That’s a tease.
– [David] Oh my God. – That’s the farthest ever as we got. I feel so bad. You’re so close. – Can I do it again? – [David] Last question.
You get this one right, – You could actually get a
brand new phone right now. – [David] We’ll give
you … so first of all. – Look at this guy just
trying to do homework. This poor guy. – Okay, so. If you get
this last question right and you get the phone,
would you change your answer with the phone you want? Or no? – I don’t know. Like, honestly, probably. – [Fin] This isn’t the
last question by the way. – I know. But I’m trying to think. ’cause like, … like I said, I love iPhones but I hate them. – Uh hm. – But like this would
be like my free chance to try a new phone. Right? – Right.
– [David] Exactly. – No, I don’t think I would. – Okay, I guess here it is. Okay. The last question. For
everything, right now. For everything.
– [David] Oh my God. Please win it.
– For a new phone. – [David] Please win it. – Please win this, okay? We’ve done so many people
that we actually like we legit want you to win. – Okay. (girls laughs) – Okay, ready? Last question, okay? – Okay. – Which one is newer? – Oh come on. – One just came out, one came
out couple of months ago. – Oh … Okay, wait. Can you tell
me exactly what ones – This is the iPhone XR. This is the Samsung Galaxy S10e. (girl poofs) – I’m so nervous. I’m so nervous. – [David] Oh my God. So
one came out in October and one came out in February. – Yeah. Last month. – XR … – Is the iPhone XR …
– No, I’m sorry. I’m talking, like in my head. – Yeah, yeah.
– [David] Got cha. – This is the iPhone.
– Yeah, this is the iPhone XR. You wanna look at it again. – I think my sister has that. – This is the Samsung Galaxy S10e. They’re both same price. They’re
both their latest phones. Like Apple and Samsung’s latest phones. – I know. Okay. Oh my God. – iPhone XR’s been out. – For why is my sister
– For a 1000 dollars. – ’cause my sister has
that one. She had it over Christmas break. I’m pretty sure. – I fee like it’s Samsung. – Just, let me … Wait. What does she have? Oh no. Maybe she has the eight. – Well just take your time. This is for the phone.
– She has the eight. My sister has the eight. – No, but I know my sister … – Yup, can look it up. So
you can’t help too much. – Yeah. Okay okay. Oh that’s Snapchat. Okay, okay. – Oh man. Oh man. – Like, I don’t know. – It’s getting real tense. – [Tobin] It’s getting real intense. – Like I’m hovering but like
at the same time, like … I think this came out– – [All] Yes! – You did it. You did it. – Actually? – You have a new phone. That is yours.
– Shut up. – That is your phone.
– Shut up. – Oh my God.
– No way! – Yeah.
– [David] Yes. – Believe it. – [David] You have finally won it. – Yeah.
– You’re lying. – No. That was it.
– No. That is yours. That is yours now.
– Oh my God. You just won the phone. – Yeah. – What? (all chuckles) I’m in shock. – Yeah. – What the… – Yeah you did it. – Oh my God. – I’m like shaking. Oh my. So ok, is this
like school related? I’m so mad at Apple. I never know myself (speaks in foreign language). Like I was the hell never do it. – [David] Yeah. Now you have
– [Fin] You won it for free. Brand new. – [David] the perfect excuse for free. – [Girl’s Friend] For free.
– [David] For free. – How much is this phone? – A 1000 dollars.
– Close to a 1000 dollars, yeah. (puffing sound) – Yeah. You can sell it if you want. – No.
– [Fin] Brand new. – No. No.
– I wanna try it. – [Fin] Yeah.
– [David] Yeah. – Sell your iPhone.
– I might sold my old one. Might happen. – [David] I’m so happy you won it. – Yeah. Me too. – [David] Enjoy your new phone. – [Fin] Enjoy your brand new phone. – Thank you so much. – [Fin] No problem. No problem. – What? – Yeah. (indistinct talking) – Life of a college student. – Yeah. There you go.
– [David] Yeah. – Dude, heck yeah. We did it. (chuckles) Someone actually got it. – Her reaction was mint too. – We spent all day trying to do it. Every single person
make the iPhone survive. – It took so long. – High five bro. We did it. We made it towards this day.
– [David] Hell yeah. – Uh. I feel so happy. I feel so, yes. – [Tobin] She was like, genuinely so happy. – Yeah. – I was also (mumbles) We already gave it away. – [David] We’ll be back. – I want an iPhone. – [David] I want an iPhone too dude. – Alright. That was fun. – That was so much fun
dude. I can’t believe how long I had to talk, how
many people we went through. We had to cut a lot out of this video actual than we talked to.
‘Cause we’d end up talking to so many people.
– We didn’t expect to talk to so many people. Because the questions themselves were easy, right?
– There were easy questions that we thought since there’s literally a 50/50 chance that getting
every question right. We thought that with a
little bit of knowledge, we would for sure
– Yeah. A little bit of luck. – Be getting this questions right. And I hurt, every time someone
couldn’t get the questions. Like, did you guys , did you
guys took the questions right? If I’d walk up to you,
and hand you those phones, would have you gotten one of those phones? I’m curious. – Let us know your score
in the comment section. – Yeah. And also what phone
you would have picked. I’m really curious to see it.
– Oh yeah. – The difference between you
guys and the random people on the street. Also, we’re in North America,
I feel like Apple is such a strong brand. Everybody who knew
Appple, they all picked, so then you picked Apple dude. – [David] It felt so good when we finally gave someone the phone.
– [Fin] It felt so good. It just like made her day.
– Yup. I wish we could have given the phone to every single person. – Share this video.
– If this video, if this video gets over 10
million views, you know. (chuckles) We’ll do it again but
we’re giving the phone away every time. – And we’ll give a phone to every single person.
– Every single person. – Be sure to share it. – Exactly. Share this video and you’ll
never know we might show at your front door, asking you want an iPhone or Samsung? That’s the goal. Every person can have free. – Every person in the world. – In the world. That’s the goal. – Everyone …
– So like, comment and subscribe. – We’re buying Apple and give
everyone a phone for free. – Yes. Subscribe, comment.
– How many views do we need to do that? – I don’t know but send this. Share to all your friends
that it has happened. And yeah, also you have yo
subscribe to the channel. – Yeah.
– To check out all our videos. – Thanks so much for watching. Hope you guys enjoyed this
as much as we enjoyed making this video. This was so much fun. – It was so much fun. – You wanna do it again? – Yeah. I enjoy seeing cool
or other crazy contest. Either of us you can follow at Instagram or Techkaboom on Instagram. And yeah, we will see you guys all in the next video. (finger snaps) Subscribe, bell. See you all there. (techno music plays)

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