Les BISCUITS à la CUILLÈRE Faciles // Recette Technique

Hi everyone, Ludo here. Welcome to my channel, Pastry Freak. I’m happy to see you again for a new technical recipe. Today, we’re making ladyfingers or sponge fingers, these very soft cookies we traditionally use in charlotte cakes, tiramisu, or even in entremets. Before we get started, I want to remind you, all the important infos are available in the description box below. You have the complete and detailed recipe on the blog, as well as the ingredients, and it goes for every single of my recipes. By the way, don’t hesitate to let me know what technical recipes you need, tell me what you thought about this video, it will help me to regularly add technical recipes on my YouTube channel. Let’s now move on to the recipe of our ladyfingers. Ready? Let’s go! For our ladyfingers, about 30 cookies, we’ll need 3 eggs, 70g sugar,35g all-purpose flour, 35g potato starch, confectioner’s sugar. Start with separating the eggs and whip the whites in the mixer bowl. When they start to become a light mousse, add the sugar in three times. When the whites create soft peaks, add the egg yolks in one shot. Keep mixing at low speed. The mixture has to remain foaming and light. Sieve the flour and the starch above the whipped eggs delicately fold in with a rubber spatula to incorporate the flour without deflating the mixture. Pipe 8cm long and evenly thick ladyfingers and make sure you have a 2cm space between each to prevent them from sticking in the oven. You can draw 8cm long strips on the back of the baking paper to use as landmarks. To create the fine and pearly white sugar coat on your ladyfingers, we’ll bead them, we’ll sprinkle confectioner’s sugar twice and 5 minutes apart right before baking. Evenly sprinkle your cookies with confectioner’s sugar. Let sit for 5 minutes and repeat. Bake at 230°C for 8 minutes. They’ll bake quickly. You want them to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Voilà, our ladyfingers are ready, they’re soft and delicious. I’ll use them very soon for a charlotte cake recipe, stay tuned. Think about liking the video if you’ve liked itand subscribe to my YouTube channel, it will help me making it live and it makes me happy. I hope all my recipes are very useful. In the meantime, don’t forget to treat yourselves and enjoy! See you soon, ciao! Come on, let’s go! Action! Soft on the inside we traditionally use… We haven’t done a technical recipe in quite a while… Here we go for the ladyfinger tip! We’re about the bead them! Let’s not waste our time with trifles… These cookies put sugar everywhere!

32 thoughts on “Les BISCUITS à la CUILLÈRE Faciles // Recette Technique

  1. Can't wait to try them! J'adore tes recettes ludo ! You make my life easier 😍
    Ps: l'idée recette : cookies aux pépites de chocolat ♥

  2. J'ai fais une charlotte hier soir… À un jour près j'aurai eu la recette des biscuits cuillères… 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
    J'ai poché mon appareil en cartouche pour monter plus facilement ma charlotte mais est-il mieux de les espacer un peu ou de tous les pocher collés les uns aux autres ?
    Super recette concis et clair comme d'hab 👍☺️

  3. Miammmmmm, j'adore mes préférés, trop fort Ludo, j'adore vos recettes, 👍👍avec une mousse fraise, coulis framboises et chantilly vanille 😊😊😋

  4. Je peux remplacer lfecule de pomme de terre à la fécule de maïs svp rpd moi et merci

  5. Merci !!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸Toujours très bien expliqué , un plaisir de te suivre , si je devais faire une proposition de recette…🤔peut-être les choux a la crème 😋
    Tout en douceur 👩🏻‍🍳💕

  6. Bonjour. Merci pour cette super recette et pour le détail du matériel utilisé.
    Pour info, quel mode de cuisson utilisez-vous ?

  7. Bonjour Ludo est-ce qu’il sera possible d3 voir la recette de macarons? Meringue française ou italienne?
    Merci et bonne vacances 😉

  8. bonjour je m'abonne avec grand plaisir moi je voudrai la technique exacte pour faire des macarons car j'ai peur de me lancer merci

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