Made In Minutes: Kissing Technique

– [Jennifer] Hi there, and welcome. This is Jennifer McGuire. Today, I have a Made in
Minutes video for you. It’s a little bit more than 10 minutes, but this is the best I could do because I have several cards,
I got carried away again. But in this video, I’m
going to share with you a fun use of the kissing
technique with stamping. This is where you take two
stamps and kiss them together to get a different look out
of the stamps that you have. I have several examples for you, and I hope you’ll give
this technique a try. Okay, this is the stamp set that I’m using for the technique today. This was designed by Reverse Confetti for Simon Says Stamp as part
of the STAMPtember celebration so you can only get it at Simon Says Stamp and for a limited time only. This is called Wonderful You, and it’s this great outline image, but then also separate
images so you can do different leaves in different colors. There are also some wonderful sentiments. I thought this would be perfect
for the technique today. I also used a few different
background stamps. Now for this technique, you
need some background stamps that have fine detail to it. In this case, I thought the
fine lines would be perfect for the kissing technique. We also have this from My Favorite Things that is just a bunch of dots
that are close together. Another one that’s great
for the kissing technique. And then finally, this
one from Gina K designs. It’s a gauze stamp and it works great. So anything with a fine
pattern you can try. Doesn’t even have to
be a background stamp, but those seem to work really well. I’ll be using a MISTI stamping tool today since I’m stamping so many images, but you definitely could do this technique with an acrylic block if you prefer I’m stamping the outline images first on the white card stock using
Reverse Confetti stone ink. This is a softer shade of
gray that I really like because if you stamp it twice, it becomes a little bit darker. That’s what I decided to
do for today’s example, but you could stamp it
once for a lighter image. Now I am going to stamp a
bunch of these outline leaves so that I can make several cards today. Okay, after stamping all of the outlines, it’s time to start stamping the leaves. So I’ll take the first image,
and you can see this stamps some of the leaves so we
can do different colors. Now this isn’t meant to perfectly lineup. This has got a little artsy feel to it, and I really like that. Since I’ve never used this stamp, I’m wiping it with a dry
cloth just to prepare it, and now we can apply our ink. I’m using a light Altenew ink. This is Altenew Limeade. Any ink would work for this technique. You definitely wanna
start with a lighter color for this first step. I’ll go ahead and stamp
this on a bunch of my panels so I have lots of them going. Okay, now it’s time to
do the kissing technique, which will add those
stripes on to our leaves. For this, I’m using the Hero Arts Ocean Waves background stamp. I will move the pad for
my MISTI stamping tool and put the cling stamp
into the MISTI stamping tool with the rubber side facing up. Now I’m going to take
a slightly darker ink than the first one we used. This is Altenew lime. I’m going to ink up my cling stamp and then I’m going to press
the clean clear stamp on to it. That transfers the pattern
on to our clear stamp. And now I put the pad back
in and my paper back in and I stamp it again. And check it out, we end up with lines that were kissed on to the
stamp and now on to our leaves. So let me do that again for another one. I remove the pad from my MISTI
and put the cling into it. I will clean my clear stamp completely. The leave stamp is completely clean. I will ink up my cling stamp. Then I will kiss the clear
stamp on to the cling. So we’re picking up the
ink that’s on that stamp. And now I put the pad back in,
my paper back in and I stamp. You get into a rhythm doing this, and it’s really quick
to go through and stamp a bunch of these at once. So it took me about an hour
to do all of the stamping. I think I did about 12 of these. But then my cards came
together very quickly. On some of my pieces, I decided to use different background stamps. This is the Gina K gauze. Wanted to show you what that looked like. So I’m doing the same process and when I stamp it on to my leaves, you’ll see that I get
like a gauze pattern, kind of like a textured linen look. It’s really cool. Then I also did one using
the My Favorite Things dots background so you
can see the different looks that you get. So kissing works best when
you have a solid stamp like the leaves here. Even bigger would be better. And then a background stamp
or stamp with lots of detail. So there you can see the
