Intersolar Europe 2019: Customer Feedback from the SMA Booth

Hello Masa, you’re visiting the Intersolar
SMA booth today. Maybe you can tell us more about why you’re
here and what’s interesting for you today. We’re here today to meet with
SMA management to agree on some annual targets and also to see what is new
technology wise and from what I can see there are plenty of new products which
makes us very exciting. Have you been able to maybe check out the new SMA app or any of the digital new offerings that we present here today? Yes. we’re particularly interested in ennexOS. I think it’s probably one of the
most advanced energy management and monitoring solutions that we currently
have on the market and we’re actually exploring currently trying to understand
better the technology so we can better explain it to the customers which is our
clients in the CNI space. So I think this is just a perfect solution for any
client – business in particular – who wants to reduce their carbon footprint
and wants to have an integrated energy management solution. Postino, you traveled very far to come to the Intersolar. Can you tell us why you here
regularly and what you saw here today? Well, I traveled far all the
way from Ghana to Intersolar to a upraise myself and of course my company with the
new trends new technologies happening in the solar renewable space and of course
to also make new contacts and see what’s trending and the future for the industry. The trends you pick up from today taking back to Ghana, what would
that be from the SMA booth today, what would you tell them back home? Well I’ve seen something amazing. This is my first time I saw your 50 kilowatt inverter.
I haven’t really seen it – today’s my first time I’ve seen it and it looks
good. We are already planning a 350 kilo watt project on it and yeah I hope to
see some real action from this product. And what about the digital side of
things? The apps, the installer apps, is this something interesting for you in
Ghana as well? Are installers asking for it? Yeah sure! Making life easy, making monitoring easy. Yeah, very good to have these new
innovations coming up. It makes it easy for most installers to play around with
their smartphones and to also remotely monitor things without necessarily being
present at a site. Thank you very much and enjoy the trade fair. Thank you

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