Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse: Play Advanced

Whenever we release a new product we always get asked when are you gonna do the G502 Wireless? Today is a very exciting day. Gamers all over the world love the G502 for its incredible performance and amazingly customizable features. The G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse has all the same great features like 11 programmable buttons, a hyper-fast scroll wheel, weight tuning and light sync RGB technology. But, now we have added advanced button tensioning light speed wireless technology with our most advanced HERO 16k sensor and of course power play, for continuous wireless charging. For years we have been developing our ecosystem of Lightspeed wireless technologies that make light powerful wireless gaming mice. When you combine this with the complete redesign of the internal structure of the mouse. You can enable a wireless experience without compromising the original qualities that made the G502 so amazing. Now, you don’t have to choose between the freedom of lightspeed wireless technology and the popular high-performance design of the G502. To find out more about the G502 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse, head over to logitechg.com and keep playing logitechG™

86 thoughts on “Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse: Play Advanced

  1. I moved from a 8 year old mouse to the 502 and can't believe there is no way to modify the sensitivity for x and y independently. Any chance of this happening in the future? Granted I'm keeping the mouse because otherwise it is great.

  2. About damn time. It's been 5 years now ever since G502 Proteus Core came out in 2014. Kudos to Chris Pate, Ujesh Desai, and rest of dev team at Logitech.

  3. So this one comes with a built-in battery? Will there be a version which uses AA/AAA batteries?

  4. i am really conserned the weight of g502 wireless, original g502 is already 102g without addition weight adjusting, 90g is nice touch for fps, 110g just too heavy.

  5. Yeah when are you going to make a wireless deathadder elite?
    You see, razer made a wireless version, its just old.

  6. It’s cool in all but nothing can beat the g502 hero mouse love it! Keep up the good work Logitech! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Using g502 and it is the best mouse I had ever used. Glad it has a wireless and it will be my next mouse! After I finally able to get some money in my wallet. LOL

  8. When are you gonna do the MX518 lightspeed? and why you didnt do it by now? Why the stupid iteration?

  9. knew this was coming or thats what i hoped so, this is the reason i sold my G502 last year

  10. I had the wired version and it was complete garbage! It had so much lagging I almost smashed it with a sledge hammer! Stick with razer they are the best brand. I'm still using the razer imperator for 7 years with no problem. G502 had so much lag I couldn't even use it. It was the proteus spectrum

  11. When your are you going to do a mechanical switch version of the g13. It doesn't need to be mass produced in mass volume just for those who want to replace their old g13.

  12. now listen give us g9x mouse g13 mechanical and better quality powerplay mat – logitech user g710+ g810 mx master g100 g502 g502 hero g903 and soon g502 lightspeed – cmon guys do it 😀

  13. AFTER 10 THOUSAND YEAAARS! Wait, wrong franchise.

    After 5 years it's here! Now go cut GPro tkl keyboard wire and we're set baby.

  14. i just have one question can you have the logitcech g software pair the lighting effects of logitch items with other companies like razer and corsiar if it does i will legit put logitechat my #2 or 1 spot for gaming

  15. I love the shape of the 502 tho i feel there should be better groove on the right side of the mouse to prevent ones little pinkie from accidentally dragging on the mouse mat. Personally with my average sized hands i had to mod my 502 just to prevent that from happening.

  16. Logitech mouse has underlying mechanical problem where mouse often double clicks when you are trying to click once. This also affects drag and drop and it releases the drag randomly, annoying af. Avoid any mouses from this company. Search the web for proof.

  17. I'd consider upgrading from my old wired G502, if it had USB-C instead of the obsolete Micro-B.

  18. The mousepad is ridiculously expensive, even more expensive than the mouse itself.

    It's not a new technology, you can find wireless charging everywhere… why so expensive for a wireless charger under a mousepad?

  19. Logitech, please refresh G3 mouse with new HERO optic.
    Its balance and shape is very versatile and the best for most games and professional applications. G203 is too small and less comfortable than G3.

  20. when are they cutting their cord on logitech g pro keyboard? and using cherry switches? or they develop something nicer than cherry switch not romerg

  21. A lot of gamers in my country really like the form design of g502 , but one thing make it less attractive to them that it has wire , a wireless g502 hero that will be awesome

  22. Can tou make a mouse that is lite like final mouse 58 has three side buttons like g 502 and that has super speed sensor like 903

  23. Are you guys ever gonna make a wireless gaming keyboard with backlight, or should i just go buy the Corsair K63? I mean it's 2019 and you don't have such a keyboard yet. I've been looking to buy a new keyboard in the last couple of years and i wait for Logitech to make one, since i only prefer Logitech peripherals, but since it's taking you so long, i want to know if i should make an exception this time. Please answer guys.

  24. What about double click issue and all the problems with g hub. Do you have this under Control? Because that is my only concern before buying… and I ask you for honesty, not marketing trash talk 🤨

  25. Bonjour logitech je vous contact car je suis un youtubeur qui fait des test d'objet gaming et je voudrais savoir si sa serai possible de pouvoir avoir un objet gaming que je peut présenter ? S'il vous plaît vous pouvez me répondre

  26. For the love of god, can someone at Logitech development team for the Logitech G Hub fix the macros for the keyboards, seriously spent $250 on a keyboard and the macros do not function properly. I should be able to have a 0ms reply for keystrokes, and the paste feature is broken. I can type faster than the default 25ms between keystrokes. It's insane. Up vote this please so they can resolve it. I've emailed; sent in bug reports feature request and nothing. Its now getting annoying.

  27. don't buy it, its a good mouse, but they changed the software, the previous one was top notch, the new one is unusable, too overcomplicated, a piece of garbage, its like you feel the need to learn to program to get something better.
    go to G Hub tips and tricks video, if you don't believe me, and watch the comments.
    I'm gonna warn any review on it.

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