Introduction – Chemical Applications of Symmetry and Group Theory – Prof Manabendra Chandra

hello and welcome to my course whose title
is ah chemical applications of ah symmetry and group theory ah this is a twenty hours
course and i am your instructor for this course my name is ah manabendra chandra i am an assistant
professor and the department of chemistry iit kanpur so ah the aim of this ah particular course
is to provide a systematic ah treatment of symmetry in chemical systems within the mathematical
framework which is known as group theory so ah once we have ah classified the symmetry
of ah any chemical entity like a molecule ah this group theory it provides a ah powerful
set of tools which provide us ah with considerable insight into many of ah its chemical and physical
properties and some application of group theory includes ah to find out ah whether a molecule
will be polar whether a molecule will be chiral or not ah whether ah ah given a normal mode
of vibration is allowed or not ah whether a transition from one state to another or
not so ah ah but the end of this course we should
be able to find out ah ah what are the symmetry elements one molecule has what point group
this molecules belongs to what is the representation of that particular point group of that molecule
and ah how to utilize this ah symmetry elements and symmetry ah operations and the representations
to find out different physical properties like ah you know whether ah any vibration
is ah raman active or infrared active so ah we will also learn about how to find
out ah the selection rules of any spectroscopic transitions and also we will learn ah how
to form a molecular orbital using ah symmetry adapted linear combinations of atomic orbitals
using ah the framework of ah group theory so thats the aim of this ah course and every
week there are total ah eight weeks for this ah course and at the end of every week we
will have assignments which will be mostly ah based on ah multiple choice questions and
ah there will be ah exam at the end which will also be a mcq type so i welcome you again
to this course and happy learning thank you

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