IBM Insights for a Connected World for Electronics

This is Sam. Sam is Director of Operations at X corp, a major appliance manufacturer. Today Sam’s world is unpredictable. Sam knows that information from IoT enabled appliances can be used to generate new insights to boost operations and make other improvements across the enterprise. x Corp is in fact shipping IoT capable appliances, but facing a sea of options. Sam isn’t sure where or how to begin the journey to an IoT powered enterprise. Introducing IBM Insights for a Connected World, a fully-managed IOT solution as a service from IBM, that leverages Watson IoT Enterprise and covers implementation through to ongoing operation and support. Insights for a Connected World makes it easy for Sam to experiment with IoT capabilities that grow with his enterprise and allows them to add new features and capabilities as required. Sam can start with a proof-of-concept pilot selecting the services that interest in most. IBM experts work hand-in-hand with Sam’s team to connect IoT data with X core operations. Watson cognitive capabilities are applied to review, analyze, predict and generate insights. Informed by Watson machine learning and advanced analytic models, Sam receives specific recommendations for predictive maintenance and repair. Suggestions include ordering additional spare parts to address unexpected defects, issuing service bulletins, and contacting customers to preemptively repair appliances before a failure occurs. IBM’s Insights for a Connected World allows Sam to harness and act on the insight generated from IoT enabled devices and improve x Corps field service capabilities to minimize costs and downtime. With a clear return-on-investment, Sam receives approval to scale up his enterprise-level IoT services. IBM’s global presence makes rollouts in multiple geographies not only possible, but reliable and fast. Now Sam can share IoT intelligence with other work groups, including product development, marketing, and supply chain to provide additional value added services and further monetize x Corps IoT insights and X Corp can engage directly with customers to deliver additional value added services to bring them value, convenience, and most importantly experiences that exceed expectations. IoT Insights from IBM have transformed x Corps bottom line and their reputation and this all started with Sam and IBM Insights for a Connected World. Let us help you bring your IoT vision to life.

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