polka dot leaves here. Now let’s move on to another
set of leaves in the set. So I line the leaves up. This time, I’m going to use
mountain mist ink from Altenew. It’s a light bluish color. And then, after I’ve stamped
that on a bunch of them, we’re gonna do the kissing
technique once again. So I have a slightly darker ink. This is volcano lake. And I’m inking up my cling
stamp, kissing it against the clean clear stamp. And then we’ll stamp it on to the paper. And then we will have that
texture on our blue leaves also. So I created a bunch of
backgrounds this way. We have polka dot, we have
gauze, we have striped. Lots of them are ready to go. Now the coordinating die is
available for this stamp set. I didn’t have it, so I went
ahead and just cut them out, but I have everything ready
to make several cards. Let’s start with the first
one that you see here. Let’s make that piece that you see in the center that’s blue. I’m using the Reverse
Confetti Stitched Hex Tag die, which I’ve used in videos before. Instead of using this as a tag, I want to make a smaller label. This is how I did that. I ran it through my die cut machine. This is the Spellbinders Platinum 6, but you could use any machine you have. After I ran it through once,
I’m going to do so again but I’m offsetting it. See how I’m lining up the sides? Going to put some tape on
that so it doesn’t shift and run it through again. And this will cut a piece that is smaller. And it allows us to remove
that hole from the top. This is a perfect spot for a sentiment in the center of a card. Now I have all my leaves
that I’ve cut out, and I’m just arranging them
on to a four and a quarter by five and a half inch
piece of card stock. There’s no glue on the back of this. This is my favorite way to arrange pieces. Once I have them all arranged, I’m going to take Glad Press’n
Seal and lay a piece on top. This has a little bit of stick on one side when you press it down and it’ll allow me to pick up all these pieces together. If you do not have Glad Press’n Seal, you can also use a piece of masking paper or strips of masking tape. So after I pressed it
down, I’m going to remove that white card stock and I have all my pieces
perfectly positioned. And on the back, I can put some foam tape. This is a trick that I think
Laurie Willison came up with, and she did a video for my channel. I’ll link to that video and
to her YouTube channel here. She is amazing. Okay, so now that I have a tape
on the back of all of them, I’m going to put it on
to a four and a quarter by five and a half inch
piece of white card stock, press it all down and
then remove that piece of Press’n Seal, which I
can reuse several times. Okay, so I used my Startdust glitter pen to trace all of that outline stamping. This makes a really big difference. It makes this card extra special. It’s got this shine to it
when you tilt it in the light. By the way, that sentiment in the center was white heat embossed and it is included in that Wonderful You stamp
set that I showed you earlier. Here close up, you can see
the shimmer that we added, that glitter shine, to the outline image; and that striping effect
that we got on our leaves thanks to the kissing technique. This technique is one
that takes a little bit of time extra to do, but it’s fun to do and it changes up the results. Okay, my next example uses leaves that are all the same color, but I used a different stamp for kissing on each of the leaves. The sentiment on this one
is from the Reverse Confetti Butterfly Blossom stamp set. Love that butterfly. And on this, I use the
here for you always. I silver heat embossed
it on that white piece, arranged everything on the
front of a piece of card stock, lifted up with my Press’n Seal. Once again, same process. Put foam tape on the back of it all, and now I can glue it down on
to my white card stock piece. This is so much easier than
trying to put foam tape on the back of the pieces
and get them all tucked in to the right position. I can remove the paper, and there we have everything ready to go. So I trimmed this down a bit and added it to a four and a quarter by
five and a half inch notecard that I made from My Favorite Things Summer Splash card stock. I also added some gems. Look closely at those leaves. Some are striped, some
have the gauze pattern and some have dots. I thought it would be fun to mix it up. This would be a very simple card, but thanks to those little
details that I added via kissing, has a lot more interest to it. Okay, time for another example. I tell ya, I had a lot of
fun playing with these. In this case, I added some flowers and also some interest to the background. This is the Reverse Confetti
Stitched Circle die. It has circles that are
