JC-Electronics Corporate Movie

We live in a fast-moving society. Unnoticed, industries throughout the
world are working to produce the products which meet our everyday needs. When technology fails an industry,
JC-Electronics is ready with the solution. We ensure that technology which has
worked before can work again. We contribute to the Circular Economy. Your defective and used industrial
electronics do not have to be destroyed. We repair and refurbish all products
and provide a minimum 12-month warranty. The reconditioned electronics can be
reused in various production processes. Thus preventing any wastage of resources. Our highly trained specialist staff
receive and recondition the electronics, which are examined, repaired as
necessary and extensively tested. Our R&D department prepares, researches and
develops various electronic applications, such as specialized tools to
improve the speed of repairs. The knowledge we build up is shared
in our internal business school. We train new and existing employees who
become specialist professionals. Who are kept up to date with the latest technological
developments and able to deliver the highest quality. We also train people who have difficulty
getting into the job market at our JC-Academy. We believe that what or who
has worked before, can work again. In this way we can guarantee the
continuity of every production process by having the correct
knowledge and stock to hand. When a refurbished product has met
our strict quality requirements it can be repackaged and
replaced in stock. Our international sales
team is ready to help, quickly searching for
a suitable solution. We can usually dispatch this
around the world within 24 hours. We have thousands of new and refurbished
industrial electronics in our stockroom. Everything has been extensively tested, is
competitively priced and comes with a guarantee.

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