Jonard Tools Universal Cable Stripping Tool (UST-500 & UST-596)

The Jonard UST Series of Universal Cable Stripping
tools are the most versatile products of their kind on the market – a five-in-one wire stripper,
designed for the most common daily wire preparation applications. The first hole strips RG 6/59
and RG 7/11. The second hole strips round networking cable. The third cuts all style of cable. The fourth slits 4 or 6 pair flat cable UST-596 is identical to the UST-500,
but comes with a twin blade for RG 59/6 cables only. To use the UST for stripping COAX cable
first select the proper side of the cassette that corresponds with your cable size and
insert it into the cassette holder. Next squeeze the stripper to open the jaw and insert the
cable. Be sure to align the end of the cable with the stop on the cassette. Hold the cable
near the tool and rotate the UST around the cable in a forward motion until you no longer
hear the braid being cut. Holding the end of the tool firmly, pull the UST off the cable.
The cable is now ready to be terminated. Another feature of this adjustable stripper is its
ability to strip round networking cable like CAT 5. First squeeze the jaw open. Next insert
the cable into the second position on the tool. Adjust the blade – make certain not
to cut into the connectors. Rotate the tool in a forward motion three to five times. Hold
the end of the tool firmly and pull. Your wire is stripped with no damage to the conductors.
To cut all styles of cables insert the cable in the third slot on the tool and squeeze.
If you’re working with flat cables such as 4 or 6 pair use the blades located at the
end of the tool in the fourth position.

3 thoughts on “Jonard Tools Universal Cable Stripping Tool (UST-500 & UST-596)

  1. This video was quite useful because I just bought a similar tool but it doesn't came with any instructions about how to use it properly. Thanks.

  2. Awesome. So simple to use, yet I wasn't 100% sure what to do since I'm such a rookie at this sort of thing. Thanks for posting!

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