Introducing CaNibble – The Professional Nibbler Tool | Product guide (with full instructions)

Cutting metal can be difficult, labour intensive
and often downright dangerous. Tin snips, or grinders, shears, oxyacetylene, or plasma
cutters – they’re dangerous, hot, produce sparks, leave burrs, or warped metal edges,
they’re are difficult to control and expensive. Introducing the CaNibble. The powerful and
versatile professional nibbler with the patented cutting action designed to make countless
cutting jobs easier, faster and safer. Fitting effortlessly into any standard drill – electric,
battery, or air powered – the CaNibble can glide through material up to 2mm thick or
14 gauge, and to a radius as small as 8mm or 5/16ths of an inch. Sheet metal, corrugated
material, pipes, complex profiles, powder coated material, stainless steel, copper,
aluminimum, formica, plastic, fibreglass, – even soft materials such as denim, leather,
paper or card. The CaNibble is so versatile it can handle it all with ease. So, how does the CaNibble work? Take a look
at the CaNibble’s patented cutting action. Driven by the circular motion of the drill,
the case hardened die and the high speed steel cutting punch perform a rapid up and down
motion punching out the material on the upstroke into the die. This creates a precision, burr
free edge. No need for filing, and no distortion of the material edge that you get with other
cutting tools. Designed to impart the cutting pressure on the strongest part of the die,
the CaNibble can cut up to 1200 feet of metal on one punch. It’s safe to touch, easy to
work with and is designed with care and attention to detail. That’s why the CaNibble works
beautifully and is the worldwide nibbler of choice. The CaNibble is a compact, drill attachment
that you can take with you anywhere you go. Cut in any direction and follow the profile
of your material. Gutters, roof sections, metal drums, complex shapes or stencils can
be cut with precision as the CaNibble can move anywhere within 360 degrees! Forwards,
backwards, left, right and anywhere in between. Right, or left handed, the manoeuvrability
of the CaNibble over the material makes this an incredibly versatile tool for many uses.
Using CaNibble’s customised clamps and the and the CaNibble straight and circle cutting
attachment you can also effortlessly cut beautifully straight cuts and perfect circles every time. DIY Handyman, farmers, plumbers, electricians,
roofers, panel beaters, car restorers, arts and craft. This is a powerful tool that will
change the way you think about cutting sheet material, and open up new possibilities that
will save you time, and effort on many jobs. This is the only professional nibbler in America
with a fully patented cutting action. The CaNibble fits easily onto any drill that works
between 1500 and 3000 RPM and is so simple to use. Simply insert the drive shaft into the chuck
of your drill and tighten the chuck, exactly like putting in a drill bit. When you start
up the drill, the CaNibble will be ready to cut. To rotate the die within its 360 degrees of
possible directions, slacken the nose cap with a wrench, rotate the die to your desired
position and retighten the nose cap. To change the Punch or Die unscrew the nose
cap with a wrench and withdraw the die, to remove the punch, unscrew the punch location
screw and slide the punch out. To reassemble the parts, slide the punch back through its
location screw and tighten back into place. Replace the die over the punch (packed with
high temperature grease) and replace and tighten the nose cap. To cut out a circle, pre-drill two 25/64 inch
or 10mm holes, one in the centre of the circle and one with its outer edge on the circumference
of the circle. Affix the collar of the straight and circle cutting attachment to the die,
and tighten. Place the material over the die of the CaNibble and over the guide of the
attachment then tighten the guide screw. Start up your CaNibble and cut out
the perfect circle. It’s as simple as drawing a circle with a compass.
To cut a straight edge (to mirror the straight edge of a new piece of material for example)
set the distance required between the collar of the attachment, and the flat surface of
the guide. Attach the collar to the die, and then place the flat edge of the guide against
the edge of the material. Then, cut the material with the CaNibble in the usual way. To use the bench clamps you will need to attach
them both to the neck of the drill and the body of the CaNibble, as drills vary in length.
Put the neck of the drill into the collar of one clamp and tighten. Next put the body
of the CaNibble into the collar of the second clamp and tighten. This will put the clamps
at the correct distance apart before you bench mount them. Next clamp the entire assembly
to the bench and tighten into position. [second version] Next clamp the entire assembly to
the bench and screw into position The CaNibble will fast become your favourite
tool for cutting sheet material. It’s patented, efficient, and effortless cutting action will
not only make the job easier, but it will be fun too. You can purchase the CaNibble direct from
the manufacturer online at for massive savings; and with our ‘5 year
worldwide guarantee’ you’ll be confident that your CaNibble will stand the test of
time. The CaNibble – The powerful and versatile
professional nibbler with the patented cutting action designed to make countless cutting
jobs easier, faster and safer. A nibbler made in the spirit of days gone
by, when things were made to last. To buy online or find out more visit

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  1. Hello!!! My name is Peter and I am from Argentina, do not get their products here, you do international shipping? appreciate your answer greetings

  2. What gauge of Annealed Copper could you cut with this? Your website only lists Brass at 14 gauge, but Annealed Copper is substantially softer.

  3. find us at

    thank you to everyone letting us know when our video is hijacked and posted on a FB advert for a Chinese Nibbler that is not made by us or endorsed by us, this use of our advert is illegal and we are working on taking all copies down.

  4. Can it cut my little brother in half because he broke my dremel and it set on fire and killed my sister so will he get hurt with it??

  5. Just saw ebay using this "CaNibble" name as some chinese knock off. Just reported it 🙂 I'll invest in this tool in the near future.

  6. Chinese manufacturers and sellers are stealing your name (which I assumed you trademarked). I hope you have the capital to go after them.

  7. I have an air nibbler and it does a nice job but the only thing i dont like about those things are those crescent shaped chips they make. They find their way into everything. Shoes, socks, etc. I always thought they should have some kind of catch bottle for that.

  8. I appreciate your assistance and quick response. I forgot to ask what is the gauge I can cut with this device? I use to cut 14 gauge on carbon steel, is this device good enough for that gauge? Thanks in advance!

  9. I wish this could cut wooden sheets of 4 to 6 mm thickness. Please let me know if there is any such nibbler to cut wood.

  10. Is this the Australian Designed Professional Nibbler, that has been available in Australia for years ?Check out THE PROFESSIONAL NIBBLER: A HIGH QUALITY, AUSTRALIAN MADE TOOL.
    Our local engineering firm responsible for the design and manufacture of the Professional Nibbler has over 30 years of industry experience. Every part that comes off the production line is certified and must meet our quality specifications.
    We carry out our own rockwell and hardness tests to ensure the material meets the required standards before we begin milling and turning. This guarantees that the Professional Nibbler will give you a perfect cut and serve you well for many years to come unlike cheap imitation nibblers manufactured abroad, that just don’t last.

  11. Check this 2013 video about the Australian Designed Professional Nibbler.

  12. I'm still hearing "cannibal" and have to look at the title each time to get, what's actually been said. XD

  13. Nice tool but $188 for the whole kit come on man, whats your cost on the kit at most $15, nice tool but not for $188, and you guys wonder how come chinese make it sell it for $25 for the whole kit, GREED is the word.

  14. Love it. Could have picked a better name though hahaha – Just picked up the new "Jeffery Dhamer" from Mastercraft

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