24 thoughts on “Lecture – 12 Digital Modulation Techniques (Part – 1)

  1. perhaps if he uses slides, time may be conserved from writing effort. The cancellation gives me headaches sometimes.

  2. When is IIT et al going to do a series of lectures on PRN (Psudorandom Noise) Modulation … the kind GNSS systems like GPS use?

    MIT, and Berkeley Universities are 'out to lunch' in providing PRN modulation lectures…

  3. if you have watched the complete video you pls comment those topics below, it would be useful for successor . thank you 🙂

  4. This series of videos is brilliant. Seriously if my university lecturer was this good he might be worth listening to. This is all very well structured and easily understandable. I didn't understand my level 5 digital comms module one iota until i came across these videos.
    Highest praise available to the tutor.

  5. Very good explanation. Understanding Digital Modulation in this way makes it easy. Thank You sir for the efforts.

  6. Only 240p seriously?
    How about investing some more money and producing good quality videos
    But the concepts were explained in a clear manner and I feel like now i have got a grasp of this vast rich subject.

  7. Very well explained. I was struggling to organize a course around digital modulation and this came handy. Thanks NPTEL.

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