Jonard Tools TK-19 Repair Kit & SP-4 Opener For Smartphones & Tablets

The TK-19 smartphone and tablet repair
tool kit and the SP-4 opener for smartphones and tablets are two of the
latest innovative products manufactured by Jonard Tools. If you’re looking to
replace the screen or glass on your phone or put in a new battery then this
is the perfect kit for those with greater repair ambitions. You have all
the tools you need to totally disassemble a smartphone or tablet. The
TK-19 kit is used for repairing all series of smartphones, tablets, and many
I-series computers. The kit is perfect for do-it-yourself repair jobs, and comes in
a convenient storage case neatly organized with the components labeled.
The kit contains an assortment of 13 magnetized bits, including Phillips,
slotted, hex, torques, and pentalobe bits. Also included, our two prying tools, a
guitar pick, suction opener, sim ejection tool, tweezers, and a bit handle. Here we
show an iphone 5 being taken apart using the TK-19 kit. Using a pentalobe bit,
remove the screws at the base of the phone, then grab either the suction cup
and pry bar or the SP-4 to easily remove the screen. Change the bit for a double
zero Phillips head to finish taking the screen apart so you can replace the
glass. Disassembling the phone completely after opening is relatively easy. A
professional or anyone who feels they can do it themselves can get it done.
Whether you are looking to just replace the screen, the glass, or battery, or to
replace other defective or worn out components, is a simple process. All you
need are the right tools and they are in this kit.

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