J Dilla Inspired Techniques 3

wassup everybody its your man JFilt from how to make very sick beats .com if this is your 1st time welcome welcome welcome today we’re gonna do another dilla technique with some hihats this time around so lets get into it so we are still in dilla month that being february 2016 and i wanna take it back yall this time lets take it back to slum village this is before he was known as j dilla this is when he was known as jay dee we taking it back to fantasic vol 1 i want yall to hear this beat real quick listen imma just play a little bit of it this comes from slum village fantastic vol 1 the name of the track is called forth & back crazy right just crazy but listen to the hi hats listen real closely to the hi hats some of yall just might be hearing this imma play along with it right but really if you listen real closely there’s another set of hi hats going on underneath it its like an underlying hi hats with a different rhythm this is the technique listen to it again and pay attention to the other hi hat not the main 1/4 note but listen can yall hear its like some triplets going this is the technique dilla uses to sets of hi hats so i got one hi hat right here and another hi hat here like a higher pitch hi hat than this one you hear the difference ok so this would be the main one right and then heresan another set thats doing a whole different rhythm and actually the technique if you can do whatever pattern you want to lets listen one more time and were gonna do our own little thing to it thats what the 2nd hi hat was doing just crazy right the technique once again use 2 different hi hats one pitched a little higher than the other this can be your main focus and then have a whole other rhythm and just see what you come up with im messing with different tap tempo let’s play with a beat i got that going right i can add another hi hat on top of this hi hat doing another rhythm and you can actually mix the 2nd hi hat just a little lower imma do that real quick have this hi hat slightly lower volume wise so u really unless u paying attention to it you really wont notice but when you hear it all together it makes the beat just sound crazy and you don’t even know why ok so imma just mess with different types of rhythms see what i come up with even if i wanna use the note repeat and lets change the timing to lets say 1/16 triplets watch this did yall hear that crazy lets add some more yall know how i do im just messing with a beat try it out man dilla technique man crazy dude was bananas genius so if u like this video hit that thumbs up button i really appreciate it more vids to come come to the website get yourself a free drum kit thumbs up if u like it thumbs down if u don’t like it i appreciate yall spending the time to check your boy out i got all my social links below follow your boy and i will see yall next time peace

100 thoughts on “J Dilla Inspired Techniques 3

  1. Just wanna say I've been looking for some channels to give me guidance on producing and your the first channel I've found in practically a year of searching thats really straight forward and helpful. I'm subscribed

  2. hey jflit after you've done with dilla month RIP to the grandmaster dilla, next month make ethier a nujabes or fat jon technique tribute. thanks

  3. DOPE! DOPE! you can't really hear it but it gives it that funky swing and bounce, it like a ghost note hit hat. another technique of Dilla I've noticed is he makes the last hi hat before the kick on the one, louder. to emphasis groove! Dope tutorial JFilt.

  4. Which one did dilla usually do first the sample or the drums? I also have another question, when people record their drums in youtube videos and loop them do they quantize them? me and a friend had this argument, he records his drums and then goes to the daw and edits them. I was trying to prove he doesnt have to edit them if he records them in the right time. I couldnt prove right since idk how its done, and everytime i record my drums they sound offbeat unlike those that i see when i watch those videos. An example of what im talking about is this (simple sounds, nothing complex but i would like to learn how to do it like this first)
    Also boonie mayfield aka boon doc (you probably know who he is) has videos doing it like this. Are they simply just quantizing everything or Do you think they are editing the videos and fixing up the drum sounds then going back? if yes is there anyway to do it on the fly or do you always have to get everything on grid if you dont quantize? Would appreciate the help

  5. i had to rewind it a couple times, but DAMN that is subtle. I bet if it was absent though, the beat would sound weird. Good ear, Filt.

  6. This music is here because of genius…  as opposed to a person, over coming their limitations…  anyone can do it…  you just have to think outside of the box known as…  YOU.

  7. Although your lesson on underlying hi hats is definitely still informative, i think in the J Dilla track he is using some underlying tambourine loop, which also gives it that humanised feel because it isn't just one shots. I could be wrong though.

  8. What's good my brother. Nice tip on the J Dilla technique.
    I have a client in Italy that's about to drop a project in April and he wants me to submit a track for it, so I'm scouting out different styles for ideas to come up with something different for him. I'll definitely be checking out your other videos for sure.

  9. Man these videos are so helpful, really set me on the path of steppin up my game, much love and keep doing what you doin !

  10. dude thats not a dilla secret thats the most day one basic hi hat technique, its not some big secret, what made dilla great was the shit he did that NO ONE can figure out to this day.

  11. Nice beat but That's just an ordinary old school beat with a swing feel (or triplet feel) to it. What Dilla was actually doing was shifting the hi hat to lag a little bit behind the beat.

  12. Pharrell did this in the song "luv you better". There is a super quiet hi hat on the left side that somehow still works with the shakers

  13. JFilt is the most positive, knowledge based YouTuber PERIOD. Love your videos and your style man!
    Never change

  14. Oh man I'm so happy you made this! Often times I heard 'something' about those hats but could never hear exactly what it was. Thank you so much for making so many awesome video's, man! You rock!

  15. Especially love your J Dilla videos. I made this beat using some of your techniques https://soundcloud.com/dugloduglo/grinnin would love your feedback!

  16. love Dilla, love music, mind of an engineer or sciencetist I breakdown ev'thang. I see the same innovation and mental adventure in my boys veins.

  17. That 2nd hi-hat does not sound like a hi-hat at all… it sounds like a shaker or tambourine being played in triplets.

  18. I know music is for everybody. But damn bruh I love our culture(Black Culture). This is Culture right here in Theory.

  19. 2 chill…. mpc is lookn nice. i really want one but im not sure which one…urs looks tite where can i find out how to find one that works for me?

  20. Afrolatin music is amazing to learn this kind of stuff, every instrument is doing a different thing, polyrhythms all the way 🤘

  21. Yo J, Im a long time fan, get regular emails by your website and also have your drumpacks. Youre awesome!! But my old Youtube got taken down, so I need to express myself in a nu comment haha… stay cool man! Super helpful videos

  22. Dude! My hearing is fucked… I cant hear it. I get the theory of what you're explaining though.

  23. Listen to how the swing in the hats in Sunbeams seems to fluctuate, that hat roll seems tighter than it '''should be'' in relation to the rest of the groove. Swing normally delays those measures, I love grabbing a single moment and making it hit ever so slightly EARLIER than even 0 swing to heavily contrast with the swing, safest with like a hat since the whole track doesn't lean on it but still determines ''momentum'', but can be even better on like a kick drum/bassline, think dilla did that in ''bullshit'', if I recall correctly.

    I tend to actually prefer subtlety over a completely wonky flow and those ''extra tight'' sounding quarter notes are one of my favorite things ever, creates a little moment of rhythmic tension. Goes well with slightly delayed off-beats and slightly earlier snare, I also tend not to flam much and even stretch samples to fit into the imperfectly distributed grid I'm picturing, if it sounds better. So when my snare comes early, the hat that's on the same measure does too 99% of the time.

  24. Im a drummer, I come here for a different perspective and take on hip hop. Chris Daddy Dave is the man, he totally gets the Dilla style of beats, he is one of the only drummers to "get it".

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