iPhone SE2 Wireless 2020

the new generation of wireless apple
headphones can get fast wireless charging this was reported by an insider
max wine back on his Twitter page according to him Apple will present to
the public air pods – at the spring presentation despite the fact that the
event will be entirely devoted to new software products of the corporation
according to The Insider the updated air pods – will include an updated case with
support for fast wireless charging you can fully charge the case and headphones
in just 15 minutes from 0 to 100% the case itself will receive certain
visual changes in its size it will not only be larger than its predecessor but
also harder it is noteworthy but the design of the headphones will also be
slightly updated the company intends to use a matte finish similar to that
currently used Apple pencil – apparently air pods – cannot be called a minor
update there are really a lot of changes new dark colors and body cover case with
support for accelerated wireless charging active noise reduction and
support for high siri protection against ingress of water and splashes according
to the ip67 / ip68 standard updated Apple W – processor and support for
Bluetooth 5.0 in addition the insider also spoke about the dark mode in iOS 13
according to his information Apple will not have time to hone the interface to
perfection at the time of the release of the public version that is why the night
mode should be expected only in iOS 13 point 1

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