LOPEC 2018 | The industry’s leading international meeting place for printed electronics

The most modern technologies, the thinnest
and most flexible electronics: You can find all this at LOPEC. The industry’s leading international meeting
place showcases the entire spectrum from application to research. Experience printed electronics – that’s what
LOPEC stands for. LOPEC 2018 features actually on two main focus
topics: either mobility on one hand and the other focus topic is Wellbeing. Mobility deals with the automotive industry
all about using printed electronics in these industries. Wellbeing is broadband, it’s going from healthcare
to life science really all about the wearables, which are not wearable today, but printed
electronics helps to make them wearable. Elastic, flexible and light as a feather:
that is printed electronics in wearables, garments and accessories. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology exhibits
glasses with integrated semi-transparent, organic solar cells. The glasses display temperature and sunlight
intensity for the wearer. The LG OLED TV “Wallpaper” is only 4.5 millimeters
thick. Flatscreen or is it video wallpaper? The automotive industry is also particularly
interested in the latest technological developments that are being showcased at LOPEC. Well, this is just a simple OLED Display. What I am trying to show you is that it is
curved, thin and also bright. So it is the same sort of technology as in
that. So this gives you an idea what you can do
with these types of technology. The development, for example, of OLEDs is
far from complete. There is still room for improvement in terms
of flexibility, so we want to make it thinner, more flexible, and bendability and ductility
is also a topic for the future. Exactly this future can be seen at the LOPEC
Conference, a meeting place of concentrated expertise. A 182 speakers from 22 countries meet here. We have talks in the plenaries from Jaguar
for instance. We also see really latest research, so University
of Tokyo tells us about their stretchable sensors which could be apply to the human body. We see the impact in the industry reflected
also in this plenary talks. The prospects of this industry are decidedly
positive. Printed electronics opens up a gigantic market
in which many other applications are conceivable and already in development.

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