i tried following a WLOP digital art tutorial (with adequate results).

[annoyed] YouTube trends… The majority of YouTube trends thus far have resulted in a never ending cyclone of recycled content and disappointment. However, when I saw that the latest trend is “I Tried Following a [blank] Tutorial,” I thought to myself “Well, here is a chance to do something outside of my comfort zone and get views.” The majority of these tutorial challenge videos involve people trying on makeup. However, in my Christian household we not believe in makeup. The only faces we paint are illustrations and the only tutorial we follow is the Holy Bible. However, today we will be following a tutorial from this person. I do not know how to pronounce his username nor do I know how to pronounce his given name. so for the sake of this tutorial we will refer to him as Senpai. Senpai’s artwork can only be described as museum-quality anime. Even though anime is typically recognized by undetailed faces and simple shading Senpai uses his extensive painting skills to create artwork that is both beautiful and emotionally engaging. Focusing mostly on the female face. Just type Senpai’s username and the word “tutorial” into the search bar. So let’s watch the first result that comes up [calm, ethereal music playing] You know what, I have no idea whether this music is copyrighted or not so let’s replace it with music from freemusicarchive.com [dramatic battle music] Well okay, this can’t be very hard to begin with. Sadly I’m all too familiar with drawing anime style rough sketches. In fact, that’s about all I would draw when I was 15 years old It’s been a while since I’ve drawn an anime style face but the main thing in this case is to make sure the jawline is nice and round with a triangular structure, but no straight lines. In this drawing, I meant the shoulder to be visible because the trademark of Senpai’s style is that there’s usually a lot of soft surfaces, such as skin, visible and he tends to contrast these soft surfaces with hardened materials such as metal or rough cloth. It gives the painting a lot of contrast and makes fun opportunities available for playing with light and color. I added elf ears because… …fantasy painting. [dramatic battle music] Yeeaah… I didn’t have much of an issue with this part. Mostly because this is how I start most of my paintings anyway. I don’t always use a grayscale colors But this isn’t an issue as is it is easy to make any sort of color adjustment in Adobe Photoshop or any drawing program, for that matter. I’ve decided to start with the very dark color for the skin as this is what Senpai does in his video. In addition to this I will be giving the character a very light, white hair because… …fantasy painting. Even though the hair is lighter than the skin, I’m keeping the contrast low because this will make the painting subtler and allow me to use more specific colors. [dramatic battle music] Well I mean that’s certainly one way of adjusting colors. I would usually use clipping masks or hue sliders but this works quite well. [dramatic battle music] This is where I get to add more subtle colors. As of now, the characters face was pretty monochromatic so I’m going to add in the secondary bluish color. Just like Senpai. I also add in some areas of more saturated skin near the edges of the face and the shadow parts such as the inside of the eyelids. [dramatic battle music] OOOHhhhh Well, no wonder Senpai’s so good at lighting. He’s starting from very desaturated and dark colors and then taking advantage of layer modes to figure out how to build up those colors. Smart man. This is actually highly effective. I’m impressed by how accurately it simulates real light falling across the skin. In fact, it even creates subsurface scattering. Which would be the extra-saturated part near the edges of the light. It is pretty fun just throwing light everywhere, but Senpai said not to overuse it so, for this painting, I will keep it minimal. [dramatic battle music] [music speeds up] [music stops] Well, looks like it’s time to draw the rest of the damn owl. Thanks for sticking with me thus far. I’ve sped this part up a lot because it took several hours, and it’s rather straightforward This is the part in any tutorial where you have to stop relying on blending modes and fancy brushes and all those other newfangled computer tricks and instead focused primarily on painting. For this part, I decided to switch back to the default hard round brush with pressure opacity. It is possible to do this part with a soft brush but for fundamentals sake it’s a better idea not to paint everything with a soft brush. If your brush has some hard edges,
that gives your painting a less muddy look. In fact, I’m willing to bet my cowboy hat that Senpai’s using some sort of hard brush for this portion of the painting as well. All in all, I believe this part of the painting took me about four hours and the difference it makes is subtle, but necessary. [dramatic battle music] Oh wow, so he just Photoshops her face.. Not gonna lie though, I actually do this on my own paintings It’s so much easier than using the transform tool and it keeps the image together. [dramatic battle music] Now I’m not a big fan of blur but in this context, it fits well with the painting style. In fact, having elements in the foreground is something that I often skip without realizing in my paintings. And it definitely helps. In most portraits, the character is the middle ground and the background is whatever is behind them. So having something in front of the character definitely adds depth and visual appeal. [dramatic battle music] Well, now we’ve gone and made it to the final stretch. At this point, I’m fairly surprised with the similarities between my painting and his. Of course, mine still looks like I painted it and not he.. But The similarities and the lighting and painting style are definitely there. I believe most of this can be attributed to the colors and the unorthodox way of building up skin shading. And also anime. All in all I would call this tutorial a success. I definitely learned a lot about blending modes and it forced me to experiment with shading methods as well as lighting and blending. Am I going to switch over to the style? Probably not. But it is always a beautiful thing to be able to add new painting methods to your repertoire. Anyway, leave a like, tell me what you think, and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you to my 36 subscribers. Okay, bye [outro bells]