cut out and some dots, and then also some faux stitching. Really like this die. So I cut it twice from white card stock and glued them together for dimension. Offscreen, I also created several flowers using an older Reverse Confetti stamp set. However, there’s a newer one out called Reverse Confetti Blooms. I recommend checking it out. It has very similar images
and would be perfect for this. Okay, so after I’ve
arranged all of my flowers on the front of my card, I
don’t have any glue on the back, I picked it up using my Glad Press’n Seal. And now, the fun part about
this is I can move it around and figure out where
I want to position it. I actually decided to
change what I had planned and put the flowers
towards the top of my card. It was easy to change my mind, thanks to doing that technique. For the sentiment on this card, I used a new Reverse Confetti stamp set called Sentimentally Yours. This has some beautiful sentiments in it, and I really like the style of them. I decided to go with the one that says thanks for always being there. I stamped it with black ink
on to a white card stock strip and tucked that in to peek
out from behind the flowers. I also added some Lucy’s
Cards papaya pearls and scattered those around the background. So here you can see the
polka dots that I had stamped on to my leaves using
that kissing technique, and then also the fun background
that we created by using that white on white with that cover die from Reverse Confetti. Now for my next card,
I wanted a little bit of a different look so
I added more color to it but again used leaves using
the kissing technique. The sentiment on this one is from the Reverse Confetti
Sentimental Sayings stamp set. This is another one with
great sentiments in it, and I used the one that says
life is tough, but so are you. Now I stamped it on to one of those shapes that I created earlier
using the hex tag die, but I wanted it to be narrow. And this will give it a
completely different look. So I’m just cutting a
little bit off the edges. And check it out, you have
a different shaped piece for your sentiment. So look at your dies a
little bit differently. You never know the different
looks you can get from them. So I’m not gonna show
you the process to this. It’s the same as the others. I used the Press’n Seal to
get the arrangement right, added it to a white card stock strip. And then I have a
background that I created using that same Reverse
Confetti background die. And I just put it on to a note card. Here you can see those stripes
that we have on our leaves thanks to that kissing technique. Oh and by the way, I did add
some pearls in the background. Those are the snowball
pearls from Lucy’s Cards. I think this one was my favorite, and I plan to make more
in different colors. Okay, I had one leaf left
over to use on a card, so I created this simple card. I used the background die once again. This time, I added the word blessings. This is from the Simon Says
Stamp All the Thanks stamp, and I used the coordinating
die to cut it out. I thought that was
perfect against this leaf. Then I added a few little gems. On this particular leaf, I
used that Gina K gauze stamp for the kissing. So I hope this inspires you to
look at solid images you have and then background stamps
with detail that you have that you can use for the kissing technique to get a completely different
look from your stamps. If you wanted to check out
the products I used here, they are linked in my
YouTube description below. You can also go to my
blog, which I link up here on the top right. In the middle are a couple
other videos that are related to this one that I think you
might have some fun watching. I appreciate the time
that you spent with me. We’ll see you again soon
and have a wonderful week.

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  1. These cards are very interesting and I think your color combinations are lovely. I am up early this morning & checked the SSS site to see what new stamps might be revealed today. Its not a set that I would normally purchase, but your technique and creativity make me want to consider it for my collection. I always enjoy your videos, as they are informative and inspiring. I think you're doing very well with shortening your videos. I very much enjoy the long ones, too!

  2. Wow, all are stunning and I just adore that technique, must try that! Yesterday I did your easy water colouring and am THRILLED at how they turned out, thank you SO much 💝

  3. Oh boy! Think I’ll be spending the day in my craft room 😊👏🏻 Very fun technique- thanks Jennifer. Before I hit the craft room, I’ve got to get my order in. I think this beautiful set will sell out quickly! Go Reverse Confetti!!

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