Life in Lisbon, Portugal as a Digital Nomad: Cost-of-Living

You may have been hearing some buzz around the digital nomad scene lately about Lisbon And now that I’m here I can assure you. It’s for good reason in this video I’ll answer two questions one One – What makes Lisbon such a great home base for digital nomads and two should you come here? Let’s start with the basics So Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe and also boasts the closest point across the Atlantic to North America the population ranges from about 500,000 in the city centre up to 3 million in the outskirts of the metropolitan area That being said there are so many tourists every year that there can be up to 9 or 10 tourists per local resident People are drawn to Lisbon for the year-round mild climate with low community and the culture Restaurants shopping outdoor activities and many beaches that Lisbon has to offer But why do digital nomads love it so much? Well, first of all, it’s the combination of the low cost of living with the high quality of life Although Lisbon has gotten a bit more expensive in recent years still quite affordable to live here rent prices can start from just 150 euro or so per month for a room on a long term rental And starting from around 350 or 450 euro a month for your own apartment These prices vary whether you’re here in the high season or the low season renting long term or a short term But you can definitely find a rental for a few hundred dollars a month if you’re here at the right time for A long period of time. that being said if you’re just here for a short stay in The summer months you could spend up to three or four thousand euro a month for an Airbnb So just make sure to keep that in mind Lisbon provides a great quality of life and work-life balance for digital nomads They’re not at work or the beach You can benefit from one of the hundreds If not thousands of bars restaurants and cafes in the city as far as food prices It’s very affordable. Especially compared to the United States Something like a pint of blueberries that you could buy for eight or nine dollars in the US Will go for only one or two euro here If you cook at home, of course, you’ll always save money But when it comes to eating out you can save there as well breakfast we usually run you around five euro five to ten euro lunch from ten to fifteen and dinner anywhere from Fifteen to fifty for a nice meal out with a glass of wine These are some of the basic things that digital nomads look for in a destination But what else? Lisbon Airport is only a few minutes away from the city centre and a 10 euro taxi ride There’s also a plethora of transportation options everywhere, which makes life just a really convenient everything from bicycles to My taxi electric scooters Buses trams the metro and pretty much any taxi or uber app you can think of is all right here In fact, the city was modeled after San Francisco in some ways So it has a lot of San Francisco vibes the bridge the trolleys Another top thing that digital nomads are looking for is of course co-working spaces and Lisbon has no shortage of co-working spaces There are over 50 just in this city alone and over a hundred throughout the country It seems like there’s a co-working space on every corner because there basically is the Internet is really good everywhere as well You can even work in one of the public parks and get a 50 megabyte download speed and a 20 to 30 megabyte upload speed That’s better than some home Connections in the United States the fourth reason why I nomads come to Lisbon is because of other nomads so if there’s one thing that digital nomads are always looking for it is a sense of community and Lisbon doesn’t disappoint! like attracts like and there is now a pretty solid base of Nomads here year round from all around the world so this unique combination of qualities and characteristics make it an attractive destination for A fifth reason and that’s for international conferences and event from small intimate events at co-working spaces to Digital nomads centered events like the DMX conference to even the global web summit Which is one of the biggest tech conferences in the world, attracting tens of thousands of people So if you’re using Lisbon as your home base, you can take advantage of all of the great activities Conferences and events that are happening year round, so that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed this tour of Lisbon for digital nomads If you liked this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and Make sure to subscribe as well so that you don’t miss our weekly show Digital Nomad TV Okay, “estoy grabando” – gravação?gravando que? visual ou sonoro? … Ah, los dos! os dois. haha obrigad. obrigado 😀

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  1. 🐳Clarification on Lisbon/San Fran connection for anyone who is concerned! As well as a note on rent prices (below):
    Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe, founded thousands of years before European conquistadores discovered North America. San Fran wasn’t founded until 1776.

    However, it is frequently noted that Lisbon and San Francisco share a lot in common. This is what I wanted to convey in the video, although in the edit it can easily be misinterpreted (my apologies for that).

    Both cities have distinct and unique personalities and are located on different sides of the world. But a few of the attributes they have in common are:

    *Lisbon and San Francisco are “sister cities” – this means they are linked and share a unique bond. The aim is for US cities “to link up with the citizens of other countries in an effort to bring about ‘citizen diplomacy’.” I think this is a great program. For example, my hometown of St. Augustine, FL is a sister city with San Sebastián, Spain as they have some shared history.

    *Both cities have similar topography and are known for their 7 hills. They also share a similar climate, fog, and variety of beaches with rocky outcroppings with great surf, as well as harbor fronts, ports and ferries.

    *The Lisbon Ponte 25 de Abril bridge is was built by the same construction company that built the original Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland about 30 years prior. The bridge is also a similar color to the Golden Gate Bridge in SF. So they are frequently compared.

    *Both cities have trolleys/tram lines reminiscent of each other. 🚃

    *Both cities are recognized for their openness, culture, culinary scene, and vibrant energy.

    This is a lot that could not be covered in such a short video, and the video is about Lisbon (not SF). So I hope that this clears that up and that everyone enjoys the video and keeps Lisbon on their bucket lists!


