Logitech Pebble M350 Blutooth / USB Wireless Silent Mouse

hi guys its T ripleC i’ve been in the marketing looking for a mouse for business purposes especially when it comes to things like taking your laptop out or if you in a presentation, wanna to use a mouse and you don’t want it to be too loud so i’ve been looking for silent mouses however, most of the silent mouses that i can find uses USB Dongle so i need something that doesn’t use the USB dongle so it doesn’t take out a space on my laptop I needed a bluetooth silent mouse I need it to be small I need it to be good and i need it to able to use it for extended peroid of time without getting all tired Like the microsoft designer mouse that i had that thing, after a little while, not so conformatable so its not easy but actually there’s soemthing right in front of our eyes and i’m able to find something that’s perfect Logitech M350 Pebble and also this shirt is pretty cool that’s why i’m standing up. this is the Logitech Pebble M350 Silent Mouse this is a, one of those well you can see here this is one of those really flat there, we have a focus this is one of those flat small mouse almost like the microsoft designer mouse which i had a microsoft designer before but this is actually very different from that so, lets take a look at the box here Logitech Pebble M350 Modern, Slim, Silent over here it says its silent and the battery itself would last about 18 months and it supports the bluetooth as well as the USB dongle and its high precision optical tracking mouse. and lets look at the back, well its simular yeah so, that is exactly what it is this, is a very slim optical mouse one thing you will notice as soon as you plug it in is that the cursor moves pretty fast but its very accurate its very smooth and that’s very good it gives you a sense of, quick and precision control and just look at it its very slim compare to other mouses its very small but this thing have a very clever design and you look from the side, you will notice the back is thicker than the front this actually gives you more support in your hand in your palm area that helps you clicking away without getting tired so easily because i remembered when i was using my microsoft designer mouse it looks really nice but it is actually not so comfortable to use after a while your fingers can get very tiring after a while yeah obvirously, one of the main focus here is the silent when you press it, it doesn’t make a lot of noise its pretty silent it doesn’t have a clicking noise so that’s all good and it doesn’t have USB Charging its not a internal chargable battery it actually uses a AA battery but different from the other mouses i had the way its designed, it has a cap, that comes off easily with the 2 screws for the 2 magnets here so it stay on with magnet you can easily take it off to replace your battery or to use the USB Dongle which is placed right here so during the normal mode, you would probably using the bluetooth but if you want to use the Dongle for devices that it didn’t pair to you can easily do that very quickly as you can see, the clicky left and right click is nicely placed there, easily visible easy to clean the whole thing is just a really easy simple design i like that this means if something goes wrong you can easily diagnose it find out what’s wrong maybe cleaning it i can’t say about fixing it, but at least everything’s there, easy to see easy to replace yeah so i think this is a pretty amazing mouse the wheelmouse, i should say, the mouse wheel is nice the thick this is rubber texture mouse wheel so it is really nice to use and touch and that button is also silent so its pretty good i’ve been using this for a month I just find it pretty amazing because you can easily put it in your pocket you can easily carry it in some fashion sometimes you even forget about it, left it in your pocket and forget about it its really easily to carry around its quiet, its really nice to use high performance highly highly recommended and its not expensive at all that will be all for this video thank you very much for watching, i will see you next time.

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