JC-Electronics provides full support for the Indramat ANAX series

It is always possible that,
having given years of service, the elements of a production line can break. And that the replacement electronics are no
longer in production and cannot be found. The Indramat Anax family is
a perfect example of this, featuring high quality parts which
are no longer being manufactured. When your costs are running
but your machines are not, contact JC-Electronics for a
fast and cost-effective solution. With a twelve month JC-Electronics guarantee. For the Indramat ANAX series
we devised a test set-up as we had increased
interest from our clients. To meet the wishes and
demands from our clients, we have developed a
full test system so that we can provide
the JC-Electronics guarantee. We can refurbish the broken part,
taking it through the entire process of recovering, repairing and cleaning
components before reassembling, thoroughly testing and returning to the
client at new product performance level. JC-Electronics, your uptime partner.

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