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  1. You okay my dude? Legit, these videos are great but you just sound so dead. Like who hurt you? Do we need to call adult protective services? Did someone on reddit repost your meme? I mean what could have happened

  2. The colour dodge lighting trick has never crossed my mind and now i feel like a dumb ass whore oh my god

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  5. =w= we are laughing or it made us chuckle in this video it is because of how we see ourselves in your epic in this.

    The joke here is… Us, the relatable part when we seek and try out the tutorials we got from our senpais…

    Jokes, or comedy, there will be always reality, backing it up… they say XD

  6. WLOP ’ work is really uniqe ,but actually i want to express is he is the only one male i really interst in,maybe just because his voive,or his reaction when he play the game……maybe i just too addictive to it.

  7. I'm a comic book lover, specifically anime and manga.

    Initially I thought of a comic book course but I wondered if it was as complete as one of illustration or animation.

    Is the figure of the cartoonist equivalent or different in abilities compared to an illustrator (perhaps in coloring, in drawing and digital painting, in perspectives, in poses …)?

    Can a cartoonist use colors, paintings, illustrate, animate or make concept art / character design for video games?

    Or is it easier to vice versa, ie for the illustrator or animator to try their hand at making a comic?

    The courses are varied and interesting, such as: concept art and character design for video games, animation, comics, illustration.

    But which one to choose? Which course gives the most solid base so that you can then range in other fields with practice? Is it better to start with a traditional or digital course?

  8. I watched a friend try out his style and good it was horrible. We laughed for houuurrrrssss and we always bring it up whenever she tries other artists styles 😂

  9. "in my Christian household we do not believe in makeup, the only faces we paint are illustrations, and the only tutorial we follow is the bible" is honestly iconic

  10. I've been watching the ads without skipping… I never do this for no one… get paid, young money $$$

  11. Man I’ve always been so much better at sketching 😭

    if anyone wants to see my art progress, please follow me at fumstix.deviantart.com

    My socials are @ fumstix.carrd.co

  12. I'm watching the older videos and it's funny how some people think D'angelo is a middle aged man when in reality he is in his early 20s.

  13. Okey, so
    Step 1: Sketch it
    Me: okey, I can do it, it's not that far away of my art style
    Step 2:
    Me: excuse me?
    Step 2:
    Me: Yeah, I know, I know I'm seeing the step 2 but… what the hell just happened. What is that. HoW.

    Step 3: Step in a lego and cry about how amazing both senpais did it while burning your computer

  14. There was a lot of finish the owl in here, but that's in every art tutorial. I was surprised by how useful a lot of it was

  15. To be honest (with all due respect to senpai) I actually like yours a LOT more. While senpais is incredibly detailed and pleasing to look at, yours has SO much more emotion to it and while your style isn't as "realistic" as senpais it definitely works in it's own way.

  16. How to draw :

    (1) Draw the damn thing dipshit.

    (2) You dumbass, how'd you manage to do that?!

    (3) Goddamnit, redo it you inbred.

    (4) Wake up

    (5) Realise that you've been talking to yourself for 7 hours criticising your own art and subsequently fell asleep.

    (6) See step one through six.

  17. I have my notifications on but im not getting new videos i just watched two of your newer videos on spill and definetly didnt get told when they eleased

  18. D'Angelo I'd like to know what you think of my own art styles…..I'm not all that super professional like you guys though
    My Channel's alternate name is Robertsdigitalart by the way

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