    🏠What about rent? 🏘

    There are a lot of comments on rent prices and cost-of-living. As I mentioned in the video, the cost-of-living in Lisbon has risen in recent years and is highly dependent on the season/time of year, but it’s still generally affordable compared to many places in Western Europe.

    The city center has the highest rental rates, with prices up to €4,000 per month or more. Private rooms on Airbnb (more expensive) can be found for as low as $300/month but up to $2,000/month depending on how nice the place is and time of year. Entire apartments on Airbnb can go from $1,000 up to $7,000 in peak season.

    There is a notably wide and inconsistent discrepancy in rent prices, as the popularity of Lisbon as a tourist and digital nomad destination has skyrocketed in recent years. The reasons for this constitute a controversial and sensitive topic for another video.

    To find cheap rooms and housing, I recommend widening your search to the outskirts of the city or exploring across the bay in less touristy and more residential neighborhoods. This is also a great way to integrate more with the local community. Plus – as we know from the video – public transportation is plentiful! 😉

    Great deals can be found on and in Facebook groups, among other places. The Lisbon City Council also offers an Affordable Rent Program to those who qualify.

    Regardless, transportation, services, and food (especially outdoor markets and grocery stores) can be very affordable.

    I hope this helps clarify! ☀️

  2. In february I visited Lisbon and was struck by the multisidedness off this city. It is not your standard happy mediterranean city (lots of stress on weekdays and lots of people who don't look that happy), but one needs to take the time to be able to appreciate the beauty of the inner city. A visit to the nearby Sintra is a must. One of the nicest things for me was a sunny saturday walk along the Tagus river. The boulevard was as lively as it can get and it even inspired me to write 'Spring in Lisbon':

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  4. nice Spanish at the end there! Bet that Portugese old fella loved that. Lisbon is becoming too expensive, and pricing the locals out. It's not sustainable. Few years and it's done. Onto the next one in Eastern Europe 🙂

  5. The rent has exploded recently. It becames unaffordable to rent a modern studio city center. What cost 600 euros in Krakow will cost 1500 euros minimum in Lisbon. Sadly I won't visit this city anytime soon for this reason.

  6. Come to Spain. You are going to like Valencia even though is not the capital its beaches landscapes nightlife and affordable and quality of life makes the city perfect to live. And I will be your host with pleasure 😉

  7. Im a local real estate agent in lisbon and i can assure you that the prices for a room start at 300€ and a apartment 800€ and above, if you're in central lisbon, on the suburbs it's different

  8. Interesting, I’m in Phuket, Thailand. We living beach life in a warm weather all year. 😊 you can check out my video.

  9. Je suis digital nomad depuis plus de 3 ans maintenant. Je gère une agence marketing que j'ai créé il y a 4 ans lorsque je vivais en France. Je travaillais de chez moi et je sortais très peu, au final j'ai compris que je pouvais faire la même chose de partout dans le monde. Aujourd'hui, je commercialise de l'espace publicitaire, je fais de la photographie pour des entreprises français et je crée du contenu comme des articles ou des vidéos !!

  10. are there furnished apartments? is there any crime? what about the weather? too hot like texas? does one need AC? are there vegetarian options when one goes out to eat? does one need a car? can one work in portugal as a foreigner? thanks from canada

  11. Kristin you should make video on ..that how to find and get gud job in portugal as a indian …it is very helpful for us …thx from india

  12. I feel like those dinner prices were high. I ate an amazing meal here for €8 and wine would have only been €2

  13. The problem with Lisbon and the areas around it is many of the bars have two prices: one for the locals and one for anyone is from elsewhere in world. It happens a lot. I checked with other people who lived there and they'd experienced it too. The restaurants have lots of ways of trying to rip you off too. I'm talking from experience and my research shows me I'm not alone.

    Here's an example, there's a night club that used to be called Club Lux, now it's called Luxfrágil. When a non-local goes there, they charge them €200-€300 just to get in. I never went there. A friend warned me not to go. I couldn't believe it when he told me a friend of his had to pay $250. I did some checks on the internet and it happens a lot. Do a Google search for "LuxFrágil lisbon" then read the reviews. At the moment they've got three out of five stars from 1,166 reviews. Click through and read the reviews though. The good reviews are mostly from locals. They pay normal prices to get in.

    Lux is an extreme example, but ripping off travelers is seen as normal in a lot of Portuguese establishments. Though it happens less in the north of the country. In Porto, I found places where I could get a large beer for €2. In Costa Caparica, the same beer cost me more than I would pay in the Netherlands, Germany, or the UK. That's totally unacceptable. Especially when it's not what the locals pay. I'd been going to say in Portugal for three months. I left after two months and headed elsewhere.

  14. Great video we are new to your channel we were just in Lisbon before a cruise and really enjoyed it enjoy your week and keep connected 👍🌺😎

  15. Awesome.. very many things i can learn .. mainly how to vlog.. subscribed.. i also hv a very very small channel.. req to visit (about section also)

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