INNPAPER: an innovation and research project to print electronics within paper

smartphones tablets in the last decades they have become an everyday commodity but we discard them every few years generating millions of tons of electronic waste each year once discarded these electronic devices take a heavy toll on the environment although we recycle a part of the electronic waste recovering all that metal and plastic affects developing countries causing serious health and pollution problems all this poses a growing environmental and social concern but what if we stopped using plastic and metal what if we could use paper a recyclable reusable and flexible material in the European project in paper we wanted to develop electronic devices that are more environmentally friendly using paper we will modify the cellulose fibres that compose the paper to keep it features like conducting electricity repelling water resisting high temperatures or shielding magnetic fields we will also produce special inks that when joined with our tailored papers will allow us to design batteries antennas displays and different types of sensors altogether these devices will form a configurable electron ready to be adapted for different industrial sectors we will demonstrate this in three different use cases smart enables for food packaging to inform you about the conservation conditions drug detection devices for THC and saliva and coffee and drinks and bedside tests to detect influenza virus and streptococcus bacteria our pilot assembly line will comprise the whole chain of production from the raw materials to the assembly of the final devices we will use the latest green industrial processes to manufacture are tailored papers to minimize their impact on the environment and we will design the devices that are easy to recycle so we can recover as much material from them once you have used them our technology could be applied to any electronic field in the future giving rise to a more sustainable electronic industry visit in paper or edu for more information [Music]

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