Jeep Wrangler Omix-ADA 7″ Fender Flare 6pc Kit w/ Hardware (1997-2006 TJ) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review and installation of the Omix-ADA seven-inch Fender Flare kit fitting all 1997
to 2006 TJs. Today we’re gonna talk through the installation
of this Fender Flare kit which I’m going to give a very simple one out of three wrenches
because these are designed to bolt directly in place of your factory flares without the
need to drill any holes in your body. We’re also going to talk about the construction
and a few of the other features of the flares. There are few different reasons that you might
want to replace the factory flares on your TJ. If you still have the original flares, chances
are they are faded from the sun and instead of being black, they’re more of a white or
gray color. The flares can also crack if you rub them
on an off-road obstacle, or you may just want to replace them with a wider set, like the
ones we have here, to give you more tire coverage. If you have a wider tire or less backspacing
on your wheels, it pushes the tire and wheel package away from the center line of the jeep,
so having a wider flare like this will ensure that the tire’s completely covered, which
will help the tire from throwing junk up on the side of your jeep but will also keep you
legal in areas where there are laws concerning tire coverage. This set of flares is going to look factory,
give you more coverage and be really aggressively priced. This fender flare kit includes all six pieces
to replace all of the flares that are currently on your jeep, and that is something that’s
a little bit different from some of the other flare sets on the market. This does include the small flares that go
directly behind the front tires and in front of the doors on your TJ, where some of the
flare kits only include four flares. These are made of a rugged thermoplastic material
that is UV treated to keep them from fading in the sun, and as I mentioned before, they
are designed to bolt directly in place of your factory flares. Because this kit does include all six pieces
and also the hardware necessary to get them installed, again, this is a very simple one
out of three wrenches. The first step is, of course, to remove your
factory fender flares, which you’ll do by removing all of the bolts that hold them in
place. Now, this is the one area that might make
this install a little bit more time-consuming or difficult. The factory flares are held onto the body
with Nutserts that are installed into the metal fenders. If you have a lot of rust on your jeep, there
could be a couple of those Nutserts that end up spinning, making them more difficult to
remove. If it’s one of the Nutserts that you can get
to the back of, you can simply grab onto it with a pair of pliers or vice grips and go
ahead and loosen up the bolt as you otherwise would. However, if it’s one that you cannot get to
the back of, you are gonna have to be a little bit more creative with how you get the factory
flare off and get the new flares installed. Either way, once you have those factory flares
uninstalled, you’ll simply hold the new flares up to the side of the jeep and use the new
hardware to get them bolted into place. One of the nice features about these flares
is that you can use the factory turn signal and marker light out of your factory flare. Simply unclip it, put it into your new one
and you’re good to go. Again, very simple installation that will
only take you around two hours to complete, and you won’t need any specialty tools, just
some traditional hand tools. Like I said before, these flares are very
aggressively priced. It’s hard to find for under $200 a set of
all six pieces, including the hardware, that bolt right into place, are built well and
are going to hold up for a long time. I think that these are a really good buy. Sometimes you do get what you paid for, and
when a product is priced lower, you get a lower quality. I don’t think that’s the case with these. These are still very well built and a great
buy. So whether you’re looking to replace your
factory flares because they’re faded, cracked or because you need some more tire coverage,
this is going to be an inexpensive and easy to install kit. So that’s my review of the Omix-ADA seven-inch
Fender Flare kit fitting all 1997 to 2006 TJs that you can find right here at

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